Unable To Create Backup Sage50
Unable To Create Backup Sage50

An Unknown Error Occurred During Sage 50 Backup

When you already have Sage 50 installed in your system, you know how helpful the tool is for your organization. However, there are times when certain technical problems arise, restricting the software operations. One of the errors of such type is Backup of data was unsuccessful Sage 50 .
There are a number of scenarios in which users fail to backup important files and folders. The different error scenarios arise due to different sets of causes and hence the tips to resolve are different for all.

At AccountsPro, representatives are skilled enough to guide you in understanding the error and helping you resolve the same.You can reach by calling Sage 50 Support Phone Number anytime .

Why Sage 50 Backup Failed ?

Though there are lots of reasons that lead to various backup error scenarios, here is a list of some causes that are common and simply rectifiable.

  • Issue with the Connection Manager
  • SAJ folder is too large
  • The Internet connection is not stable
  • Incorrect location of the files to be backed up
  • Automatic backup did not run
  • Multi-user mode is enabled
  • You may not be logged in as Administrator
  • Compatibility problems with Windows

How to fix Sage 50 Backup Restore Failure Issue

To make sure, the resolution works, make sure you’re accessing the system in Single-User mode.
Solution 1: Get Administrator access

  1. Go to the Sage 50 Accountingicon
  2. Right-click it
  3. Select Run as administrator
  4. Choose Restore from backup
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions that appear on the wizard

There would be a chance backup data deleted or damaged in such case you have to go for Sage 50 Data Recovery Services for getting data back.

Solution 2: Reduce the SAJ file size

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Press Windows + Eand get to Windows Explorer
  3. Browse the location of the file for backup
  4. Select the company file with .SAJextension
  5. Double-click it
  6. You will either get backup file with .cab extensions or a backup folder in the .SAJ folder
  7. Move the backups or backup folder to some other location outside the .SAJfolder
  8. Look into the simplyand mysql folder to check if there are any backups stored there
  9. Make sure you have changed the location of all backup files inside .SAJ In case, you leave any of the backup file or folder there, the issue will still arise even if you try to restore the backup for the files that you have located outside the .SAJ folder
  10. If possible, delete the previous backup files and take new backups
  11. Create a backup for the company file again , in case facing issue contact now Sage Support Number urgent basis .

Know a number of reasons why Restore From Sage 50 Failed and why users can’t open company file after restoring Sage Software from Back up.

Solution 3: Update Automatic Backup Configuration

  1. Open the Automatic Backup Utility
  2. Choose to Open
  3. Browse to the location of the file you’re receiving errors in
  4. You will get Save backupoption
  5. Click Browsethere
  6. Navigate to the folder you want to save the backups
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Save

Solution 4: Ensure compatibility with Windows

  1. Right-click Sage 50 Accounting icon
  2. Select Properties
  3. Go to Compatibilitytab
  4. In the Compatibility modesection, clear the Run this program in compatibility mode for: checkbox
  5. ClickOK

Support For Unable to Backup Sage 50 Error

If the error continues to appear, connect with Sage 50 Chat Support. They have specialized Sage 50 team of experts to look after your problems. They will help you deal with the issues. You just need to call on help desk number ☎ +1-800-474-0179.

Using cloud hosting for Sage 50

To ensure your company files are not being tampered with by any external access, it is necessary for you to keep monitoring the files 24*7. This is where Sage 50 cloud hosting services come into focus. AccounstPro offers the best and cheap cloud hosting services for clients and customers and thereby allow them to access the files from anywhere at any time and through any device available.

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  • James Sease

    i am looking for an account system with inventory ,your software was recommend. our setup is going to be on private network without internet connection with no less than 10 terminals. please send me information on your Peachtree account software and

  • Joe Sutton

    I have been trying to move from a Peachtree 2007 system to a new Windows 10 Sage 50 2020 Preminum Accounting system. I found the instructions to convert the .PTD file to a .ZIP file and extract all files. I completed that and the company shows up in the Sage Company list. After clicking on that company it says it needs to complete a backup. It says it needs 7MB of space and I click ok. I then get an error message that says “cannot perform backup.unable to load” Thoughts? using version 1709 and higher is all I see. It is a 1 user version

  • Pippa Kelly

    I already purchased an update, however, not sure how to copy data over. Do I use a backuip file or do I Export data using Sage 50 premium 2013, the new version i purchased is age 50 2021 edition. When I purchased upgrade from sage I was to receive assistance from them as part of the price and will contact them directly.

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