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What is SAGE 50 Cloud Hosting ?

"SAGE 50 is accounting software, which you can host on the Cloud server to access SAGE 50 Data anywhere & anytime. User likes SAGE 50 Cloud based because it's not only make accountant & bookkeeper to work collaboration, but also backup system make the software secure always "

Cloud Based SAGE 50

Peachtree accounting has turn up with a new name known as Sage 50. Sage 50 software provides easy to use accounting program and offers robust accounting solution to SMBs. The software grants access to fifty or least users quenching the business needs of enterprises. Sage 50 also have the great compatibility to its supportive nature a cloud hosting. Sage 50 is potent accounting solution for the different industry that automates businesses and also manages multiple clients that result in productive firms. The application is created in a simple language and follows a simplified flow process enabling easy understanding of the working of the accounting process.

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Cloud Hosting for SAGE 50 to contact our billing / Sales team and discuss your requirement , and get the Customize SAGE50 Hosted Cloud - Shared , Private, Dedicated, Hybrid . Customer can host SAGE 50, SAGE 50 Accountant , SAGE 50 Quantum , SAGE 50 HRMS , SAGE 50 HR with AccountsPro sage and Secure server .

Cloud Hosting For SAGE 50 Software

Anytime Anywhere Access Flexibility
Sage 50 Cloud Hosting gives the flexibility to access the software from anywhere anytime. The simplicity of the software is retained even if the name has changed benefitting the small and medium sized business. The transportation costs are saved as you and your client can open and work on the same file at the same time from anywhere and anytime.

Cheap SAGE 50 Cloud Hosted Server

Saves Time and Money
Sage offers a wide range of software such as: SAGE 50 Pro Accounting, SAGE 50 Complete Accounting, SAGE 50 Premium Accounting, SAGE 50 Quantum Accounting, SAGE 50 Accountant Edition, SAGE 50 Accounting by Industry. The software range is highly compatible with cloud hosting that saves time and money. Experience the super fast performance and high uptime Sage 50 cloud hosting services to save time.

Multiple User SAGE Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosted Sage 50 application will allow you access your company file from anywhere, anytime through stable internet connection. It enables you to work form office, home or even from client location directly. One of the exceptional features is that you can access your company files in multi-user mode. Multiple users can work in the same file form anywhere, anytime.

Assured High Availability

The high availability of Sage 50 would be an inbuilt feature; with most of the ASP (Application Service Provider) you get 100% of availability of your accounting work.

Sage 50 Cloud Solutions

The advent of accounting applications has transformed the business approach ever since the arrival of automated software. It offers a simple interface to the professionals with easy navigation. Business management has become quick and faster with sage 50 accounting application because it is automated solution. Sage 50 cloud hosting and desktop hosting is highly preferred on business needs. Desktop hosting is the traditional approach. Sage 50 cloud hosting is secure and reliable online accounting solution so many firms have moved from desktop to cloud. Desktop is on premise hosting where users have accessibility on the office premises to work in sync while sage 50 cloud is online hence users have freedom to connect the application with a secure internet.

Free Technical Support

The applicant service provider caters 24*7 technical support. There is no downtime to work and look forward to troubleshoot the technical and functional queries by the impeccable IT staff. Go to SAGE 50 Support page for more information

Sage 50 for Accountants

The software application helps the accountants and bookkeepers to support the needs of the clients smoothly. The payroll and accounting tasks can be handled flawless maintain the minimum turnaround time.
Sage 50 offers free application learning to all users or professionals. The users can easily install the 30 day free trial that delivers better understanding of the application and about the features incorporated in it. The trial session of the software provides a better perspective of the accounting process. The product reviews, webinars and tutorials are good medium of acquiring knowledge post trail version . Canadian user can find the best Cloud Solutions for SAGE 50 Software on SAGE Hosting Canada page . .

SAGE 50C Vs SAGE 50 Cloud

Although SAGE Inc provides Cloud enabled SAGE 50 version named as SAGE50C, but its having some limits to use Specially when company managing large chunk of historical data. For Big enterprise Hosted SAGE 50 solutions are best.

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