Sage 50 Connection Manager Not Running
Sage 50 Connection Manager Not Running

Unable To Start Sage 50 Connection Manager

Sage 50 Connection Manager is essential tool which need to be run in background also need to updated on regular basis . Its also help to fix data base connectivity issues and problem .
Accounting is now necessary for all business owners, whether it is a small, medium, or big organization. Nowadays in the market, there is much software available but Sage is one of the reliable and best accounting software to whom every person can trust. However sometimes while working with Sage an error comes as such as ” The connection manager service could not be started”. These issues may be a big error. AccountsPro team covers this issue and helps you to rectify the error or you can directly contact Sage 50 Support Number for assistance ..

Why Sage 50 Connection Manager Will Not Run

Error you get

While working with Sage 50 sometime you receive some errors such as mentioned below:

  • I am trying to start the connection manager and I am getting the error message
  • Connection manager service can’t be started as you need Administrator rights are needed to use this service

AccountsPro also gives full details Sage 50 Database Repair Utility tool which helps to fix issue related to database like Sage 50 Not Connecting To Database problem .

How To Fix Sage Connection Manager Could Not Be Started


To solve the above error below are the solutions following which anyone can solve the errors and for more information or any help get back to Sage Helpdesk.

Method 1

  • First, check if there is any windows update is pending and waiting to be installed
  • If yes first install the Windows updates
  • Now reboot the computer

Fix Sage 50 Connection Manager Not Running

Method 2

  • Check if you have any administrator rights on the computer
  • Go to Control Panel >> User Accounts and make sure that you have administrator rights
  • Select the Windows Start button >> All programs >> Sage
  • Now right click on Sage 50 Connection Manager ad after that Run as administrator
  • If the computer is asking for any user name and password, type the fields which are asking and after that start the services again

Method 3

  • Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> >Services
  • Now right-click the Sage 50 Database connection manager and select the Properties
  • Go to General Tab and check the status of the Startup type, if it is disabled set it to Automatic
  • Select the login tab. Mention the name of the user account and password which you use to log in to Windows and click Apply
  • Choose the General Tab
  • Select Start to restart the service then exit the service settings
    • If you are using the Vista on the computer, you select Automatic(Delayed Start ) as the Startup type. If this procedure generates a 1069 Sage 50 Error then return to the account information and select Browse. Check the name mentioning in the fields. If still error exists by selecting the correct name, the either this account does not have full administrative rights to the computer, or service should not set o run locally
    • If still, the error persists to start connection manager revert back to local system account It may work and start the service with no error

Method 4

  • Go to Start
  • Under the search programs and files, key in “services” after that select Enter
  • Go to Windows start >> control panel >> Adminstrative Tools >> Services
  • Do double click on Sage 50 Database Connection manager
  • Change the Startup type: to Automatic ( or Automatic (Delayed Start ) if you are using Window Vista)
  • Select Ok
  • Select Start Services in the connection manager window.

Method 5

  • First Uninstall Sage 50 Accounting
  • Reinstall Sage 50 Accounting as an administrator. Go to C:\Sage
  • Now open the installer files for the Sage 50 version and now run the launch.exe as administrator
  • No need to install any updates when required

Also moves your business accounting on Sage 50 Cloud Hosting which gives you more power to manage accounting without any technical glitches .

Support Connection Manager Doesn’t Start Sage 50 Pro,Premium , Quantum Error

Seeking for help? Simply dial 📞 1-888-800-0165 and get connect yourself to Sage Experts. Sage Helpdesk team is professional, polite, and are trained to solve in that way so that they could solve the errors in minimal time with complete satisfaction. Experts are available 24*7 to assist the customers. You can also email to AccountsPro team and you will be contacted by one of the Sage experts or go for Sage 50 Chat live team. All the experts are always updated with the latest information and latest tools and software so that they can provide you the latest and advanced information and protection.

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  • Karen

    I cannot open sage as it says the database engine reported an error….? I’ve had this program for years and never encountered this. using Sage 50 2020 We just put it on a brand new computer as our old one crashed. Im on it now.

  • Adrian Miller

    Just reviewing sage 50 connection manager on a server and trying to be sure the latest version is installed. Update button reports its up to date v 10.0 but user reports it needs to be updated ,Unsure of users version but guessing one of the 8 users has upgraded to 2021

  • Zoe McGrath

    Sage 50 Cannot Open the database because the database engine reported an error., this is the error message I get when trying to open a file.using Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2019. Canadian edition.,I can open other files, just not this certain file.,I have reinstalled the software.

  • Max Vance

    I spoke with Sage 50 support yesterday and we managed to get my old data updated and then I was able to enter my data for 2017. Now I cannot find my info and I keep getting a connection manager is running but not not where my software is stored. This is frustrating and I need to get the data done. I have disabled the firewalls or I think I have and that has not helped. What do you recommend, I just loaded version Sage pro 21, also the canadian version.

  • Larry

    I cannot open Sage 50 Premium. The message says Connection Manager is installed but not running. using Sage 50 Premium 2017 or 2018

  • Amaninder

    When Installing Getting Error1606 Could not access network Location Sage Software\ConnectionManager

  • David

    just trying to figure out why on a server 2016 with active directory I need to shutdown Base Filter Service after updating the Sage 50 Connection Manager to V10.0 , using Sage 50 Canadian Premier 2021.1 , am remotely connected to the server

  • Sara

    Last night it was working fine. Now when I try to get into the system it says the Sage 50 connection is installed but isn’t running on the computer where you share your data. How can I fix this?

  • Dave

    Sage 50 is having communication problems , using Sage Premium 2021 1.1

  • Manjit Nannan

    sage 50 2018 error 1067 when starting connection manager,one to settings, admin tools, services, right click Sage connection manager, properties, click Start, error 1067: tis process terminated unexpectedly,Sage Error 1067: Through service .msc when tomcat service tries to run and stops unexpectedly this error occurs.,Sage 50 2018 will not open as Sage 50 account manager will not run unless computer restarted, and then will stop

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