Sage 50 Stops Responding

When users use Sage 50 on Windows 10, sometimes it suddenly freezes or stops responding to the input devices connected to it. It is a general problem seen in the accounting software installed in Windows 10 or the performance decreases. It can be caused by different bugs in the System, hardware devices, or low memory issues. The below article will discuss the adequate information related to resolving the Windows 10 Sage Compatibility issues and related problems. Sage Not Responding issue comes when logging in , after login , during backup, during purge or even sometimes Sage 50 Keeps Not Responding for a longer time. AccountsPro team describe all possible with solutions, Sage 50 Stop Responding After Windows Update issue earlier.

Sage 50 Not Responding On Windows 10

Sage 50 Not Responding On Windows 10

What Do You Mean By Not Responding To Sage 50?

Sage 50 not responding occurs when an application stops communicating with Windows correctly. It can be due to valid delays, which tend the Sage to be busy working with internal or external errors. It includes a programming bug, a hardware issue, etc. If you just installed new Sage 50 accounting software and having issues while running connect Sage 50 Support Number to get assistance.

What Are The Causes Of Sage Running Slow Window 10?

  • Pre-load pervasive is corrupted and required to be re-installed
  • Permission settings across the network blocking Sage 50 execution with full control
  • Low network speed
  • Wrong data size; it is beyond the size needed for optimal system performance

What you have to do When Sage 50 Not Starting some initial checks to advance settings need to fix this issue.

Windows 10 Sage 50 Compatibility Check

Sage 50 supports Windows 10 versions, including Home, Enterprise, and Pro. Earlier, many users faced errors when upgrading their Operating System to Windows 10. So users need to upgrade the Sage version to fix the Sage compatibility issues.  Before installing Sage, make sure you check the version is compatible with Windows 10. Here are the steps for checking Compatibility settings:

  • Locate the Sage icon and give a right-click on it
  • Click Properties button
  • Choose Compatibility option
  • If chosen” If run this program in compatibility mode “,delete it
  • Click Change settings for all users
  • Click “Run this program in compatibility mode” and clear it
  • Hit Apply button
  • Select ok Option


How To Resolve Sage 50 Slow Performance In Windows 10?

Method 1-Completely uninstall and re-install Actian Zen/Pervasive:

  • First of all, close Close 50 Accounting
  • Open run Window
  • Enter control panel and then hit ok
  • Choose Program and Features
  • Now uninstall the listed version of Actian PSQL 13 Workgroup R2
  • Close the Control Panel
  • Again open Run Window
  • Enter C:\, and then Hit ok
  • If there, delete the folders which say pvsw & pvswarch
  • Now check if there is a file named PSQL_V[version number]_Install.log
  • After this browse C:\Windows
  • Delete pvsw.log
  • Search C:\ProgramData
  • Name Pervasive app folder to OldPervasive software
  • Browse to C:\Program Files(x86)
  • Now give a name to the Actian folder to OLDActian
  • Locate C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Close the System
  • Open run window
  • Enter Regedit
  • Hit ok
  • Give a right-click on the Computer
  • Select Export button
  • Now save the registry backup to the computer desktop
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node
  • Check if appear pervasive software & PEYX489ZK
  • Close the editor named Registry

Do you know what are the root causes behind Sage 50 Error Installing Pervasive and what you can do when you go to fix the issue.

Method 2- Sharing Security & Permissions:

If the permissions of the data folder are incorrect, it leads to slow down the performance of the Sage 50 in Windows 10. Ensure that you mapped each workstation directly with the network drive to the shared folder instead of the sub-folder. If there are mapping issues, then remap the drive

Method 3- Check the company file size:

The size of the Sage 50 company file has direct impacts on its performance. It results in delays and loading time. Hence verify the company file with the below pointers:

  • Choose Help option
  • Hit the “Support Utilities” button
  • Click File Statistics
  • The larger-sized company must be purged to delete the irrelevant records or transactions. It in turn results in decreasing the size of the company file.

You can also get full details about why Sage 50 Won’t Open Company? And what the process to troubleshoot Sage 50 Can’t Open Company File.

Sage 50 Running Slow Window 10 Issue Troubleshooting

Method 4- Fix Sage Running Slow Window 10 error with UAC option:

Sometimes User Account Control is not permitting the Sage 50 in accessing the shared program files, so you need to disable it consult with Sage technicians more about on Sage 50 Chat . Follow the instructions:

  • Initially, Click on the Windows Start option
  • Enter UAC into the search box
  • Click Change User Account Control Settings
  • Now move the slider bar to go to the Never notify Option
  • Once reached hit ok
  • It will display “Do you want to allow this app to make changes?”
  • Hit ok
  • Restart the System to let the System apply the changes

Solve Sage 50 Won’t Respond Windows 10 Problem

Method 5- Resolve Not Responding Windows 10 with Managing Processor and Memory speed:

  • The first thing you are supposed to check is your System meets the minimum RAM and processor requirement for the installed Sage version. System requirement failures often make a barrier to the smooth running of the application and create compatibility issues.
  • The next step is to verify the ram and processor in your System or each workstation if running a multi-access feature. It is recommended to have a minimum of 2GB RAM in each System.
  • If you are running a server, check the performance of Sage in the Server; if it is low, it will slow down the speed in every workstation.
  • Open the run window and enter MSConfig and then ok to permit the program to apply changes.
  • Hit Yes button
  • Click Boot option
  • Choose Advanced options
  • In case you select Number of processors, then clear them
  • Hit ok
  • Restart the System

Method 6: Verify Space in Hard Drive and Virtual Memory:

Not Responding to Windows 10 error in Sage is generally due to the space issue. Make sure each system hard drive must have a minimum of 1 GB or thrice the size of company database free space. To free space, you can use widely used utilities like Defragmenter or Windows Disk Cleanup. The virtual memory in the System must be set to match the RAM on the machine.

Method 7-  Data Entry and Background  Applications:

It is a prevalent cause of the Windows slow performance when multiple background applications are running with the Sage software. So it is the best decision if you check out the services in the Startup items with Selective Startup.  If the issue persists, then modify the Action items settings or Global items. Let’s know-how?

Changing Global options:

  • Hit Option and then choose the Global button
  • Click General option
  • Select one or more options below to improve performance
  • Delete smart data entry
  • Hit ok

Action items Settings:

  • Go to Tasks and then click Action items
  • Hit Options and then select the Transactions option
  • Delete each “create event” button
  • Click on Tab named Startup
  • Delete Display Action items every time you open a new company file
  • Hit ok
  • Choose Close button

Method 8- Enlarge Memory buffer size of Connection Manager:

  • First, close the Sage 50
  • Hit Windows System tray buttons
  • Click Sage 50 Connection Manager
  • Change the default size to 128 MB
  • Hit Stop Service
  • Click Restart service

Technical Support Sage 50 Pro, Premium , Quantum Stop Respond

Hopefully, the above article is helpful to resolve the Slow performance in Sage 50 or Stop Working Windows 10 when accessing Sage 50. However, other technical glitches freeze the Windows 10 or delay opening Sage to know in-depth reach Sage 50 Support team .

FAQs: Sage 50 Not Respond, Running Slow On Windows 7,8 10

How can I run the compatibility mode in Sage 50 ?

  • Give a right-click on the Sage icon
  • Hit Properties option
  • Choose “Compatibility tab”
  • Verify Run this software in compatibility mode for
  • Select the correct OS which says Window 7 or 8 or 10
  • Hit Apply and than ok button

What are the impacts of Not Responding to Windows 10 errors ?

  • Software hangs or slow
  • Hesitant program

How can I verify the data file permissions settings in Windows 10 ?

  • First all, give a right-click on the Shared folder
  • Choose the “Properties option.”
  • Hit Sharing button
  • Select the Advanced Sharing Tab
  • Give a click on the box named Shared; This folder
  • Hit Permissions
  • Choose”Add”
  • Enter in the particular Windows groups or usernames that will require access to Sage 50
  • Now add into the group named System.
  • Hit Check Names to check the usernames as entered previously
  • Select ok button
  • Write the name of the added group as Full Control
  • Hit ok and then again choose ok if prompt Advanced Sharing Window
  • Choose Security option
  • Check Administrators & System with Full control
  • Hit ok

How do I purge the data in Sage 50 ?

  • Firstly locate the Tasks and then click System
  • Hit Purge Wizard
  • Select Next button
  • Give a click on Backup Option, after the backup completion, hit the Next button
  • Now apply the ending date for the purge
  • Unselect the transaction types you do not require purge
  • Hit Next
  • Choose the Reconciliation options if needed
  • Give a click on Next
  • Review and then hit Begin Purge

How can I clean the Windows Temp folder to fix the Sage performance issue ?

  • Enter %temp% in the run box
  • Select all the folders and files
  • Choose Delete button