Convert Old Sage 50 Data To latest Version
Convert Old Sage 50 Data To latest Version

Convert Old Sage 50 Data To Latest 2019 Sage Edition

Sage 50 accounting software is one of the best tools available in the market for organizations that handle huge customer data and deal with high-figure computations. When we talk about data in Sage 50, there are instances where the stored information is not compatible enough with the outdated version and hence does not open. In such a scenario, it becomes important to go for Sage 50 2019 data conversion. Also you can check Data Conversion Sage 2020 To Sage 2021 step by step process .
The 2019 version is the latest in town and hence the data stored in the previous version may not be used in this version if not converted. AccountsPro experts will make you understand the entire process of conversion once contacted on Sage Technical Support .

Process For Converting Sage 50 Data For Newer Version

Steps for Sage 50 2019 Data Conversion
Step 1: Prepare your system

  1. Create a backup for the files to be converted
  2. Go to File
  3. Select Properties
  4. Take down the Locationand the Company File The file name for different versions to be chosen are listed below:
    1. Version 7.0 or below, the file type is .asc
    2. Version 8.0 to 2007, the extension is .sdb
    3. Version 2008 and higher, the file extension is .sai
  5. Switch off the User Account Control (UAC)while converting data. To reach the option:
    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Choose User Accounts
  6. If any Antivirus, anti-Spyware or Firewall is enabled, disable it
  7. Proceed to Save the details on the local computer
  8. Run Advanced Database Check
  9. Convert data
  10. Save the data to the original location

Step 2: Convert the data

  1. Open Sage 50
  2. You get a welcome screen
  3. Select Open the last company you worked onoption
  4. Click OKif the file opened is the one you expected. If not, follow the below-mentioned instructions:
    1. On the welcome screen
    2. Choose Select an existing company
    3. Click OK
    4. On the Open Companywindow, change Look in: field value to folder where the required data is located
    5. Select the data
    6. Click OK
  5. You will get a prompt informing you about the data to be updated in a new format
  6. Click Nextmultiple time on the Upgrade wizard
  7. Click Finish

Check the complete guide and step by step instruction, which help you for Sage FAS Data Conversion During The Upgrading Process.

Sage Data Conversion Error Support

While converting the Sage 50 data, you may come across an Sage Error with a message: This company is from a version of the product that is too old to be converted. The message displayed is enough to identify the cause i.e. the incompatibility of the data with the outdated version of the software. To resolve this, you can choose either of the following options:

  • Start the company all over again in the latest 2019 Sage version
  • Or purchase a new version of the software to convert your data to a compatible mode

Sage 50 2019 Downgrade Data Conversion

Besides upgrading the data by converting it and making it compatible with the upgraded versions, Sage 50 also comes with the downgraded data conversion facility you can check full details Sage 50 Downgrade Process here . In case you need to save money and do not require much of the features of novel version, you can convert data to a lower version as well connect to Sage 50 Support Number to find more .. For further assistance on the queries related to Sage 50, you can contact AccountsPro experts on help desk number ☎ +1-800-474-0179.

Smart Hosting Sage 50 on Cloud

Being an owner of an organization, if you want to monitor the activities being performed in the company file by managers and employees, you can opt for AccountsPro Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Services. This will let you keep a watch on the file on the go from anywhere at any time via any device.

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  • Colleen Nelson

    i recently buy sage50 accounting 2014 and i have an hold version sage 2014 i can’ open the file, i already have 2021,i was using sage 2014 now i wan to migrate to sage 2021 but when installing and won to open my data of 2014 they say it’s impossible, when activate al thing was good,how to process, will you provide you steps to upgrade it., send me how to process so ill do it step by step, I summarize my problem. I use sage accounting 50 us version peachtree 2014. but i have paid for sage peacthtree 2021 and i would like to open 2014 data with it but i get an error message.

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