Sage 50 Unable To Export To Excel

When you try to export data, including invoices, bank statements, receipts, and more from Sage 50 to Microsoft Excel, you fail to do it, or unexpected error encounters. Several cases arise when nothing happens when users attempt to export data from accounting software to excel. Many times they fail to open the Sage report in Excel. To deal with this entire situation here, you will get all the relevant information. AccountsPro is rounded up with troubleshooting methods of Sage 50 Won’t Export to Excel error while you already done Sage 50 Excel Integration cautiously .

Fix Sage 50 Export Excel Error

Fix Sage 50 Export Excel Error

Causes When Excel Export Failed Sage 50 Accounting

Primary causes behind this failure to Export error:

  • The file block settings block the type of file you are trying to export. This setting is done in the Trust center located in Excel.
  • Incompatible office version
  • Microsoft Excel is not correctly configuring to begin new worksheet

AccountsPro guide Sage 50 Microsoft Office Integration will give you some idea about important settings required .

How To Fix Sage 50 Does’t Export XLS/XLSX File Error

How to rectify the Sage 50 won’t export to Excel issue?

Method 1: Check Trust Center Settings:

When you open or save any Sage report in Excel 2007 or higher, you have to follow the instructions below:

  • Open your Excel
  • Locate File then Click Options
  • Discover Trust Center and click on it
  • Open the settings
  • Click File Block Settings
  • You have to uncheck each file type, open and then save checkboxes from permitting the excel to save in the preferred file type
  • Locate Sage report; you are requested to uncheck Open and save from the below-given file types:
  • Excel 2007 and later Add-in Files
  • Excel 2007 and later Macro-Enables Workbooks and Templates
  • Excel 97-2003 Add-in Files
  • Excel 2007 and later Workbooks and Templates
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbooks and Templates
  • Excel 95 Workbooks
  • Excel 2007 and later Binary Workbooks
  • Excel 95-97 Workbooks and Templates
  • After applying change don’t forget to save the changes
  • Hit on the Ok button to close the Trust Center window associated with Excel options
  • Reopen the report in Excel

You can also avoid any Sage 50 Error Code while opening excel if system user have sufficient permission . Also while having server connection issue with workstation then Sage 50 Crashes Export Report Excel .

Method 2-Restore default Settings:

  • Now try to restore the defaultsettings for the Excel software from the control panel
  • Follow the steps to repair Office to its defaults:
  • Locate Control Panel
  • Select Program and Features
  • Search for Microsoft office version right-click on it
  • Select Change
  • Click Quick Repair and hit Repair
  • Restart the system
  • Again try to open the report

Method 3-Report header options:

Here are the steps:

  • Open the report you want to export in Sage 50
  • Choose the Excel option
  • In copy report to Excel, choose the opposite button that is causing the error. For instance, if Send header to Page Setup in Excel is the reason of issue then select Show header in Excel Worksheet or conversely
  • Check whether you can create a copy of the report to excel

Method 3- Freeze Panes button:

  • Open the report you need to export in Sage 50
  • Click on Excel option
  • Unselect Use Freeze Panes in Copy Report to Excel

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Method 4-Verify the Microsoft Excel Default view for new sheets:

Check the new sheets default view in Excel is “Normal View.”

To check this, here are the steps:

  • Locate Microsoft option located at the top left corner of the Window
  • Click Excel Options
  • Hit on Popular button
  • Locate the section named When Creating New Workbooks
  • Choose Normal View listed in the drop-down which says Default view for new sheets
  • Hit on Ok button

Support Unexpected Error Exporting Excel Sage 50 Pro, Premium , Quantum

That’s all; expectantly, the article about the troubleshooting of Sage 50 Won’t Export To Excel error is understandable for you to proceed for implementation. Don’t worry if you are stuck anywhere; the Sage 50 technical support team is there to resolve all your concerns. Without hesitation, ring at toll-free Sage 50 Support Number . The Sage advisor is there to provide you every possible help. You can use a Sage 50 Live Chat option while working on the same so that you can clear your doubt immediately. Meanwhile, you can send an email with the questions or screenshot of the current state where you are confused or stuck. I assure you will get the best resolution without any delay. The professionals are ready to address your all problems without delay