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Sage 50 Downgrade to Lower Version – Convert Sage 50 Data to Older Version

Sage 50 Downgrade

Sage 50 Downgrade Conversions

Downgrading accounting software provides reverting the Sage 50 to the older version. The Sage 50 downgrade conversions are entirely different from the upgrade process. Many scenarios come in an organization where required removal of the bugged or unused options of the software for productive purposes. Therefore Downgrading the software becomes a necessity to cope with the current requirement. The below writeup contains the guide related to Sage 50 downgrade conversions moreover Sage Support team will help to convert data and move data.

Sage 50 Accounts Downgrade To Old Version

Sage Data Converion To Old Version

What is Downgrade Old Version?

Downgrading software is to convert the ongoing Sage 50 version into an older one. It includes deleting the unnecessary enhanced features from the new version for ease of use and enhancing the speed of the same. Downgrading Sage 50 versions into older versions like Quantum to pro or Quantum to premium sometimes becomes a great savior. It means the higher-quality Quantum version is reduced to a lower-quality version. Hence you can say downgrade is the reverse of the update or upgrade.

Downgrade Sage 50 Quantum To Pro

When do you need to downgrade Quantum to Pro?

There might be several reasons why you need to downgrade Sage’s higher version to the lower one. Some of them are below:

  • The advanced versions are prone to errors; many times some tasks become so complex and impractical with the latest versions.
  • The majority of the time there takes place compatibility issues with interface switching or when downloading a new upgrade. In such a case, the downgrading version is the best decision
  • The internal extensions fail to work after updating the software
  • After the upgrade of the Sage 50 program, the upgrade performance does not satisfy the expectation of the users. This lack of acceptance urges the need of downgrading Sage Quantum to Premium
  • Sometimes there might be legal disputes which force the organization to decide to replace the current version with the older one.

Get in touch with Sage 50 Quantum Support for more help.

Convert Sage 50 Quantum to Premium

If the accounting tools become too unaffordable for your company or the Sage 50 Quantum version becomes more expensive then you can use the downgrade option! The downgrade of the Sage 50 Quantum to the Premium or Sage 50 Premium version to Sage 50 Pro. This downgrading conversion of higher to lower is 100 % accurate and safe if you choose the trustable service providers to do the same. Therefore choosing a reliable service provider becomes the initial and essential step to prevent data loss. Find out complete details about Sage 50 Data Conversion with an advanced checklist.

There are a number of options you have like Sage 50 Cloud Hosting where you never face any compatibility issues and Sage Error Code after upgrade or update installation.

Process for Conversion to Downgrade of SAGE 50 Accounts

In case you want to downgrade or convert your Sage 50 accounts from Quantum or Sage 50 Premium to Pro, follow these step-by-step procedures. Keep in mind that the process may differ based on your specific versions and editions, so it’s essential to refer to the official documentation or seek guidance from Sage Support for accurate and up-to-date instructions.

Step 1: Convert the Sage 50 Company file

To convert the Sage 50 Company file, follow the specific instructions provided by the Sage 50 software for the version and edition you are working with.

  • There is no way around that if you are set on downgrading your software. Data from Sage 50 premium must be exported and imported into Sage 50 pro.
  • If you want to switch to the downgraded version permanently, you must first export your accounting data, including transactions, lists, and reports, and then import them all into the downgraded version.

Step 2: Export data from Sage 50 premium

You need to follow the procedure that is mentioned below to export data from Sage 50 premium.

  • Firstly, Go to the “File” menu and choose the “Import/Export” option.
  • Then, you have to pick the Template to utilize for exporting data
  • Now, you have to tap on the Export option and then again tap on the Filter tab to Zero on the data that you need to export
  • After this, you need to arrange the order of the fields and data must be exported in this order. These fields can also be used to sort the data. If you export data based on Customer Name, for example, the information will be structured and arranged accordingly
  • Now, you have to choose the Date Range so the data can be exported
  • Under the Filter Range option, fine-tune your selection ahead
  • Then, you have to choose the check boxes next to each field you want to include in the exported file on the Fields tab
  • After this, you may drag and drop files and change their order
  • If you want to include the heading of each field in the exported file, you need to go to the Options tab and pick the Include Heading
  • Select Save and give the template a new name
  • Lastly, select and wait for the template validation procedure to complete.

Data is exported quickly, but users must repeat the process for each list and report. This can be inconvenient, but there is no other option. If you are exporting data into Excel, check out the solution of Sage 50 Data Export To Excel Error for fixing the issue.

Step 3: Import data into Sage 50 Pro

You need to follow the procedure that is mentioned below to import data into Sage 50 Pro.

  • In the first step, you have to go to the File menu and choose the Import/Export option
  • Then, you have to pick the Template you want to utilize to import accounting data
  • Now, tap on the Import option
  • In the next step, you have to examine the displayed template as well as the fields
  • On the fields tab, you have to tick the show check box and choose each field you want to include in the data import
  • After this, you have to organize the fields using the Move button according to your preferences
  • After that, you need to choose the file to import into Sage 50 using the Arrow button
  • After performing the above steps, you need to label the option First Row Contains Heading
  • Tap on the Save option
  • In the end, tap on OK to start the import procedure.

Sage 50 will import all of the data from the Excel file. It is, however, equally important to match the transactions to the correct account.

Sage 50 Downgrade To Older Version Edition Service

What if you need to use our Downgrading conversion services?

Hopefully, now you learned about the need to downgrade Sage 50 higher version to a lower version. As mentioned above for Sage 50 Downgrade conversions you need experienced service providers. Our services use excellent strategies for both upgrade or downgrade conversions. We ensure Data security, high-speed services with less time, and 100% accuracy. Give a call to the Sage 50 Support Number to the consultant team they are too experienced in serving conversion services to the client. Use a Sage 50 Live Chat or email address.

FAQ – Downgrade, Convert, Migrate To Sage 50 Old Edition

What Profit I Will Get After Downgrading Sage 50 Premium To Sage 50 Pro?

The downgrading conversion resolves many Sage 50 Error messages like This Sage 50 Company Is unable To Open with Sage 50 premium Accounting as the company file is Sage 50 Pro accounting.

If I Need An Audit Trail, Archive Company Data, And Advanced Budgeting In The Sage 50 Premium Then Downgrade Is Beneficial?

Here is the list of features when you do not need Sage 50 Premium downgrade:
✅ Archive Company Data
✅ Change Order Processing
✅ Company Consolidation Wizard
✅ Audit Trail
✅ Job Costing-Phase & Cost Level
✅ Open Multiple Companies
✅ Advanced Budgeting
✅ Departmentalized Financial Statements
✅ Serialized Inventory
✅ At a Glance Dashboards
✅ Inventory Price Levels

Get more information Sage 50 Canada Audit Trail report edit and run easy steps.

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