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Sage 50 Won’t Open Company File

Sage 50 Won't Open Company

Sage 50 Error: “Unable To Open Company File”


In Sage 50, many reasons cause the problem in opening the company file or Sage 50 Won’t Open the Company file. You must be aware of all the reasons and their solutions. So, the error messages that you get while opening the company file are as follows:-

  • “Unable to open the company file.”
  • “Cannot open the company file. The required data file is missing.”
  • When clicking on the OK button in the prompt of the log then the company won’t open
  • “You cannot open this company file, there is an error in connecting to the database.”

Causes for Sage 50 Company File won’t open

Many causes of the Sage 50 Program Won’t Open are there but here you get to know some of them. These are as follows:-

  • .DDF files are damaged
  • Antivirus is blocking the data access
  • You have not closed all the background programs
  • Your Windows Operating System is out-dated
  • The company file is not in the location that you are trying to open
  • The data is locked
  • Company data is not in the system and is moved to another system
  • The server connection is lost
  • You set the network as public.

In case looking for Why Sage 50 Unable To Open Company File , you can check causes with solutions brings by AccountsPro team .

How To Fix Sage 50 Unable To Open Company File Issue?

The solutions to sort out the Sage 50 unable to open company file:

There are various solutions that you can do to settle down the error of the company that is not opening your Sage 50 account. Below are some of the solutions that you must opt for to fix it. Choose any one solution and then implement it then if it doesn’t work for you then go with another solution.

Step 1: Check the company file Location
Verify that the company file is located in the correct path or location.

Step 2: Unlock Mysqld.exe in Task Manager
Open Task Manager and unlock the locked Mysqld.exe process in Task Manager.

Step 3: Verify the Data File Location on the Server System
Make sure that the data file is located on the server system.

Step 4: Rename and Remove .DAT and .DDF Files
Rename the .DAT files and delete any .DDF files associated with company data.

Step 5: Update the Software to the Latest Version
Ensure the software version is updated to the latest release.

Step 6: Confirm the file path in the system
Check the file path in your system to make sure it is correct.

Step 7: Check ODBC Issue
Confirm and troubleshoot any issues with ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).

Step 8: Restore your Backup Data
In case the current data is corrupted, restore the backup data.

Step 9: Restart the Pervasive
Restart the Pervasive service on your system.

Step 10: Factory Reset (For New Systems)
In case the system is new, think about restoring it to factory settings.

Step 11: Check Connection Manager for Company Data
Make sure the system has a connection manager that hosts the company data.

Step 12: Restore System Point (For Old Systems)
Restore the system to a previous restore point in case it is an older system.

Step: 13 Show Hidden Files in .SAJ Folder
Display all hidden files in the .SAJ folder. To know how to show hidden files click here.

Step 14: Check the Network Connection
Verify that the network connection is stable and that no issues are occurring.

Step: 15 Update to the Latest Release
Check if there is a new release or update available and install it.

Step 16: Set Network Connection as Private
Configure the network connection to be private in your system settings.

Step 17: Update Company File to Match Software Version
Make sure the company file is updated according to the software version.

Step 18: Check for Removed or Missing Files
Verify if any file is missing or has been deleted from the relevant folder.

Step 19: Configure Antivirus Permissions
Configure the permissions of the antivirus software to allow the program to run.

Step 20: Change the Software Icon
In case the software icon is wrong, update or replace it.

Step 21: Run Program as Administrator
Launch the program with administrator privileges to ensure proper access and permissions.

Things needed before Proceeding with troubleshooting Sage 50 Won’t Open Company File

  • Stop the real-time scanning of antivirus software.
  • Disable all VPNs.
  • If the sample company doesn’t open:
    • One way to make sure Malwarebytes is installed correctly is to uninstall and reinstall it. Verify that the sample company opens by changing your browser’s settings.
    • If a paid version of AVG or Avast is installed

Solution For Error: Sage 50 Unable to open company file issue when opening data that is not being converted to a new version

In case you’re encountering the “Unable to open Sage 50 Company file” error when trying to open data that hasn’t been converted to the new version, there are a few steps you can take. Make sure that your Sage 50 software is up to date, check for any file corruption issues, and verify that you have the necessary permissions to access the file. If the problem continues, It is advised to contact Sage 50 Technical Support.

Sage 50 Won't Open Company
Sage 50 Won’t Open Company

Step 1: Start the Sage 50 Program as an Administrator

  1. First, close the Sage 50 software.
  2. From the Sage 50 icon, right-click on it and select Properties.
  3. Now choose the option for Administrator option.
  4. Next, open the Company File.
  5. Locate the content that you want to move and then click on the Add Permissions button in the file’s toolbar.
  6. Now, you’ll need to copy the SAJ folder and SAI files to the C drive.
  7. Open the user permissions settings and scroll down to find an option called “Everyone.”
  8. Ensure that there is no hidden content in the SAJ file folder.
  9. Re-open the data file.

Step 2: Confirm that the File is on Sage Drive or Remote Data Access (RDA)

To download the data file from Remote Data Access, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Welcome screen.
  2. Connect to a shared company by clicking the connect button.
  3. If you need to sort or filter a company, select the appropriate company checkbox.
  4. Click the Connect button.

Step 3: Maximum user already logged in through Remote Data Access

If the file is shared using Remote Data Access and the maximum number of users are already logged in, this error will occur if another user tries to log in. Today, many people use remote data access through their browsers, so it’s important to know about these types of errors so you can fix them early on.

  1. To see how many users can simultaneously log in
    • Open the Sage 50 software and go to help, about sage 50
    • Click Support Info
    • The new screen will list the number of users on its top left.
    • If you want to verify the number of users, go to File > View All Users.
  2. If the maximum number of users are already logged in, one user must log out before another can log in to that specific company file.
  3. Confirm that the people registered for your subscription all have the correct serial number. If they don’t, it could be because your subscription doesn’t support the number of people you were expecting.
    • Go to Help, Upgrade your Sage 50 Product
    • Please enter your Account ID and Serial Number
    • If you are connected to the internet and want to retrieve your key code, please open Sage 50 and press OK.
    • If you are not connected to the internet, you can enter the Keycode manually.
    • If you are connected to the internet then the key code will be added automatically
    • Press OK when you’re ready to complete activation.

Step 4: mysqld.exe locked in Task Manager

  1. On a network, always make sure the users are completely logged out of Sage 50 and open Task Manager on the server.
  2. Ensure users from all show processes are selected, and end all instances of the mysqld.exe process under the processes tab.
  3. After your process has finished, try to open the company file again on your workstations.
  4. If you’re on a standalone, make sure Sage 50 is closed down. Make sure that Task Manager is open and shows processes from all users selected. Close any mysqld.exe processes that appear in the list of running tasks.

Step 5: Your data may be corrupt

  1. To start, restore the corrupted files from your backup.
  2. If you ever need to open your company file and have not made a backup, now you can.
  3. It’s best to seek assistance from experienced aspirants, who will be more likely able to repair your data.

Step 6: You have hidden or missing files or folders

  1. Open the company file location.
  2. Open up the Saj folder and verify that the files and folders are there.

Step 7: Your Sage 50 version is up-to-date

  1. Be sure to download the latest version.
  2. Install the update manually on your PC by navigating to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.

Step 8: Check the network connection

  1. Make sure that you have access to the assigned drive where your data files are located.
  2. If you’re running the files over a network and don’t have access to the network drive that was mapped or you’ve lost connection to the network drives.
  3. Move data to a new location on your hard drive and add permission options.
  4. Copy the .SAI file and the .SAJ folder to the root of the C drive and add everyone for the user permission settings.
  5. Make sure all of the Sage 50 files are closed.
  6. Open the data file again.

Step 9: Confirm that your network connection is private

  1. Right-click on your Network connection icon and click on “Network and Sharing.”
  2. Check the status of any WiFi network to verify that it is Private/home/work/domain and not public.
  3. If a status says public, change it to private.

Step 10: Wrong Icon

  1. Make sure you are using the correct icon for your application.
  2. To view the new version, you will need to unpin (right-click and select “unpin from taskbar”) and then pin the new version (right-click the desktop shortcut and pin it to the taskbar).

Step 11: Filename

  1. When saving your document, shorten the file name, removing any special characters and dots.
  2. If the name of a SAJ instance or SAI instance does not match the corresponding TA, rename both the SAJ name and the SAI name to match.
    • (e.g. TA.SAJ, TA.SAI), then open the file again

Sage 50 Company Does Not Open When Clicking OK at the Log-in Prompt

Here we are going to guide you on how you can fix the Sage 50 not opening the company file when clicking ok at the login prompt.

Symptoms of Sage 50 Company Does Not Open When Clicking OK at the Log-in Prompt

  • Cannot open company.
  • Other companies open.
  • After a conversion, the company opens but the window is blank. When you try to open another area, it freezes.
  • When logging into a company after clicking OK, the menus load in the background, but the login prompt stays on the screen and does not log in.
  • When accessing the company, nothing happens; it never stops loading.
  • The program is not responding after entering my password.
  • The program locks up after entering a password.
  • The company opens but Sage 50—U.S. Edition is blank and there is no error message.
  • The company does not open, company name appears at the top of the screen.
  • The company opens to a grey screen.
  • Company opens to splash screen

If you’re having trouble opening your Sage 50 company file, there may be a few reasons why your company doesn’t open when you click OK at the login prompt.

  • Data can be restricted.
  • Data may be corrupted.
  • The Sage 50 version has not been updated.
  • You are unable to connect to your network.

Causes and Solutions for the Error If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt

Here is a list of causes and solutions for Sage 50 unable to open company files.

Cause 1: You don’t have rights to access the data or Data is restricted

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because the data is restricted. So run the application as administrator, steps are given below:

Solution: Run the Application as Administrator

When you are not authorized to access the data or you have restricted rights to access the data, you need to log in as an administrator to fix “Sage 50 Company does not open When you click OK at log in Prompt.” The process is listed below:

  • First, you have to close Sage 50.
  • Second, look for the Sage icon and right-click on it. Then choose the “Run as administrator” option.
  • After that Open the company file.
  • Now move the data to a new place, and then add permissions to it.
  • Find the .SAI file and the SAJ folder, then copy and paste them into the C drive.
  • After that Add the user permissions for everyone.
  • Check that there are no hidden files in the .SAJ folder.
  • In the end, try to reopen the company file.

Cause 2: Your Data may be Corrupted

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be due to data corruption. The solution steps for this are given below:

Solution: Restore Data from a backup made earlier

When the data gets corrupted, you get the error “Company didn’t open when you click OK on the login prompt”. To fix this, it is necessary to restore it from a backup made earlier. The process is listed below:

  • Log into the company you want to restore a backup.
  • Click on the File then click Restore.
  • Click on Browse, browse to, and select the backup file you want to restore.
  • Click on Open.
  • Click on OK then click on Yes.
  • Click on OK, enter your login name and password then click on OK.

Note: If you haven’t restored the data from the backup, you should contact Sage experts and ask them if the data can be restored.

Cause 3: You are Using an Old Version of Sage 50

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because your Sage 50 version is not updated. Below are the steps to solve it:

Solution: Update the Sage 50 Version

Your Sage 50 version is not updated, you get the error “Company did not open when you click OK at the login prompt”. To fix this, updating Sage 50 is necessary. The process is listed below:

  • Log into your server and launch Sage 50 by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Run as Administrator
  • Click on Services> Check For Updates> Check Now
  • If any results say “Entitled”, check that update(s) and click Download
  • Once the download has been completed close Sage 50, and click Ok on the message: “There is a program update ready to be installed. Please have an administrator login and install the updates on the machine hosting Sage 50”.
  • Open File Explorer (folder icon on the Task Bar) and browse to the Sage updates folder:
  • Note: The updates are kept in the same directory as the company databases in a folder named Updates. Typically this location is C:\Sage\Peachtree\Company\Updates or S:\Sage Data\Updates
  • Right-click on the update and click Run as Administrator.
  • If a window named “Windows installer coordinator” appears and says “Please wait while the application is preparing for the first use” go ahead and click Cancel.
  • Note: This window may appear behind the Sage window, so be sure to move the Sage window around.
  • Continue with the installation of the update (if it lasts longer than 10 minutes, cancel the update, launch Sage 50, and check your version to see if it was updated).
  • Once it has finished you can launch Sage 50 and follow the prompts to convert your data as needed.

Cause 4: Network Connections are Not Working or are Idle Down

If your company doesn’t open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because you can’t connect to your network. The solution is given below:

Solution: Assess the security of your connection to ensure it is secure

If you’re executing files across a network and don’t need access to a mapped network drive, or if you have an incorrect mapping or the connection is lost. Then you troubleshoot the “Company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt” error. To fix it the process is listed below:

  • Ensure that you have access to the assigned drive where your data files are located.
  • When you’re running the files over a network and don’t have access to the network drive that was mapped or you’ve lost connection to the network drives.
  • Move data to a new location on your hard drive and add permission options.
  • Copy the .SAI file and the .SAJ folder to the root of the C drive and add everyone for the user permission settings.
  • Make sure all of the Sage 50 files are closed.
  • Open the data file again.
  • Note: If you have stored the file on a network location and are experiencing difficulty accessing that specific location or network drive, it is advised to contact IT professionals immediately for assistance.

Cause 5: Pervasive Actian needs to be Restarted

If your company doesn’t open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because Pervasive needs to be restarted. Below are the steps to solve it:

Solution: Restart Actian

When you want to open a company and it says Pervasive needs to restart, and you get an error “Your company did not open when you click OK on the login prompt. You have to restart Actian to fix this. The process is listed below:

  • Verify that Sage is turned off on all computers
  • On the keyboard, press the Windows+R keys
  • Type services.msc
  • Press Enter key
  • Right-click on Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine or Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
  • Click on Stop
  • Once it stops, right-click on Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine or Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine, and then click on Start
  • Close the Services Window and Open Sage
  • Now confirm that you can log in to your company file

Cause 6: Your DDFs files are damaged

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it could be because of your Damaged DDFs files. The solution is given below:

Solution: Regenerate DDFs Files

When your DDF files are damaged or Company does not open those DDF files, you need to regenerate DDF files to fix “Sage 50 Company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt”. The process is listed below:

  • Browse to the directory holding the company file that won’t open
  • Browse to the directory containing the company file that will not open
  • Delete any files with the *.DDF file extension
  • Rename the COSESS.DAT file to OLDCOSESS.DAT
  • Open your company to regenerate *.DDF files
  • Confirm that you can now log in to your company

Cause 7: The company you are trying to open is not in the correct data location

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because the company you are trying to open is not in the correct data location. Below are the steps to solve it:

Solution: Locate the company where is the correct data location

When you try to open a company, right-clicking on the login prompt does not open the company because the data location is incorrect. Find the correct company data location to open it. The steps to find are listed below:

  • Choose Browse from the list of previously opened companies and see the directory next to the name of the company’s
  • Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard, type %programdata%\sage\peachtree in the run box and press Enter.
  • In the folder that opens, double-click on the Peachtree### file (where ### is the version number).
  • DATAPATH = Browse to the line reading (it’s a leftmost line with a semi-colon)
  • Ensure you have an ending \ at the end of the data path line
  • Confirm that the company directory is inside this data path

Cause 8: The .dat files are expandable

If your company does not open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be due to expandable .dat files. Below are the steps to solve it:

Solution: Rename the .dat files

When you try to open a company and when you click OK on the login prompt, the company does not open because .dat files are expendable. So rename them, the process is listed below:

  • Browse to the companies data folder
  • Rename the following files by putting the word old in front:
    • UserPref.DAT
  • Confirm that you can now open the company

Cause 9: The icon is not running in compatibility mode

If your company doesn’t open when you click OK at the login prompt, it may be because the icon is running in compatibility mode. Below are the steps to solve it:

Solution: Set the icon to run in compatibility mode

When your icon is not running in compatibility mode and you try to open the company it doesn’t open on the right-click login prompt. To fix this set the icon to run in compatibility mode. The steps are below:

  • Right-click on the Sage software icon
  • Then choose Properties > then choose the compatibility tab
  • Uncheck the box Run this program in compatibility mode for
  • In the Privilege Level Section check the box Run this program as an Administrator
  • Select Apply, and then click on OK
  • Confirm that you can now open your company

Sage 50 Cannot open company files after installing or upgrading

Sage 50 won’t open the company file after installation or upgrade, it may be due to compatibility problems or corrupted data. Try running the software as an administrator, checking for updates, or restoring a backup. If the problem persists, it is suggested to contact Sage Support for assistance in resolving the issue immediately.

Related Issues:-

  • Cannot open company after upgrading.
  • After installation, my companies are all missing.
  • Cannot find a company after upgrading on a workstation.
  • Some of the companies are missing from the open and existing company lists.
  • The company is not on the open an existing company list, even if I select Browse.
  • Open an existing company the list only displays sample companies or is empty.
  • Cannot find the company after upgrading from XP to Windows 7
  • I am unable to locate the company after switching to a multiple-user setup from a single user. How can I locate my company?
  • My company is not on the list of companies after upgrading
  • When I open the program the sample companies only display, after an installation to a new computer. How can I locate my company?

Causes of Sage 50 won’t open company file after installing or upgrading

  • In the new version, the company has never been opened.
  • The configuration (INI) file on the workstation has the wrong data path.
  • The path is not the same place where company data is saved.
  • The company was mistakenly overwritten with another company.
  • Only Remote Desktop (RDP) can be used to access the company’s data.
  • Data lost when switching from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Workstation installed locally without mapped drive
  • Switch from a Single User License to a Multiple User License
  • Wrong permissions
  • Installation on a new system using a new data path
  • Data has not been restored and is on another data path.
  • Browse companies in automatic backup mode, instead of using a program

Solutions of Sage 50 Does not open the company file after installing or upgrading

Solution 1: In the new version, the company has never been opened

In case the company has never been opened in the new version, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The first thing you should do is go to File.
  • Select Open Company when you’re on the File Options screen.
  • Choose the company in the list.
  • Now select OK to start the conversion wizard.
  • Then the Sage 50 software has to be closed and reopened.
  • Finally, confirm that your company is included in the Sage 50 list after closing and reopening.

Solution 2: The configuration (INI) file on the workstation has the wrong data path

Follow the below-given instructions if the configuration (INI) file’s data path is incorrect.

  • First of all, the shortcut is to press Windows + E.
  • Next, find the directory in File Explorer.
  • After opening File Explorer go to INI (Initialization File).
  • The Sage 50 US Edition configuration file must now be opened.
  • Then scroll down and find the line starting with DATAPATH= to find the data path.
  • The next step is to navigate to the location of the configuration (INI) file.
  • Now open the PeachtreeXXX.ini file that matches your version of the program.
  • Then look for DATAPATH= in the third paragraph’s final line.
  • The contents are changed by = to reflect the proper data path.
  • The next step is to select File and then Save.
  • Now it’s time to close the INI file.
  • After that restart Sage 50.
  • Select File from the drop-down menu, and then select Open Company.
  • Finally, see if your company file is included in the list.

Solution 3: Company data is kept in a different location from the data path

  • You can locate your company’s data folder by looking for company.dat in all of the directories where your data might be located.
  • Your company name will typically be abbreviated on each duplicate of your company data folder unless it has been manually modified since it was created.
  • Put your company on the right data path.
  • Now Restart Sage 50
  • Once done, go to the Select File option.
  • Then Open Company from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, see if your company’s file is included in the list.

Solution 4: Map Drive Disconnected

If the mapped drive is disconnected, follow the steps below:

  • Map or remap the previously mapped disk to the data destination on the workstation.
  • Then press the Windows key + E to open File Explorer.
  • Select This PC from the left side now.
  • Select a drive letter from the Drive list after that.
  • Then, to find the folder or computer, either choose Browse or type its path in the Folder box.
  • Finally, select the Finish button.

Solution 5: Incorrect permissions or is locked

  • Make sure the Company folder is not locked.
  • Make sure that the folder has the original inherited attributes of the shared folder.
  • The company should now be visual and open to you.

Solution 6: Backup was restored across the company

In case the backup was restored in a company, you can follow the below steps to restore the backup and check your required company file.

  • Find the company’s most recent backup first.
  • In case necessary, restore the most recent backup by following the below steps:
    • Choose File first, then Restore to Sage 50.
    • Then select Browse and go to the folder where your backup file (.PTB file) is located.
    • Next, select the Open button.
    • Now choose your preferred method of restoration:
      • Change current company data or information about an existing company
      • A new company If you want to restore the backup to a new folder, select this option.
      • If you want to restore the backup to a different folder, choose this option and create a new company. Your current data won’t be overwritten if you do this.
    • Then select the preferred restore choices (often All).
      • Company Data
      • Customized Forms
      • Web Transactions
      • Business intelligence report or intelligence reporting report
    • Click Finish after double-checking your restore options.
    • The company will reopen after the restoration is complete.
  • Finally, determine whether your company is included in the list.

Unable to open the Sage 50 company file on the network

When user try to open company on the server or on another computer, get an error message is “Cannot find location“.

Causes for Sage 50 Company file cannot open on Network

  • For local networks, the mapping of Windows is not updated
  • We are no longer able to connect to our networked drives or our Sage data after installing the most recent Windows update (Windows 10 version 1803).
  • The Homegroup function has been removed in the Windows 10 upgrade.
  • On local mapping, the actual server IP address is different.

Solutions for Sage 50 won’t open on the network

Step 1: Confirm these first

  • Verify that no firewalls or antivirus programs are active on the server, local computer, or computer hosting the data. (For example Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, and other “On Access” scanners.)
  • Check to see if Sage 50 is installed on every workstation with the same version.
  • Make sure the problem is fixed. Continue to Step 2 if the problem doesn’t go away.

Step 2: Find the actual IP address

Note: It should be noted that this procedure works with local area networks (LANs).

  • Get the server’s IP address: On the server, select Start, Run, type CMD, then press Enter.
  • Type ipconfig, then press Enter to get the server IP address
  • From the local computer: Select StartRun
  • Type in \\IPaddress and press Enter
    • Example: \\
  • From the explorer window, open the company on the server
  • Note: If it opens without giving you any error messages, you need to change the mapping on your computer locally or make a new drive with the updated location.

Step 3: On the local computer, create or fix the mapping

  • Right-click My Computer on the desktop and select Map network drive.
  • Select the drive letter
    • example: Z:
  • Type \IP address in the Folder field and press Finish. If you see the old drive listed already, correct the IP address
    • Example: \\
  • Open the company using Sage 50 Accounting’s mapped drive.

Step 4: Before returning to the hostname, check the IP address first to ensure that it works

  • Go to the \ipaddress and ensure the file opens
  • Go back via \hostname and ensure the file opens
  • Check that you can restart it and that it now opens using the hostname.

Sage 50 Unable to open the company file.” during or at the end of conversion

If you encounter the error message “Sage 50 Unable to open the company file” during or after the conversion process, there are several potential causes. Check for file corruption, and compatibility issues, and ensure you are using the correct version. Contact Sage support for further assistance and troubleshooting steps.

Error message: “Unable to open the company file.” at the end of or during the conversion process

Follow the below-given process to solve the error message “Unable to open the company file.” at the end of or during the conversion process.

Solution 1: Verify the file Path Location

  • Make sure that while converting to the new version, all files are located on the local drive.
  • In case the file is located on the network, make a copy of the file and store it locally.
  • After conversion, copy the file back over to the network.
  • Confirm that the file path does not exceed 284 characters.

Solution 2: Confirm if the sample company is open or not

  • Open the sample company
  • Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Simply Accounting\20XX\Samdata\>\Universl > is your version of the program which can be Pro, Premium, or Enterprise
  • Select Universal and click on OK.
  • On the main screen, click on View then make sure there is a checkmark on Choose Company Window At Startup.
  • Select Open a sample company from the Welcome menu and click OK.

Solution 3: Verify whether there are duplicate files in the SAJ folder

  • Open the .SAJ folder.
  • Check for duplicates files names that contain:
    • ibdata1 (Copie de Joe conflit 2012-09-27) ibdata1 (joe’s conflicted copy 2013-01-09)
    • accounts (1).frm, simplygroupmembership (2).frm, tbgtah01-1.frm or tbgtah01-2.frm;
  • Just verify that there are no extra files or folders in the MySQL folder

Solution 4: Find and Restore a Backup

  • Discover and restore cabinet (.CAB) backup files locally
  • It is advised that you restore to a new one .SAI file and .SAJ folder
  • Ensure no conversions already exist in the SAJ folder
    • When a conversion fails, time-stamped text files called conversion log files are generated. These logs provide information about failed conversions and the possibility of only partial conversion of the data file.
    • (i.e., 2017-06-28-16-20-55.txt – this file failed to convert on 2017 June 28 at 4 pm
  • Find and restore files before this date

Solution 5: Adjust Anti-virus and Real-Time Scanners

  • In case you have more than one antivirus/security software, uninstall them until you have only one left and disable it before conversion
  • In case your computer is installed with Microsoft Security Essentials (or any other anti-virus), do the following:
    • Disable real-time protection
    • Disable auto protection
    • McAfee requires both real-time scanning and a firewall
  • Close the firewall and real-time scanning.
  • Disable any auto backup software you may be using on your computer to back up company data files.
  • Confirm Windows Event Viewer log.
    • In case you get a warning message for MySQL related to IPv6
  • Right-click the Sage 50 icon and Run as administrator.
  • Start the conversion again.
  • After file conversion is complete, re-enable any security software.

Solution 6: Check your errorlog.txt file

  • Navigate to the location of the data file and open the errorlog.txt file. If you see significant blank sections or sections with unusual characters, this indicates file corruption, causing an inability to convert it. Please call Sage Customer Support at 📞+1-800-983-3087 to discuss repair options.
  • In case errorlog.txt looks ok, move to the MySQL and simply folder; see something about (second last edition of XXXX)
    • Sometimes it can go as far as 3rd edition xxxx.
  • By right-clicking on the Sage 50 icon choose Run as administrator.
  • After this confirm that you can now start the conversion

Solution 7: Verify that the file has no read-only and hidden attributes

  • Confirm that the company file (the SAJ folder and the SAI file) has no read-only and hidden attributes.
  • Right-click on both (no read-only and hidden) and select Properties.
  • Check Read-Only and Hidden.
  • Click Apply then Uncheck Read-Only and Hidden
  • Click Apply again.
  • Apply the changes to all subfolders in the SAJ folder.

Solution 8: Check the Advanced Database Check the log

  • In the previous version of Sage 50 select Maintenance then Advanced Database Checking
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Go to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ My Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs
  • Access the most recent numbered log file and scroll down to navigate to the bottom of the file.
  • If the conversion log says that ‘simply.tnxtpids’ does not exist, follow solution 3 above.
  • Try the conversion once again.

Support Company File Not Opening Sage 50 Pro, Premium, Quantum

Above, you get all the reasons that caused Sage 50 won’t open the company and also the solutions that can resolve the Sage 50 Crashes while opening the issue according to the reasons. Choose the solution according to the reason of cause and then do it properly to get rid of the problem.

The AccountsPro team is here 24/7 hours to help you by providing all the information or solution related to the error you are facing. AccountsPro Sage Support team members are having years of experience in resolving all the glitches so they can easily provide you with the best assistance ever. They are glad to help you in all kinds of situations so that you get the solution and you can use the software hassle-free. If you have questions and need instant replies then do a Sage 50 Chat live with experts or also can contact us at 📞+1-800-983-3087 with your query.

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Why won’t Sage 50 open the company?

To troubleshoot Sage 50 not opening the company file, right-click the desktop icon and select “Properties.” In the Properties window, go to the “Compatibility” tab and uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode.” If grayed out, check “Change settings for all users.” Click “Apply” and “OK.” Press Control + Alt + Delete, select “Start Task Manager,” and go to the “Details” tab. Look for “peachw.exe” and end the task. If not visible, skip. Try opening Sage 50 again. These steps disable compatibility mode, terminate the program process, and increase the likelihood of successfully accessing the company file.

Why Won’t Sage 50 Company File Open on Mac?

Try the following steps to resolve the issue:
✅ Make sure you have the latest version of Sage 50 installed.
✅ Verify that your Mac meets the system requirements for running Sage 50.
✅ Check if the company file is compatible with the Mac version of Sage 50.
✅ Restore the file from a recent backup if it is corrupted.
✅ If the problem persists, contact Sage support for assistance, providing them with detailed information about the issue you are experiencing.

Sage 50 Quantum 2020, why the company will not open after the upgrade?

If you can’t open your company file in Sage 50 Quantum 2020 after upgrading, try these steps: make sure you have the latest version of Sage 50 Quantum 2020, run the “File Integrity Check and Repair” tool to fix any file issues, restore a backup created before the upgrade if the problem persists, and contact Sage support if none of these steps work. They can provide more help based on the specific details of your upgrade and any error messages you encountered.

How do I open multiple companies in Sage 50?

Open more than one company at a time
✅ Open Sage 50 Accounts as usual, and log in to one of your companies.
✅ Open the Windows Start Menu.
✅ Find the Sage Accounts folder and click Sage 50 Accounts.
✅ A new window will open, and you’ll be prompted to select the company you want to log in to.

How do I repair a Sage Company File?

✅ Ensure Sage 50 is open.
✅ Go to File, Properties, and note the name and the location of your file.
✅ Close Sage 50.
✅ Click on the Windows Start button.
✅ Select Programs, then Sage, then Sage 50 which corresponds to the version you are currently using.
✅ Click on Company File Check & Repair.

Why can’t I open my Sage 50 company file?

the main reason can be sage 50 unable to open the company file. company File can be corrupted, and also, Antivirus could become a barrier for files in the data process.

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