Connection Manager Sage 50

The connection manager in Sage 50 Accounting software plays a significant role in managing the MySQL database access. The Sage is one of the real-time software in which the connection manager is used to update the real-time changes. With this feature, there does not require saving changes manually. The connection manager controls all the connection requests between company data and accounting software or third party application. AccountsPro will get to know insights about Sage 50 Connection Manager or you can connect directly to Sage Support team .

Connection Manager Sage 50 Accounting Software

Connection Manager Sage 50 Accounting Software

What Is Sage Connection Manager And How Its Works ?

Why Sage Connection Manager Important?

The Sage 50 Connection Manager must be installed on every system in which you installed Sage 50 or where you need to open a company database. The connection manager must be installed on a Windows Operating system environment. It is not compatible with NAS drive, Mac OS, or Linux system. The connection manager manages all the requests to connect company data with the accounting software. Each system or Server in which you store the company data needs a connection manager installation. A multi-user environment with premium & Quantum is used to permit a secondary user access to the database for applying real-time changes in a data file location.

How To Check Sage Connection Manager Running On System Or Not ?

How can you view which Connection Manager Running on My System?

After accessing the connection manager running status helps you check whether the connection manager service is running in your system. System service gives information regarding connection manager registration as a Windows service. The total connections provide Sage 50 connection manager total connections. Port numbers and active companies help to know the port number and the system’s opened company files. Check also common causes behind when Sage 50 Connection Manager Won’t Start issue comes .

Download Sage Connection Manager

Download Sage connection manager through a trustworthy website. Once you download the file, you will be asked to save it. Save the file into the desired location. The advantage of the Sage connection manager is used to control the connection and streamline Sage’s operation. However, it automatically gets installed when you install the Sage 50 installation. You can manually download the latest update if there require or appear any Sage accounting connection manager not running error.

If you are getting issues like Sage 50 Connection Manager Could Not Start The Database Engine then you can check out AccountsPro help for Sage Cannot Connect To Database .

Sage Connection Manager Install Process

Install the Sage Connection Manager in the Server. Make sure that the same Version should be installed on both workstation and Server. Here are the steps to install the Sage connection manager in Server:

  • Initially login to the server location
  • Locate the downloading website and download the Sage 50 version and run the file
  • Choose the language and then choose OK.
  • Sage 50 –Canadian edition needs some necessary program installation on the system.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Check the firewall is enabled on the system. meanwhile, you will see a dialog box asking if you want Windows Firewall automatically configured to operate with Sage 50
  • Choose Advanced if the server store only the data file and no one uses the program on the Server.
  • Hit on the Next button to proceed
  • Click on Server-only for the components of Sage 50
  • Choose the Finish button.

Sage Canada Connection Manager

The Connection Manager is automatically installed with the Sage 50 Canada edition. There are two methods to install the Sage 50: Workstations and Installation on both Server and workstation. When installing Sage 50, there are options available to determine which system will be a workstation or a server. Typical stands for a workstation that includes the full accounting product and Sage 50 connection manager. When displaying Advanced, it represents Server, and only the connection manager component will be installed in it.

Sage 50 Connection Manager Is Installed But Not Running

Once you completed the installation process but the Sage accounting connection manager not running. It mainly occurs due to the incomplete downloading process of Sage 50 or when the connection manager service is disabled from the settings. Follow the steps to start the service:

  • Start the connection Manager with the system tray icon.
  • Locate the Sage 50 connection manager icon and do a double click on it
  • Follow these steps if your data is hosted on a server:
  • If it is unavailable the Open Explorer and locate C: Program Files(X86)\winsim\ConnectionManager
  • Select Yes or No to start or Stop service if the status display as Running
  • In case the service to start or stop is missing, then proceed with installation repair or re-installation process.

Sage Connection Manager Update Download

Download the available updates to fix the sage connection manager could not start the database engine error. Here are the steps to download the updates which were already installed on another system:

  • Locate the system which has installed the update
  • Choose Windows Start and then click on Computer.
  • Discover C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage software\Simply Accounting\Download
  • Now search the latest update available to install.
  • After this, copy the file to the Server.
  • Now start running the file to update the Sage 50 connection Manager.

Once you download and install the latest update, you can efficiently resolve the sage 50 connection managers installed but not running issue. This type of error usually occurs with pending updates.

How to download the update if the system does not have a USB drive?

  • Locate site
  • Select the search box and enter Sage 50 Canadian edition
  • Hit on the required version update and then click the Download now option
  • Choose the Save button
  • Once done downloading process, hit on Run and start Installation of the update.

Sage Connection Manager No Update Button

There are some products that must need updates Installation to access the company data files. The Version starting with 2016.3 does not contain an update option to update the Server. You need to follow the below instructions to perform the update process:

  • Locate Start option
  • Hit on All programs
  • Choose the Sage folder
  • Select Sage 50 and then Sage 50 Connection Manager

Sage Connection Manager Firewall Settings:

When installing Connection manager in Sage 50, you need to set the Firewall settings and advanced database settings to run smoothly. It is essential to permit all processes from Sage 50 through a firewall to operate Sage connection manager without errors.

Advanced Database Settings For Connection Manager

Sage 50 connection manager memory buffer size denotes the system memory allocated to cache company data. It is used to look up results, populate reports, and record lists in the accounting software. It is recommended to increase the buffer size to 10MB and avoid exceeding the 60 % physical Ram of the system. However, you can hit on the Default option to reset the buffer to its default size if you cannot run the application after increasing the buffer size. Moreover, you can edit the Buffer pool size settings manually in the ConnectionManager.ini file.

Do you know Connection Manager plays and critical role while solving Sage Database Engine Reported An Error issue .

Sage Connection Manager Ports

There need to set a correct port to prevent sage 50 connection manager network error. You require locating the Advance settings of Windows firewall to access a port. You can edit the connection attempts settings manually in the conenctionManager.ini file to set the number of connection attempts.

Sage Connection Manager Error Troubleshooting

For Further Assistance user can directly get in touch Sage 50 Support Phone Number for any issue , error , problem related to connection manager . Hopefully, the above information provided you awareness regarding Sage connection Manager. So proceed with Sage connection manager settings to prevent the sage connection manager from starting the database engineerrors and many other connection issues. If still confused, connect with AccountsPro team. You can drop an email to AccountsPro or chat on Sage 50 Live Chat button to get the resolutions of all your concerns.