Sage Email Mapi Error

Sage 50 Email Mapi Error

Sage 50 "Email Mapi Error : An Error Occurred In Sending The Message."


Email MAPI Error Sage 50 While Sending Email or Customer Invoices

Issue Name : SAGE MAPI Error During Emailing
Applicable for Product: Peachtree , SAGE 300, Sage Contractor 100,Sage 50,Sage 50 Accounts,Sage Line 50,Sage 50 Premium,Sage 50 Canada, SAGE 100, SAGE ACT
Description : When user tries to send an email or sending customer invoices via Email, MAPI Email has been occurred and Sage unable to communicate the Email Program So email sends failed.
Errors Messages : "Email MAPI error : An error occurred in sending the message.
"Error 2 MAPI_E_FAILURE" when trying to email
Reports : Not Applicable

Though the benefits are many, you may come across certain technical issues while working with Sage 50, which is a very common phenomenon. One example of such an error is the Emailing Mapi Error Sage 50 .
Sage 50 accounting software has ensured accurate and consistent data processing in organizations. No matter what niche your business operates in, the accounting functions are commonly carried out to manage financial transactions and the proper maintenance of the balance sheet.
For more details on the error and its surrounding aspects, you can connect with AccountsPro Sage Support team who are experts in handling various Sage 50 technical problems.

Major Reasons of Occurence of Sage MAPI Errors

The causes of the error include:.

  • ❒ You may have multiple Outlook versions installed in your system
  • ❒ Your Outlook may be set as Run as Administrator whereas Sage 50 may be set as User. This leads to a conflict between the two settings
Error Message MAPI Error Sage Even user can check Why Sage Unable to Send Email to find out the root causes of such problem. he error message is displayed while you try to email an invoice. The MAPI error appears with a return code. The error message that you receive normally reads “Email MAPI error: An error occurred in sending the message. Return Code 26.”

How to Fix Sage MAPI Error With Return Code

Solution 1: Ensure Windows is updated

  1. ❐ Choose Windows Start
  2. ❐ Select Control Panel
  3. ❐ Click Windows Update
  4. ❐ Check for updates
  5. ❐ You can directly navigate to the Microsoft Update websiteand get the latest updates from there
Solution 2: Make the settings default
  1. ❑ Sign in as administrator
  2. ❑ Go to Windows Start
  3. ❑ Choose Control Panel
  4. ❑ Select Default Programs
  5. ❑ Click Set your default programs
  6. ❑ Also, choose your desirable default e-mail programfrom the list on the left pane
  7. ❑ Choose Set this program as default
  8. ❑ Click OK
  9. ❑ Choose Set program access and computer defaults
  10. ❑ Click Customand get the list through the down arrow on the right pane
  11. ❑ You will get Choose a default e-mail programoption
  12. ❑ Select the suitable program from there
  13. ❑ Restart the email software program
  14. ❑ Restart Sage 50
  15. ❑ Verify the email address being used
  16. ❑ Email the required transaction using the software
Also get in touch with Sage Chat Support Live team if you are going to change Email program in Sage 50 to avoid any issue
Solution 3:  Make sure Add-in for Outlook is all installed
  1. ❒ Close Sage 50 software
  2. ❒ Shut down Outlook
  3. ❒ Reinstall the Sage 50 software
  4. ❒ You will get a message saying “You currently have Sage 50 installed ...”
  5. ❒ Click OKwhen the message is prompted
  6. ❒ Select Add/Remove Program Components
  7. ❒ Click Next
  8. ❒ Clear Add-in for Microsoft Outlookcheckbox
  9. ❒ Click Next
  10. ❒ Repeat the process again but this time tick the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook checkbox to get the feature enabled on the reinstalled version
  11. ❒ Now email the required transaction using the software
Solution 4: Use Windows to send a file
  1. ❏ Right-click on the desktop
  2. ❏ Select Create New
  3. ❏ Choose Text Document
  4. ❏ Right-click on the new document that opens
  5. ❏ Choose Send to
  6. ❏ Select Mail Recipient

Technical Support For Sage E-Mail Send MAPI Error

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