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Unable To Print Invoices From QuickBooks – Fix QB Print Issues

Fixing QuickBooks Unable to Print Invoices, PDF Issue

Invoices Printing Error Issue with QuickBooks Desktop?

Every business – big or small needs a technique to handle business accounting tasks. Intuit QuickBooks is an amalgamation of rich features that comprise of competence to create and send customized invoices to clients and vendors. Small businesses of all industries can easily create and send invoices created in QuickBooks via email or snail mail, with provided options of mailing labels and packing slips. The software is capable of printing a single invoice or making a batch of invoices to be printed together.

‘Unable to print invoices from QuickBooks’ is a common error reported by QuickBooks users very frequently.

How To Fix QuickBooks Won’t Print Invoice?

Most Common Errors Reported on Unable to Print Invoices from QuickBooks with Proper Resolutions

Unable to Print Invoices
QB Invoice Printing Error

Can’t Print Invoices Packing Slips In QuickBooks

Error 1: Printing 13.0 Problems Invoices Packing Slips

Solution 1: Rename QBPrint.qbp file of QuickBooks

Printer Not Starting Sending Email Invoice QB

Error 2: While attempting to print the invoice the printer does not start. On emailing the invoice directly to the customer, the invoice allowed view but restricted printing.
Solution 2: The possible reason could be an issue with the template or the PDF file. Below mentioned are the steps to repair the Invoice template:

  1. Click the Lists menu -> then select the Templates option.
  2. Click the Template -> then select New.
  3. Select Invoice -> Template Type window -> Click OK.
  4. Right-click the damaged template -> in the Template List.
  5. Choose the ‘Make Template Inactive’ option.
  6. Select the new template in the Template List.
  7. Then click the ‘Open Form’ option.

QuickBooks Print All But Not Printing Invoice

Error 3: QuickBooks Pro – can’t print invoices or checks but can print all other forms?
Solution 3: Create a fresh QBprint constituent in QuickBooks to resolve the unable to print invoices error. Below are the steps mentioned on how to create a fresh QBprint:

  1. Close the QuickBooks program.
  2. Detect the Qbprint.qbp. For Windows 8, 7 and Vista: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX (20xx refers to the QB version)
  3. Click the Qbprint.qbp file for your version of QuickBooks.
  4. Click on the delete option.
  5. Reopen the QuickBooks software.
  6. Then take a print of an Invoice.

Invoice Printing Permission Denied QuickBooks

Error 4: QuickBooks restricting to print invoices or saving as PDF on PC?
Solution 4: This is a printing issue so use PDF and Printer Repair Tool to fix the problem. If the problem persists report it to the QuickBooks Support Center.

Error 5: Unable to print receipts or invoices from QuickBooks?
Solution 5: Try to log in to your Google Chrome account via Chrome PDF viewer.
Printing PDFs in Chrome using Chrome’s PDF Viewer:

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  2. Take the cursor to the Chrome address bar.
  3. Type in: Chrome: //plugins.
  4. Look at the list of Chrome Plugins.
  5. Set up Chrome PDF Viewer and then exit.

Unable To Print Invoices After MAC Update Install

Error 6: Unable to print invoices after installing OSX10.9
Solution 6: The QuickBooks version may not be supported on the new OS. You need to reinstall your old Operating System or upgrade QuickBooks software.

Blank Page While Print QuickBooks Invoices

Error 7: Unable to print invoices from QuickBooks online. It is printing blank pages and the printer has no issue?
Solution 7: There are two suggestions for this error fixing.

  1. (i) You may opt to try printing from another browser.
  2. ( (ii) Find out if Firefox or Chrome has changed their default PDF viewer for viewing PDFs from Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Follow the steps to turn Adobe back on in Firefox.
    • Click the Firefox tab in the browser window towards the left side upwards.
    • Select Options from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose Options from the menu that appears.
    • Go to the Applications button at the top of the popup window.
    • For the Content-Type, find Portable Document Format (PDF) and set the Action to read – Use Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
    • Click OK
    • Restart Firefox and try printing once again.

Common QuickBooks Unable to Print Invoices Issues

These are some of the QuickBooks Print Issues and Errors you might encounter:-

  1. There is a problem with the selection of the printer, Microsoft XPS Document Writer on the XPS port.
  2. There is no response from the desktop.
  3. The printer is not able to print.
  4. The QuickBooks application is unable to save forms or reports as .pdf files.
  5. QuickBooks application freezes frequently while reconciling accounts.
  6. Errors that are unrecoverable in QuickBooks appear:-
    • 15064 06798
    • 14982 50172
    • 14983 96787
  7. Accounts cannot be reconciled or emailed in PDF format, nor can prints be created.
  8. While trying to create, email, or print a pay stub or payroll report, you receive an error or the QuickBooks application closes.
  9. Error code -20, -30, or -41 when activating QuickBooks PDF Converter.
  10. QuickBooks cannot complete the current action due to a missing component: a Missing PDF file
  11. The Print Driver host cannot run over 32-bit applications.

What Causes Printing Issues in QuickBooks?

The following are some possible reasons for QuickBooks Print Issues/Errors:-

  1. If the printer is turned off, this issue may occur.
  2. The problem may also occur if the paper tray is empty.
  3. The printer is offline or inactive.
  4. The printer was not installed properly.
  5. If the default printer changes.
  6. The user is not logged in as the system administrator.
  7. The QuickBooks application was reinstalled incorrectly.

Solutions to QuickBooks Unable to Print Invoices

Be sure that the issue is with QuickBooks unable to print invoices, not your computer, before continuing with the troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: The first step is to verify that the printer is working

  1. You can check the printer’s functionality outside of QuickBooks by using Notepad.
  2. Look for the ‘Notepad’ icon under the “Start” icon.
  3. Select the “File” option and then select “Print” after typing some text into the ‘Notepad’.
  4. Click on the “Print” tab after selecting the right printer.

Solution 2: If things don’t go well, try this step…

In case the printer test does not go well, restart the computer by following the instructions below. If the printer test goes well, simply move on to step 3.

  1. You will need to shut down or turn off the printer and restart the associated system. Later, you will need to turn the printer back on.
  2. Make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the printer.
  3. To access the “Printers and Faxes” tab, click the “Control Panel” tab under the “Windows” or “Start” button.
  4. Whenever the printer is offline, press the ‘printer’ icon & choose “Use Printer Online.”
  5. When you press the ‘Printer’ option, you will find any jobs in the queue!
  6. Hit the “Printer” tab and then the “Cancel All Documents” tab.
  7. Close the windows.
  8. You can print a test page by right-clicking on the printer, selecting the “Properties” tab, and then clicking on the “Print Test Page” button.

Note: If the printer is assumed to be a network printer and the test page doesn’t print, this can cause a network problem.

Try the steps below if the problem persists and the printer still doesn’t work:-

  1. Please verify that you are using the latest printer driver by visiting the manufacturer’s official website and downloading and installing it.
  2. Verify that the printer does not display any error lights.
  3. You must refer to the printer documents provided by the manufacturer for any kind of printer information. The information could include:
    • Error indications on the printer.
    • Issues with printing the test page.
    • Notepad printing issues.

Solution 3: Run the PDF Repair tool and rename the QuickBooks file

The Repair Tool should be run as follows:

If you can print via notepad, you must run the QB Print and PDF Repair Tool. It will resolve all the common printing problems and then try printing again.

Here is the link to the QuickBooks PDF Repair tool

The QuickBooks file should be renamed as follows:

You should manually change the name of the QBPrint.QBP file if you encounter that the QB Repair Tool isn’t working.

  1. Locate the QBPrint.qbp file.
    • Go to the folder => C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx (20xx represents the QuickBooks version) on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista.
    • Server 2008 & Server 2012: Go to the folder => C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks YEAR and C:\Users\**remote user**\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\ YEAR VERSION\TSPrinterSettings
  2. Note: You may need to find hidden file(s) & folder(s) in certain circumstances. In such cases, choose ‘Windows’ and search for these files & folders.
  3. Choose the “Rename” option after right-clicking the QBprint.qbp file.
  4. As a file name suffix, use ‘old’ for example – QBPrint.qbp.old
  5. QuickBooks should be opened/accessed.
  6. Choose the “Printer Setup” tab from the “File” menu.
  7. Using the ‘Form Name’ list, choose any of the transactions and click on the “OK” icon. This will create a new QBprint.qbp file.

Solution 4: Make sure the printer is the correct one

  1. The possibility exists that you might select the wrong printer. To ensure that you select the right printer, follow these steps:-
    • Choose the “File” tab in QuickBooks, then “Printer Setup”.
    • Try printing the desired form after selecting it.
    • If the printer name doesn’t match the one you’re using now, then you need to go to the “Printer Setup” option on your computer and correct it.
    • More details about the settings can be found in the “Help” section.
  2. From the Printer Setup, select a different printer.
    • Select the “File” menu => “Printer Setup”.
    • Select the form you wish to print.
    • From the drop-down menu, select a different printer.
    • More information about the settings can be found in the “Help” section.
  3. Try printing a different form or, if you have customized or memorized reports, try a standard form or report.
  4. When printing a batch of forms in QuickBooks, try printing one form first. If it works, try printing smaller batches.
  5. Try printing the same type of form or report from one of the QuickBooks sample company files. If it works, use fix data damage on your company file to repair any data damage, then try printing again.
  6. Reinstall QuickBooks for Windows using a clean installation if the problem persists.

Technical Support Invoices Printing Error QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

*** Steps may differ slightly depending on your QuickBooks version. Like if you have QB Enterprise edition call the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team

If the possible resolution for the variety of errors mentioned above still persists even after following the steps provided above, you can opt for third-party assistance from reliable QuickBooks support agencies. Accountspro is one such trustworthy agency that follows a smooth and streamlined approach to handle the QuickBooks errors faced by small business owners. The support team accords excellent assistance for all QuickBooks versions: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 on Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT, you are accorded feasible support.
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Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

How do print invoices in QuickBooks?

An invoice is a document sent to a customer to request payment for a service or product. In QuickBooks, you can create and print an invoice by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab and click “Create Invoice“.
  2. Select the customer for whom the invoice is being created.
  3. Enter the items and services being billed, along with the quantity and unit price.
  4. Add any additional fees or discounts, if applicable.
  5. Enter the payment terms, such as when the payment is due and any late fees associated with the invoice.
  6. Enter any additional notes or comments related to the invoice.
  7. Review the invoice and click “Save and Close“.
  8. Go to the Reports tab and select “Print Invoices“.
  9. Select the invoices you would like to print and click “Print“.

How to print a list of invoices in QuickBooks Desktop?

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can print a list of invoices by going to the Reports menu and selecting the Invoice Listing report. You can customize the report to include the information you need. You can also print a single invoice by opening the invoice and selecting Print from the File menu.

How to print an invoice in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, you can print an invoice in several ways.

  1. From the Invoices page:
    • Go to the Invoices page.
    • Select the invoice you want to print.
    • Click the Print icon at the top of the page.
    • Select the printer you want to use and click Print.
  2. From the Sales page:
    • Go to the Sales page.
    • Select the invoice you want to print.
    • Click the Print icon at the top of the page.
    • Select the printer you want to use and click Print.
  3. From the Customer Center:
    • Go to the Customer Center.
    • Select the invoice you want to print.
    • Click the Print icon at the top of the page.
    • Select the printer you want to use and click Print.

What is the list of QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems that users can encounter?

✅ Not able to print using the printer
✅ QuickBooks Unrecoverable error
✅ There is a problem in selecting the printer or MS XPS Document Writer on the XPS Port
✅ QuickBooks Desktop software freezes
✅ The driver or printer is not able to run over 32-bit application
✅ QuickBooks PDF converter activation error code displays on your screen
✅ QuickBooks software is not able to save the reports or forms as a PDF
✅ Your desktop stops responding to the inputs.

How to check for the printer’s latest driver to fix QuickBooks invoice printing problems?

To check that you are using the latest printer driver here are the following steps:-

✅ Go to the official website of the manufacturer
✅ Then download and install the later version of the Printer’s driver
✅ Check for the error lights that must not be there on the printer
✅ For information about your printer, check the documents that you get from the company or manufacturer
✅ After that, you have to check if any latest update then does it and you are done.

How can I verify that my printer is functioning well and if there are any other QuickBooks invoice printing problems?

To verify the functioning of the printer the steps are as follows:-

✅ Go to the Start menu button
✅ Then search for the Notepad and press Enter button to open it
✅ The Notepad opens up on your system
✅ After that go to the File menu then click on the Print option or you can press the Ctrl + P buttons from the keyboard to give the print command
✅ Select the printer that you are testing
✅ Then click on the Print button
✅ If it is functioning well then it prints the document properly without any issues or problems.

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