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QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Software for the Construction Industry

About QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Software

It is quite often that instead of software complying with business needs, it is the business that complies with software requirements. This mostly led to loss and frustration on the part of Business Owners as they were not getting tools and features that would coincide perfectly with that of their business. This is where Intuit saw an opportunity and came up with QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Industry-specific software which is outfitted with basic as well as advanced tools needed to handle requirements of that particular industry. The industry software editions are – Manufacturing and Wholesale, Contractor, Retail, Non-Profit, Construction and Professional Services. For any issue with any of the QuickBooks Enterprise Industry editions, you can call on the QuickBooks Enterprise support number which is generally handled by technical experts of QuickBooks who themselves are Intuit Certified ProAdvisors.

QuickBooks for Contractors Enterprise Version

Accounting software must be employed by a company and business needs of the same match up as much as possible so that the business does not need to compromise in terms of required tools. QuickBooks Enterprise ensures this issue is no longer an issue by offering contractor tools and features under QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition. The software helps to keep track of cash flow and also checks the costs of all items which in return saves money and time for the business. The software is equipped with special features used for complete reporting are inbuilt which helps the business to grow to new heights by keeping restrictions on the costs.

QuickBooks Enterprise for Construction Industry or Company

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor
Contractor Edition QuickBooks Desktop

Accounting software for Construction business can be easiest and most simple where QuickBooks Enterprise’s Contractor Edition is concerned. The software comes with tools that allow the user to pay equal attention to customers, bids, vendors, employees, and estimates. This desktop version helps to take the company up to new heights and brings in increasing profits by keeping a clear picture of the business with the help of tools that systemize journal transactions, and sales orders and offer customized reports that offer a better standing of the business in the market. The software is built with tools required for the systematic functioning of the business financial tasks along with special features that are perfect for writing reports, business summaries, workflow, and charts of accounts. In case you face any issues with the working of the software you can get in touch with technical experts by dialing the QuickBooks customer support number.

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition Features

QuickBooks Contractor includes its industry-specific distinct features such as job costing, item percent complete, and custom billing.

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Intercompany transactions


    Intercompany transactions simplify the management of multiple business entities, providing a more efficient system. Seamlessly establish and monitor relationships between these entities through a unified dashboard. Keep track of transactions by linking them with accounts containing assets and liabilities, and simplify the process of bulk transaction management to reduce manual data entry. Additionally, you have the option to generate intercompany transaction reports, providing valuable insight into the complete transaction history for better visibility and analysis.

  2. Cash flow hub


    Access a unified dashboard for monitoring both incoming and outgoing cash flow. Easily keep tabs on invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, payments, and various financial transactions. Efficiently handle expenses by tracking both paid and forthcoming vendor bills, all while eliminating the need for manual calculations when consolidating multiple reports.

  3. Bill and PO Workflow approvals


    Enhance cash flow management, promote transparency, and bolster fraud prevention through tailored workflows for bill and purchase order approvals. These workflows establish a digital audit trail for every transaction, ensuring accountability. Delegate responsibilities with confidence, while still maintaining oversight. Utilize a single dashboard to efficiently oversee cash flow and monitor bills and purchase orders requiring approval. Employees receive timely reminders to prevent missed approval deadlines. Customize your approval workflows to suit your specific needs, or opt for pre-designed templates to simplify the setup of approval processes tailored to your business requirements.

  4. Job costing


    QuickBooks Enterprise offers the most comprehensive job costing capabilities among all QuickBooks products, specifically tailored for the needs of construction contractors and professional service companies. Precise job costing empowers you to effectively manage costs and maintain control over your cash flow. With this functionality, you can easily identify which jobs are profitable and which are not, enabling you to make timely adjustments to your strategies and prevent potential financial setbacks.

  5. Customized Chart of Accounts


    Gain deeper insights into your business and simplify tax season preparation with the Contractor Chart of Accounts. Make well-informed decisions today and proactively plan for the future by instantly accessing crucial data, such as work in progress, overages and shortages, labor costs, materials, and more.

  6. Estimates


    Transform your estimates into invoices, billing based on service items, percentage of completion, or specified dollar amounts. Easily compare estimates to actuals on a per-job basis, giving you the insights needed to determine what you can invoice immediately.

  7. Work Orders


    Generate work orders directly from your estimates and seamlessly convert them into invoices, ensuring precise and prompt payment.

  8. Change order functionality


    Maintain transparent communication with your clients and efficiently handle change orders. Monitor and emphasize alterations made to existing estimates, and access a comprehensive record of all change orders for each job, including their respective cost impacts.

  9. Flexible Billing Rates

    Allocate varying billing rates to your employees depending on factors such as the nature of the job, task complexity, an employee’s level of expertise, and additional criteria. Streamline the billing process by charging one rate for your foreman and a distinct rate for your workers.

  10. Employee Time Tracking

    Effortlessly monitor working hours, reduce payroll expenses, and efficiently oversee your team while on the move. Access time tracking software suitable for various industries, including construction, landscaping, home healthcare, and more. Whether your business is large or small, discover how QuickBooks Time can contribute to its success.

  11. Task Management

    Ensure you never overlook a deadline or milestone again. Utilize the built-in calendar to schedule to-do tasks, set reminders with due dates, and more. This feature helps minimize errors and ensures your projects stay on course.

Accounting Software for Your Contracting Business

Accounting tasks and business finances of a contractor company can be completed, tracked, and controlled by installing QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition software. Furthermore, users can get an accurate standing of the business in its particular industry without any hassle. If you have questions about QuickBooks or need more details and special instances, you can connect with experts by calling QuickBooks HelpDesk.

Special Construction Accounting Reports

Specialized reports allow users to track cash flow and keep tight control of the costs through its reports which are listed below:

  • Job Status
    This report allows the user to keep an eye on all the tasks and jobs that are going on and track their status
  • Cost-to-Complete
    The percentage of jobs that are complete and the part that is left along with the cost estimate regarding what is used and left can be easily tracked through this report.
  • Expenses Not Assigned to Job
    Track all the expenses that are yet to be attached to any job or costs, thus, getting a clearer picture of cost flow.

Get Help for Intuit QB Enterprise Contractor Version

The Contractor Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise Software comes integrated with features and tools that will easily solve all your contractor industry needs within the stipulated period. In case you end up with any issues, just contact Intuit’s special support for Contractor Software users by dialing the QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number. You can also get in touch with us by calling our proficient technical experts through toll-free number ☎ +1-800-983-3087 and live chat option from our website –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise right for my business?

The suitability of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for your business hinges on factors like size, industry, customization needs, and budget. Designed for mid-sized to large enterprises, it excels in industries such as manufacturing and contracting, offering advanced inventory and job costing features. With more user capacity and data handling capabilities, it’s ideal for businesses with complex requirements. However, it comes at a higher cost and is typically on-premises, so consider your budget and IT setup. Consultation with a QuickBooks expert can help determine if it aligns with your specific needs, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise available in industry-specific editions?

Yes, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers industry-specific editions tailored to various sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, contracting, and non-profit organizations. These specialized editions provide features and tools designed to address the unique needs and challenges of each industry. Users can choose the edition that aligns with their business type, allowing for more customized and efficient accounting and management solutions.

Can I get QuickBooks Enterprise in the cloud?

Yes, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can be hosted in the cloud. Intuit offers a service called “QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting” that allows you to access the software remotely over the internet. This cloud-based option provides the flexibility to work from anywhere while still benefiting from the advanced features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. It’s a suitable choice for businesses looking to combine the power of the software with the convenience of cloud access.

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