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Sage 50 Keeps Crashing and Shutting Down

Sage 50 Keeps Crashing

Sage 50 Keeps Crashing Automatically

When opening the splash window or Sage 50 cloud accounts sometimes the Sage 50 Keeps Crashing, shutting down, hanging, freezing, or closing. This issue was primarily seen after the installation. There might be several reasons causing the repeated closing of the active program. Like antivirus interrupting the program, corrupted files, incomplete installation, or if the program has quarantined any Sage-related folders. AccountsPro will present the troubleshooting guide to fix the Sage 50 2023 Keeps Crashing the error user facing Sage 50 Not an Opening problem.

What Are the Causes of the Sage 50 Keeps Crashing?

  • Corrupted windows installation
  • Damaged update installation
  • The Sage 50 host does not have admin credentials
  • Antivirus interruption
  • Installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Also, some OS updates create some critical problems, you can learn more about Sage 50 Stop Working After Windows Update with causes and solutions.

How to Fix Sage 50 Sudden or Unusual Crashing Issue?

How to Rectify the Sage 50 Keeps 2023 Crashing Error?

Uninstall And Install the Sage 50 System

Method 1- Fix the Sage 50 keeps Crashing error message after system installation:
If this error triggers after Sage 50cloud Accounts uninstallation and installing the current version then verify the antivirus system. If your system contains the antivirus software then change the quarantined program containing files or folders related to the Sage50. Now add those folders and files to the exception list of the antivirus or either start restoring the quarantined folders within the antivirus system or reinstall the Sage 50cloud Accounts.

In some case when Sage 50 Unable To Find Company File or even Sage 50 Won’t Connect To Its Database, the Sage 50 program having issues while opening.

Follow the below steps to configure the antivirus system to work within the Sage 50 cloud Accounts:

  1. Exclude Files Used by Sage Accounts:
    Access your antivirus software settings and exclude the specific files used by Sage Accounts to prevent any interruptions caused by antivirus scans.
  2. Exclude Folders Used by Sage Accounts:
    Similarly, exclude the folders used by Sage Accounts from antivirus scans to ensure the smooth operation of the software.
  3. Configure Process Exclusions:
    In your antivirus settings, set up process exclusions for Sage Accounts to prevent any interference with its processes.
  4. Exclude URLs Accessed by Sage System:
    Identify the URLs or web addresses accessed by the Sage system and exclude them from being blocked by your antivirus or firewall.
  5. Ensure Uninterrupted System Access to URLs:
    Verify that your antivirus or firewall settings do not block the Sage system’s access to the URLs required for its proper functioning.
  6. Modify Report File Location:
    Adjust the location where Sage Accounts creates temporary files when running reports. This can help prevent antivirus scans from locking these files and causing issues.
  7. Manage Antivirus Scans for Report Files:
    Configure your antivirus software to handle the temporary report files created by Sage Accounts during its operations, ensuring they are not locked or affected by antivirus scans.

Add Antivirus Exception Sage 50

How would I change the file location to configure the antivirus to exclude a particular folder?

  1. Open the Run Window:
    Press the Windows key + R to open the Run window.
  2. Enter Regedit:
    Type “Regedit” in the Run window and press Enter. This will open the Registry Editor.
  3. Search for the Key:
    In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ODBC\ODBC.INI\SageLine50v2 8
  4. Create a New String Value:
    Within the key, right-click and select “New” > “String Value” to create a new string value. Label the new string value as “TempPathname”.
  5. Set the Value for TempPathname:
    Double-click on the “TempPathname” string value. In the “Value data” field, enter the path to the folder where you want Sage Accounts to create temporary files.
  6. Configure Antivirus Exclusions:
    Open your antivirus software and configure it to exclude the following file types in the folder specified for temporary files: *.TMP, *.000, *.001, *.002.
  7. Configure Sage Accounts:
    With the temporary file location set and antivirus exclusions in place, Sage Accounts will now create temporary files in the designated folder while running reports.

If the error persists then proceed to the next solution.

SG50FIL.DLL File Verification

Method 2- Verify the sg50fil.dll:

  1. For this find the C:\Program Files (x86) for a file named sg50fil.dll.
  2. Now try to reopen the program

Windows APP Data Verification

Method 3- Verify the Windows system data app:
If the system freezes on the splash window after entering the login details then it could be an error with the error with windows system data app. Now verify this:

  1. Open the Search Field
    Click on the Windows search field located on the taskbar.
  2. Type “System Information”
    In the search field, type “System Information” and press Enter.
  3. Check for Blank Window
    If the System Information window appears blank, follow the steps below to fix the issue.
  4. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
    Open the Windows search field again. Type “cmd” and wait for the Command Prompt to appear in the search results. Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”.
  5. Stop the Windows Management Instrumentation Service
    In the Command Prompt, type “net stop winmgmt” and press Enter. After that Close the Command Prompt window.
  6. Rename the Wbem Folder
    Press the Windows key + E to open the File Explorer. Navigate to the following folder: C:\Windows\System32\wbem. Locate the “repository” folder, right-click on it, and select “Rename”. Give it a new name, such as “repository.old”.
  7. Reset the Windows Management Instrumentation Repository
    Open the Command Prompt as administrator again. Type “winmgmt /resetrepository” and press Enter. Close the Command Prompt window.
  8. Rename the Repository.001 Folder
    Open the Command Prompt as administrator once more. Type “ren Repository.001 repository” and press Enter. Close the Command Prompt window.
  9. Open Sage 50 Accounts
    Launch Sage 50 Accounts. Log in to your company file.
  10. Uninstall and Reinstall Sage 50cloud Accounts (If Necessary)
    If the error persists, uninstall the Sage 50cloud Accounts software. Reinstall Sage 50cloud Accounts following the provided instructions. Retry opens the application as an administrator.
  11. Note: If the issue persists after following these steps, it is recommended to contact Sage support for further assistance.

Modify License File Sage 50

Method 4- Give a new name to the license files:

Step 1: Close Sage 50cloud Accounts

  • Close the Sage 50cloud Accounts application if it is currently open.

Step 2: Rename the “SDK Licence” Folder

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Data\Sage\
  • Locate the “SDK Licence” folder.
  • Right-click on the folder and select “Rename”.
  • Give it a new name, such as “SDK Licence OLD”.

Step 3: Delete the “sage.usr” File

  • In File Explorer, navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Data\Sage\Accounts**version number**
  • Locate the file named “sage.usr”.
  • Right-click on the file and select “Delete”.
  • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Clearing the Account Number from the Registry:

Step 4: Open the Run Window

  • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run window.

Step 5: Enter “Regedit”

  • In the Run window, type “Regedit” and click OK.
  • This will open the Registry Editor.

Step 6: Navigate to the Line 50 Key

  • In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sage\Line 50

Step 7: Modify the AccountNumber Value

  • Double-click on the “AccountNumber” entry in the right-hand pane.
  • Delete the current value in the “Value data” field.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

Step 8: Exit the Registry Editor

  • In the Registry Editor, click on the File menu.
  • Select Exit to close the Registry Editor.

After completing these steps, you can relaunch Sage 50cloud Accounts and proceed with your usual activities.

Method 5-Microsoft .NET Frameworks:

  1. Reset Microsoft .NET Frameworks >
  2. You require to turn off and on to reset the framework or if needed uninstall & reinstall the framework
  3. Windows 8, & 10
  4. Now uninstall the Microsoft .NET Frameworks
  5. Next, reinstall the MS .NET frameworks

Method 6- Use the Sage.exe file from the software:

  1. Find the Sage 50 cloud Accounts system directory by default:
  2. 64 bit operating system – C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts
  3. 32-bit operating system – C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts
  4. Search sage.exe and give right-click on it
  5. Choose the Run as administrator button if not available then hit Open
  6. If the system opens successfully to generate a new shortcut then give right-click on the file named sage.exe
  7. Choose Send to
  8. Hit Desktop button
  9. Give a name to the user, sage.ini, and LaunchpadSettings.xml files >
  10. If you are not prepared then reset the key named Sage50cloud Accounts subscription
  11. These files are only there if the system has previously been executing on the system
  12. Now close the Sage50 cloud Accounts
  13. Next, rename the below files to<>. old:
  14. C:\Users\**Relevant User**\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\Syswow64\sglch32.usr
  15. C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\sglch32.usr
  16. C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\sage.ini
  17. C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\LaunchpadSettings.xml

Method 7-Uninstall and reinstall Sage 50:

If there happens an error after an update installation then try reinstalling the update before proceeding. Here are the steps:

  1. Give a click on the Start button of the windows
  2. Hit Control Panel
  3. Choose Programs & Features
  4. Delete Sage50 cloud Accounts
  5. Now delete the folder named Accounts with installed software
  6. By default accounts folder path is
  7. 64-bit operating system – C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts
  8. Delete the temporary files

Sage 50 Pro Accounting Crashing after login following Windows update

Query: I am running Desktop Pro Accounting. All was good until today when Windows updated to 2H12 (OS Build 19044.1806). Now Sage loads, I enter the password, and then it closes. I tried restoring a backup to a new company. It restores, I log in, and then it closes.

Here are some potential solutions to this issue:

  1. Update Sage 50 Pro Accounting:
    An update to Sage 50 Pro Accounting may have been released to address the compatibility issue with the latest Windows update. Check the Sage website for any updates and apply them to see if it resolves the issue.
  2. Run Sage 50 Pro Accounting in compatibility mode:
    Right-click on the Sage 50 Pro Accounting icon and select Properties. Then, click on the Compatibility tab and check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select an older version of Windows from the drop-down menu. Apply the changes and try running the software again.
  3. Disable DEP for Sage 50 Pro Accounting:
    Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature in Windows that can cause issues with certain software programs. To disable DEP for Sage 50 Pro Accounting, open the Control Panel and select System. Then, click on Advanced System Settings and select the Advanced tab. Click on the Settings button under Performance, select the Data Execution Prevention tab, and add Sage 50 Pro Accounting to the list of exceptions. Apply the changes and try running the software again.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall Sage 50 Pro Accounting:
    If none of the above solutions work, try uninstalling Sage 50 Pro Accounting and then reinstalling it. Make sure to back up any important data before uninstalling the software. Once it’s reinstalled, apply any available updates and try running the software again.

Sage 50 Crashing Randomly when ACTIVELY working on the application

Query: For years Sage 50 US Premium Accounting has been shutting down randomly, for no reason, when actively working in the application. It is NOT a properly functioning automatic shutdown for inactivity.

Random shutdowns in Sage 50 US Premium Accounting can be frustrating and can lead to data loss. Here are some potential solutions to address this issue:

  1. Check for Sage 50 updates:
    Make sure that you have the latest updates for your version of Sage 50 US Premium Accounting. Sometimes software updates can fix bugs that cause random shutdowns.
  2. Disable automatic updates:
    If automatic updates are causing the issue, you can disable them by going to File > Maintenance > Options and unchecking the “Automatically check for updates” box.
  3. Check system requirements:
    Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Sage 50 US Premium Accounting. Insufficient hardware can cause random shutdowns.
  4. Disable antivirus software temporarily:
    Antivirus software can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of Sage 50. Temporarily disabling the antivirus software can help identify if it’s causing the issue.
  5. Check for conflicting software:
    Check for any software that might be causing conflicts with Sage 50. Incompatible software can cause random shutdowns. Uninstall any unnecessary or conflicting software.
  6. Run Sage 50 as an administrator:
    Right-click on the Sage 50 icon and select “Run as Administrator” to ensure that Sage 50 has the necessary permissions to run properly.
  7. Check for corrupted data:
    A corrupt data file can cause Sage 50 to randomly shut down. Use the Sage 50 “File Maintenance” utility to check for any corrupted data and repair it.
  8. Try a clean install of Sage 50:
    If none of the above solutions work, try a clean install of Sage 50. This involves completely uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it.

Sage 50 Crashes When I Enter or Save Transactions

If you recently made some updates to Windows 10 and have found a possible issue with Sage 50 US Edition users. If you cannot create or save new transactions in your Sage 50 software, it crashes upon opening, or if you see any of the following error messages:

  • Error: “Sage 50 has stopped working” or “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working” after Windows 10 update
  • Error: “Sage 50 has stopped working” or “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working” when opening Task window
  • Error: “Sage 50 has stopped working” or “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working” when opening general ledger
  • Error: “Sage 50 has stopped working” or “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working” when opening reports

Resolution Steps To Set Windows 10 Compatibility to Windows 8

  1. Right-click the Sage 50 icon and click Properties
  2. Click the compatibility Tab
  3. Check Run this program in compatibility 
  4. In the drop-down select Windows 8 
  5. Verify program and company can open and tasks can be completed without errors

How to Fix Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down Issues

Sage 50 is the most trusted software on the market, but due to the recent mishandling of your computer’s operating system or Windows registry, you might encounter a variety of errors with Sage 50. Your software may freeze, crash stopped working, or experience a wide range of known and unknown errors.

Reasons for Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down

These are some of the typical reasons why Sage 50 keeps on crashing, we are highlighting them below:

  • Windows 10 installation update
  • Corrupt or Damaged windows installation
  • Installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators
  • The host has likely been changed by somebody.
  • It may just be a matter of the access level of your Windows user.
  • The data has been moved to a different user account.
  • To verify this, try opening the Sage 50Cloud account while logged in as an administrator.

Some Common Sage 50 Crashing Errors

Situation When Sage 50 CrashDescriptionSituation When Sage 50 CrashDescription
The user tries to send customer invoices using Sage either one or more customer or even batch processing or email, but nothing happened and Sage crash abnormallySage 50 crashing Windows 10Sage 50 Crashes when Paying BillsDuring Enter or Save Transactions User will receive caching problems
Sage 50 Keeps CrashingUser Experience Sage 50 freezing problem while doing or saving transactionSage 50 crashes when opening reportsWhile creating reports or pulling an old report, the user might face Sage not responding problem & Sage take time.
Sage 50 Crashes when opening reportsThe user tries to open, edit, view, or modify Sage 50 reports. Custom reports take too much time to openSage 50 Crashes when EmailingThe user tries to send customer invoices using sage either one or more customer or even batch processing or email, but nothing happened and Sage crash abnormally
Sage 50 Crashes on StartupThe user tries to open Sage 50 by clicking the desktop shortcut, but Sage will not open and an error warning will display on the screen Sage has stopped workingSage 50 Payments CrashPayments lock up the entire Sage program whenever the user tries to enter payments detail or trying to make payments the main causes behind this issue are DDF files damaged, User preferences file corrupted, keyboard or handwriting panel service enabled, Positions key damaged or data might corrupt in same cases user account control is enabled.
Sage 50 Accounting has stopped workingThe user faces a freezing or not responding error when Microsoft launches a major update in 2022. Also, the user applied the latest update of the Sage 50 2023 edition or installation was not completed for this issue.Sage 50 Email CrashSBDDesktop.exe stopped working or the user was unable to send email because the Outlook program not responding or there was an issue with the Email setup
Sage 50 has Stopped working on Windows 10Users are unable to stop Windows service updates. Also, it has been noticed that if users not applying the regular Windows update, OS might work abnormally and sage 50 users will receive a crashing problem.Sage 50 Receive Money CrashFor users going towards the receiving money window, Sage crashes suddenly and won’t create the receipt for customer payments
Sage 50 Crashes when Entering BillsThe user is unable to make payments, save transactions, or while entering payment details. The user is not able to create new inventory items just after the Windows 10 upgrade.Sage 50 Accounts Bank Reconciliation CrashSage banking reconciles crash and the user locks up while opening programs for bank reconciliation. The causes behind this issue are damaged userpref.dat or bankrec.dat files
Sage 50 Crashes when PrintingWhile Printing invoices, reports user takes much time to respond and user face freezing, crashing, or stopped working problemSage 50 Payroll Email Payslips CrashSage 50 Payroll user when trying to send employee payslips by email, a crashing issue might come.
Sage 50 Crashes after loginAfter entering the username and password Sage 50 closed automatically or the user might get Sage 50 company won’t open error message on their screenSage 50 Crashing when opening invoiceWhenever Sage 50 wants to see, open, download, or email customer invoices using Sage the program suddenly stopped and Sage won’t work.

Here are 9 Ways to Fix Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down

In some cases, the software can be fixed with the methods we offer. We recommend you contact our Technical Support if you continue to have difficulties.

  1. To run Sage 50 on Windows 8, you need to set the program in compatibility mode. Follow the instructions to find out how.
  2. Go to the Sage software, then right-click on it to access properties.
  3. Next, go to the Compatibility tab.
  4. In the section of compatibility mode, click on Windows 8. From the drop-down menu, choose Windows 8.
  5. On the next screen, click “OK” and open Sage 50.
  6. Now, make sure Sage 50 runs smoothly and does not show any errors.
  7. To start the program, please make sure you’re running it as an administrator.
  8. Check Scales of High DPI override.
  9. The following adjustments will need to be made in all Windows 10 machines and even on the server software.

Help Unable To Solve Sage 50 Crashng Problem

Here is the article complete! Hopefully, the information is helpful to resolve the Sage 50 Keeps Crashes error. If still experience the error then get connected with a professional team for getting an advanced troubleshooting guide. Use a live chat, Sage 50 Support Number, or email to get exceptional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Clear The Temp Files In Sage 50?

✅ Open the Run window
✅ Enter %temp%
✅ Now hold down the Ctrl key and then press A
✅ After this hit Delete
✅ Select Yes.

Why I Am Unable To Rename The Repository Folder?

✅ If you’re failed to rename the Repository folder, in the Windows search field then write cmd
✅ After this give right-click on the Command Prompt
✅ Search Run as administrator option
✅ More help connect now Sage 50 Live Chat help team

How Can I Run Sage Cloud Accounts In Administrator Mode?

✅ Locate the shortcut of the Sage 50 cloud Accounts
✅ Choose the Properties button
✅ Hit on the compatibility option
✅ Below the privilege level, choose the checkbox named Run this program as an administrator
✅ Hit OK
✅ Now open the Sage 50 cloud Accounts

Why is my Sage 50 not working?

If you’re facing issues with Sage 50 U.S. not opening or getting stuck on a gray screen after clicking the icon, it could be due to a recent Windows update. To troubleshoot, right-click the Sage 50 Accounting desktop icon, choose Properties, and then navigate to the Compatibility tab.

Will Sage 50 work with Windows 11?

Sage 50 CA versions 2021 and 2022.0 will not have official support for Windows 11. Due to the high system requirements of Windows 11, most users may not be able to install it on their PCs.

Why does my Sage 50 keep crashing?

To troubleshoot the issue, check your Windows user’s access level. Try logging on as an administrator and opening Sage 50cloud Accounts. If you can’t log on as an administrator, attempt running Sage 50cloud Accounts as an administrator by right-clicking the shortcut and selecting Properties.

Does Sage 50 2023 work with Windows 11?

All 32-bit or 64-bit variants of Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 11 (except Windows 11S) and Windows 10 (except Windows 10S), build 1709 or later.

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