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Companies have started investing in Cloud hosting rather than web hosting for its reliability and security. With changing times securing such a large amount of sensitive data and files has become imperative for businesses to avoid financial loss. Cloud hosting provides this security and also gives the assurance of never losing your data as even if one local server is down your data is definitely stored in another server as well.

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Top Cloud HostingCloud Hosting Service Providers accords business owners all over the world with this security and assurity. However, different service providers offer different benefits as well as services. So before selecting any particular service provider you should check for following features and whether the quality of service is apt or not:

1.Reliability: Most of the data stored in these cloud servers are critical and sensitive for their companies. The businesses just cannot afford to take the risk of trial and error method with such kind of data at hand. Hence it is advised to be careful while choosing the cloud service provider as they could have a history of frequent cloud outage. This outage could result in delayed quotes, misplacement of documents etc that can have huge impact on the capability as well as image of the business.

2. Availability: Availability and reliability goes hand in hand. While reliability means how many times server outage occurs, availability refers to the length of time it takes to bring the server to full power. Reliability and availability features are used together. For example if a a server informs you that they have 99.9% of reliability/ availability rate they mean that their server outage possibility is 43 min every month. So while looking for a cloud server provider, try to go for one that has highest reliability/ availability percentage.

3. Scalability: This feature of the provider refers to their ability of storing data from away locations. This means the ability to reach the size and location required by the business owners. Keep this point in mind while choosing a service provider as the size and place requirement should be meant so as to avoid unnecessary hassle later on.

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