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Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks

Cloud Hosting Intuit Quick Books

Anytime Anywhere Cloud Hosted QuickBooks ! QuickBooks Hosting has been one of the best methods for this small business accounting application benefiting its users across the globe. The cloud hosting for QuickBooks has made the software so efficient that it is the most preferred business management software leading the race among other accounting software. The benefits of QuickBooks in cloud have compelled the accounting professionals to shift from their QuickBooks Desktop version to QuickBooks Online version. QuickBooks hosting has made direct impact on accounting operations as well as its technical features by drastically improving the performance at both the ends. Cloud based QuickBooks has transformed accounting operations in highly secure, multi-user environment no matter which version or device you are using. You can also access and work on the QuickBooks files anywhere, anytime. It means you can work on the accounting operations from home, office, or even when you are traveling. No more sending files back and forth. Cloud Hosting turns out to be the safest and most efficient cloud environment for your business.

Host QuickBooks 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Why Business Need Cloud Server for QuickBooks

Now Access QB Software Anywhere in the world

Access Anywhere

By hosting QuickBooks on cloud, users can get anytime, anywhere access to their data. Also, users get access to their software via a virtual machine that is compatible with most popular platforms such as windows, mac, linux, android, iOS and so on. Further, servers are secured with SSL (secure sockets layers,) and other security software that keep hackers at bay.

Manage Bookkeeping on Cloud

Online Bookkeeping

By managing your accounts online, you can avail myriad perks. You can access data anytime, anywhere. Further, you won’t have to spend a penny on purchasing additional hardware for storing your accounting data. Online Bookkeeping will also enable you to garner help whenever you want. Also, system performance won’t be hindered by any bloated software.

Access QuickBooks on Desktop, Tablet , Ipad, Iphone

Access from any device

By hosting your accounting software on cloud or opting for online bookkeeping, users can access their accounting data from any device. You can easily access data from popular platforms such as windows, linux, Mac, android, iOS and so on. Also, users can make changes to the data anytime, anywhere. The changes are synchronized with the database and backed up incrementally.

Real Time QB Report on Cloud

Real Time Working

With QuickBooks, users can record and analyze business and accounting data in real time. Reporting is one of the most important feature in QB and change the entire business landscape for you. You can use filters for customizing reports and generating more comprehensive ones. Further, QB has many inbuilt templates that can be used for running industry specific reports.

QB Cloud's Heating & Air Conditioning


Server rooms often require good air conditioning. During times of heavy traffic, the load on servers is enormous. For protecting the hardware, installing air conditions in server room is a must. Also, try to find a proper air conditioning system for your server room. Data is of vital importance and this is why we have set up a proper air conditioning system in our data centers.

QB Cloud Data Security

Data Security

Data security is often the chief concern of users who are using a cloud hosting accounting software or online bookkeeping service. To address your concerns, we would like to mention that these online platforms are completely secure. State of the art technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layers), SSH Key and other security software are used for protecting user’s data.



With QuickBooks, multiple users can work on the same accounting data at once. The multi user mode has been further enhanced in QB 2017. For instance, many tools and features that only worked in single user mode can now also work in multi-user mode. Also, switching between user modes is faster than ever. You can also use the communications tool as a real time chat application inside QuickBooks.

Intuit Authorized QB Hosting

Intuit Authorized Hosts

Intuit Authorized Hosts have an official certificate from Intuit for hosting software and products provided by them. Their hosting environment and platform have been deemed compatible and secure for software that contain data that is vital for organizations such as business and accounting data. Also, there are regular checkups by Intuit at the data centers to ensure that the hosting provider is providing a standard level of service.

Right Network QB Cloud

Choose Right Network For QuickBooks Software

It is important to choose the right network for hosting QuickBooks software. Also, you will need a good internet connection for properly working with the cloud hosting environment. We recommend that you perform a thorough research prior to selecting your internet service provider and internet plan.

Intuit QB Hosting Backup

Backup & Security

Backup and Security aren’t an issue with QuickBooks Desktop or its cloud hosted version. In fact, for small and medium sized businesses, hosting QB is a better option. Data is backed up both incrementally and fully, though the frequence of the two differ. State of the art security systems are set up to ensure that data is protected from hackers, malware and ransomware.

QB Cloud Data Centers

Data Centers

It is important to choose the right network for hosting QuickBooks software. Also, you will need a good internet connection for properly working with the cloud hosting environment. We recommend that you perform a thorough research prior to selecting your internet service provider and internet plan.

QB Hosting Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

A complete and comprehensive disaster recovery plan is provided along with our cloud hosting programs. We backup user’s data incrementally as well as fully. Full backups are performed at the end of the day. Further, mirror copies are created of the data and stored on multiple servers, so that users can easily restore their data or shift to a previous version of the company file.

QB Cloud Remote Access

Remote Access

Users can remotely access their accounting data by hosting it on cloud. They can access this data and their accounting software from any device such as laptop, desktop, smartphone and so on. The virtual machine that provides access to the software is compatible with all major platforms. Also, you can contact our technical experts for gaining remote assistance for errors and issues.

QB Hosting Maintenance free


Server maintenance is performed on regular intervals. We only perform maintenance after confirming the date and time with our users. Also, despite server maintenance, we provide server uptime of 99.99%. This enables you to work seamlessly on your cloud hosted software.

QB Cloud Support

Round the Clock Support

Round the clock support is available from our inhouse technical and QuickBooks experts. These experts have the required certification and go through an intensive training schedule. With years of experience and knowledge, they can easily walk you through any error or issue. YOu can also contact us for requesting remote assistance.

Applications Hosting on Cloud

Applications Hosting

In the age of cloud, it is recommended that you leverage this technology along with applications that are essential for your organization’s operations. We provide application hosting for all software including, but not limited to, QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Office and so on. You can also host your tax and CRM software on our cloud hosting environment.

Host QB Old Version

Older Version QuickBooks Hosting

Cloud Hosting is provided for all versions of QuickBooks. You can host QuickBooks, Desktop, Mac, Payroll, POS and so on on our secure cloud servers. Further, our cloud hosting platform is compatible with old versions of QuickBooks. You can also get assistance for both cloud hosting and these old versions of QB by contact us.

Tools and Plugins Hosting on Cloud

Tools and Plugins

Our cloud hosting platform enables you to integrate third party tools and plugins with QuickBooks. These tools and plugins offer more robust functionality to QB. There are many third party plugins available for QB such as Corelytics, paypal, shopify and so on. Integrate these plugins to gain more functionalities in QB.

How to Buy QuickBooks Hosting?

For purchasing any of our services or products, feel free to contact our sales team. Also, you can gain more information about the products and services offered by us. Customer either dial AccountsPro Toll Free Number +1-516-472-4307 Or Sign UP for Cloud Hosting or for further inquiry or customize plan contact us.

Affordable Cloud Hosting for QB

It your turn now! Enhance your business with QuickBooks Hosting built for your business needs. QuickBooks on cloud takes accounting to a new level and makes it better. Below mentioned are the major benefits you get with QuickBooks Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Security: Your data is high safe and secure in cloud. It has high security standards, which includes 128-bit data encryption, fully clustered, multi-tier frame and round the clock monitoring.

Anytime Anywhere Access: You get the liberty to access QuickBooks on cloud any time and from any part of the world. The assured uptime of the servers allows anytime accessibility to accelerate collaboration. The applications are integrated with mobile device eliminating the physical hindrances.

Reduced IT Cost: Cloud based QuickBooks (that includes QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise versions) provide cost-effective cloud hosting solutions. Cut down network and IT infrastructure cost. No contracts required.

Data Back-up & Data Transfer: Protects your crucial data with continuous back up recovery solutions and ensure it is secured in any kind of event loss. Also secures the distributed data, ensuring complete recovery. Forget about worries of the mistakenly deleted data.

Scalability: QuickBooks hosting on cloud permits you to go with as many arrangements you need. The scalable solutions allow the user to choose the right size to fit on the hosted server with add-on requirements.

No Device Limitation: QuickBooks Hosting solutions are compatible for cross-device operations so that accessing your accounting data with any internet connected device such as: smart phones, Desktop, Laptop or tablet. The productivity does not decline rather remains elevated.

Cheap Cloud Hosted Server

No matter what is the size and status of your company and how it grows at the day end your most critical business accounting data is sitting right in your pockets by just hosting QuickBooks on cloud!

If customer running QuickBooks Enterprise , Payroll , Pro, Premier or even POS version and facing the problem than call 24/7 QuickBooks Support Phone Number for instant resolutions.

FAQ- QB Cloud Hosting

How safe is my hosted data ?

Your data is completely secure. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layers,) SSH Key encryption and firewall to protect your data against online threats. We also have a comprehensive plan for tackling offline threats.

Why Should I Switch My Local QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition To Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise ?

QuickBooks desktop, you get access to your data anytime, anywhere. Also, you don’t need to purchase additional hardware for storing all the data. Also, since all the processes are performed on the server, you get better performance.

Do I need my own network ?

Yes, but you only need a basic internet connection for accessing the virtual machine through which the software is run remotely. With just a basic internet connection, you can access cloud hosted QuickBooks through various devices such as laptops, desktops and smartphones.

How long does it take to Works ?

If you purchased a subscription for QuickBooks Desktop rather than a one time license, then you can upgrade and activate the product for free. In this case, we recommend that you always upgrade your accounting software to the latest available version.

How Much Speed On My PC Required To Access And Run Hosting QB ?

Speed is substantially improved. All the processes are completed on the server. You just access the software from a virtual machine that displays what’s happening on the servers. Hence, performance is never a hindrance.

Should I Have To For QBO Edition Or For QB Desktop Enterprise With Hosting Solution ?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise provides much more robust accounting functionality and tools than QuickBooks online. Hence, it is a better fit for most organizations. Also, by hosting it, you get anytime, anywhere access to the data.

Should I Do Still Works With Excel, Email, Microsoft Excel and Other Essetntial Office Tool ?

You can integrate both Microsoft Office and email service with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting. Email service integration is provided for multiple service providers such as gmail, outlook and so on.

What makes AccountsPro the best choice for cloud hosted QuickBooks?

We enable you to provision and deprovision computing resources anytime. Also, our data centers are equipped with state of the art security features. We provide complete scalability and offer customizable plans that fit every budget.

Do I have to sign a long contract ?

No, but you still need to sign a contract that spans for at least 1 year. Also, you can ask for a service level agreement which provides details about the kind of services that we as an hosting provider need to provide.

Will AccountsPro Quickbooks hosting work with my Mac ?

Yes. By hosting QuickBooks on our servers, you can get access to both the accounting software and its data on any major platform such as Mac, windows, linux, android and iOS.

Can you help me through the setup process ?

Yes, from setup to migration, everything is included in the subscription price. We take care of everything and get you up and running with QuickBooks cloud hosting. Also, we provide round the clock services so that you can make the most out of your investment.

Can You Help in Migration ?

Yes, migration cost is included in subscription price. Our technical experts will help you in migrating all the data to our cloud hosting environment. We will have you up and running in no time at all
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