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Upgrade Old QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks 2024 (Old Versions)

upgrade quickbooks 2024

In the world of business, it is very important to have a managed working process. For this, one needs to initiate themselves with accounting software which will help create some management in the work. QuickBooks is one of the most famous and user-friendly accounting software. It is suitable for all business sizes. However, there are different QuickBooks versions available according to the size of your business. In this blog, we’ll provide a step-by-step upgrade process for QuickBooks 2024.

Benefits of upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Moving to an upgraded version will provide you with a lot of benefits which will later make your business efficient. Whether it is improved security, better functions, and access to all the small benefits that QuickBooks has to offer. With upgrading, you can add a lot more enhancement and flexibility to your business.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

  • Improved Security: To guarantee the highest level of data protection, Intuit eventually added 256-bit encrypted security measures to its software. It implies that even if it is intercepted by unauthorized parties, your data is safe. It is the safest encryption method in which the encrypted data has a 256-bit key, making it nearly difficult for a hacker to decrypt the data without trying 2256 key combinations.
  • More Integrations: Among the many new automation tools in QuickBooks 2024 is the capacity to automatically send invoices and reconcile accounts. It can lower your chance of making mistakes and save you time.
  • Enhanced User Interface Features: The user interface of QuickBooks 2024 has been updated with a new appearance and feel. It facilitates easier navigation and use of the software. Additionally, you can customize the new user interface to suit your needs better.
  • Efficient Performance: Several other new features and improvements are included in QuickBooks Desktop 2024 in addition to the major new features mentioned above. For instance, QuickBooks Desktop has built-in budget creation and management capabilities. You are also able to monitor the environmental effect of your business by using the new carbon footprint tracking option.

What are the steps involved in upgrading to QuickBooks 2024?

The QuickBooks Desktop 2024 pro edition will prompt you to upload your company file from the backend whenever you launch it. See the following steps for additional details:

  • Prepare for upgrade
    Preparations should be made before we move on to the process of upgrading. Ensure that you check all the relevant information Set up the upgrading process during a time when there is a low activity period. This will allow you to have sufficient time for the process. Properly explain the plan to your employees and provide them with the necessary training that is involved.
  • Backup Your Data
    In any upgrading process, your data is the top priority to protect your business. This is why it is always advised to keep a comprehensive backup of your accounting data. In case of any mishap, your data will be safe and can be restored.
  • Review your System Requirements
    QuickBooks 2024 is an advanced version of QuickBooks. Certain requirements need to be maintained. So before you start with the process of upgrading, make sure that your system meets the requirements. In case you’re not able to stick to those requirements, there might be some compatibility issues.
  • Obtaining QuickBooks Desktop 2024
    To upgrade your QuickBooks to the 2024 version, you need to obtain files. To do this, you can download the software from the official Intuit website or purchase it from an authorized reseller. Ensure that the version you’re downloading is correct and matches your current license of QuickBooks 2023.
  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop 2023
    To avoid conflicts between the new and old versions of QuickBooks, it is really important to uninstall QuickBooks 2023. With the help of the control panel of your system, uninstall the QuickBooks version 2023. While uninstalling, you’ll be asked to keep or remove the company files. Choose to remove them.
  • Installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024
    Now that you’ve finished with the uninstallation process of QuickBooks Desktop 2023, begin installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024. Follow all the on-screen steps to install the new version of QuickBooks.
  • Restoring Your Data
    After installing QuickBooks 2024, restore all your backup data. There is a built-in process available in QuickBooks, follow that and complete your restoration process.
  • Verify Data Accuracy
    Now verify all the data that you have managed to restore and check if it is accurate. Run various test drives to check if it is accurate or not.
  • Training Process
    The entire process of transitioning your data requires efficiency. So to ensure your data gets migrated in the best way possible, you need to ensure a training team. Training would be beneficial for smooth transitions of your programs. Ensuring your team’s efficiency will bring growth into your business.
  • Finalize The Upgrade
    Now that everything is ready you may run your QuickBooks software for a month to see if there are any problems. With the instruction manual, you can get any information that was not able to be retrieved in the process. Moreover, you can enable ongoing monthly or quarterly closing services to help you stay on target.

Upgrading Process for QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise Versions

The current QuickBooks brings a lot of new roles and strengths. This is common to all updated versions. This enhancement will be useful for both the auditor and the user as it adds many new features. You can visit their website for more information.

Has your QuickBooks been updated?

The user needs to check if the update applies to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 or not. The steps are:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press F2 with Ctrl+1 on the product information screen.
  • Check for any outstanding issues.
  • Making sure the QuickBooks shows up in the 2024 block is a finishing step.

Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop Subscription

If there is a new version of QuickBooks, it will notify you when you open it. You can easily stay up to date with us. You should be mindful, though, that the update can take some time. The amount of documentation your business has and your internet speed will both affect this.

  • To proceed, select Upgrade Now.
  • If you would like to maintain your current version of QuickBooks, click the old version on my computer.
  • Choose “Let’s go next.” The most recent version of QuickBooks is available for download, installation, and activation. The file for your business has been updated.
  • Click the Open QuickBooks button after the update is complete.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop without a Subscription

It indicates that you have only ever purchased QuickBooks once if you do not receive a notification to update. To advance, use the straightforward update tool. This is how you do it:

  • Under Help, select Upgrade QuickBooks.
  • You must click Upgrade Now after selecting the version you wish to update to.
  • The most recent version of QuickBooks is available. To accomplish this, select “Let’s go” and then “Keep an older version on my computer.”
  • For you, we download, install, and activate the most recent version of QuickBooks. The business files are modified.

Upgrade via the Discovery Hub

  • Click update to QuickBooks 2024, click Open the Discovery Hub, select Upgrade now, and then proceed with the update.
  • Select Keep earlier version on my machine if you want both. Otherwise, leave it empty.
  • After you’re finished, select Open QuickBooks.

When the Upgrade Tool Can’t find my QuickBooks Desktop Purchase

You will be required to provide your QuickBooks licensing information if you are not offered the option to select a different version of the software. When you purchase QuickBooks using an email address that is different from your QuickBooks Desktop account, this occurs. Take this action:

  • Locate the email that verifies you bought QuickBooks.
  • After entering the Product and License numbers, click Proceed. This will complete the modification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Moving to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Beneficial?

Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 to reap several advantages. With additional features like automated receipt collection and improved reporting, it can assist you in handling accounting more quickly and effectively. Updates ensure that the program is safe and up to date.
Additionally, QuickBooks 2024 offers excellent customer support and expert assistance to quickly resolve problems. QuickBooks Desktop 2024 streamlines financial administration while saving time and money.

Is the Upgradation Process Simple?

Upgrades to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 are typically easy. Users have the option of automated or manual updates. Review system requirements and make a copy of your company file before upgrading. When it comes to upgrades, QuickBooks customer service can help. Users update without difficulty.

Are the QuickBooks Desktop 2023 version services working in the UK?

No, the QuickBooks Desktop 2023 version services are not available in the UK anymore; however, it is still available in the USA and Canada. Intuit has decided to discontinue all QuickBooks Desktop services for our UK customers on 30 June 2023.

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