Sage Company File Not Open
Sage Company File Not Open

Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File

Is the message “Unable to Open Company File” popping up on your screen? You may not find Company File in the directory, so you need to check the path of the company file. Well, for Sage Software, this is one of the most common issues that might occur in your accounting software. If you don’t use the right version of Sage 50, your Company Data File won’t function or open.

Why Company File Won’t Open Sage 50?

The “Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File” is caused due to many reasons: ,also lets connect with Sage 50 Technical Support to learn how & where to keep company file .

  • You must have (.SAJ) or (.SAI) Missing Folder.
  • Move Company File from Another Computer to Shared Folder.
  • Another Sage 50 Version/Program is opening the Company File.
  • File/Software is infected by Malware or Virus

Before moving ahead, you have to check it out Sage 50 Not Opening After Windows Update to clear cut solutions.

Troubleshoot Sage 50 Activation Failed Issue
Here is what you need to do to fix the error message “Company File” in Sage 50. You need to verify and correct the right version of Sage. To do this:

  • Open Notepad and then Open .SAI in it.
  • Now, verify the product version or number. The Version format is of 5-digit code.
  • Use the correct version. If it is not the right version, download and install the right version and then open the company file.

Following the above-mentioned steps help you resolve the issue and will bring you back in operation. If it doesn’t solve Sage Keeps Crashing issue, you need to move to the further steps we are mentioning below.

  • You need to check and verify whether the pervasive is online on both the systems:
    1. Workstation Computer
    2. Standalone Computer

Now, verify that all standalone systems are connected to the server.
If your system has issue due to which you are facing trouble, you need to follow the steps we are mentioning below. The issue may remain if you miss any step or proceed in a wrong way.

  • Press and hold Windows key and then press R key to open the Run Command in your system.
  • You will see the run box on your monitor. Now, enter the command: msc.
  • From the available options, you need to scroll to the option “PSQL Workgroup Engine”
  • Right-click on it to check whether it is running/stopped. Make sure that it is in running mode.
  • Now, make sure that you repeat the same above-mentioned steps on all the standalone computers and even to the server.

If you find it in the running mode, there are likely chances of getting the error message again.

Troubleshooting Sage 50 Error Unable To Open Company File

The error is still in your system and there can be multiple reasons behind the error. It is recommended that you connect with Sage Support Team so that they can provide you all necessary steps to resolve the error. To reach our Sage technicians , connect to AccountsPro team on Toll Free +1-800-474-0179 ; or connect with us via Live Chat Support Sage 50 from the down right corner of the website. Our team is very proficient in handling such issues and errors. You can also drop an Email if you are looking for some sort of information related to Sage and/or any of its version.

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  • Wendy

    i am having trouble opening sage 50 , I have Sage 50 software and it keep crashing on certain functions such as reports or in this particular instance, creating a new bank account using the wizard

  • Rosario Gilroy

    I WOULD LIKE TO VERIFY MY LISCENCE, as sage keeps shutting off on me, I purchased it on amazon dec 2 014 it worked perfectly until September of 2018. this is when I started getting the problem of it shutting off

  • Jason

    i have a user who is not able to open one file and everyone else can., its opening now, Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021, but do i have to do it from the user account?, or can i do it from admin, i will have to put this on hold and i will have the user contact tech support

  • Jason Sherry

    I am unable to open an existing company as I get the error “Cannot open company file. A required data file is missing.” using 2014… which I have been using without issue ever since I purchased it. I do not use the payroll application, I cannot locate the .SAI file. I assume that it is due to OneDrive automatic backup.. and I cannot locate the “missing” file, I DO not need to upgrade to restore my information 4r,I do not need to upgrade, I have been able to create a “new” company with this version, without issue. The problem is restoring the data from 2021-01-01 to present,Unless the upgrade will bring back the “missing data file” AND restore all the prior data from 2021-01-01 to present.. I am not interested in an upgrade at a an exp
    (01:05:19) Visitor 42411985: exorbitant cost.,I am communicating with you on my computer that has SAGE installed

  • Alex

    I have sage installed on my laptop and I am paying for sage monthly but somehow I am not able to open any files with sage using sage 50 premium accounting

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