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Benefits and advantages of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting is one of the most sought after technology that has changed the way we store and protect our confidential data. With cloud hosting you get tighter security, more space & resources, improved reliability and much more. Some of the key features accorded by cloud hosting are:

Virtual: Being virtual is a distinct advantage provided by cloud hosting. Through this attribute you get a virtual version of your data and applications which you can move around in the cloud without the fear of data leakage between your data center and clouds.

Secure: Storing data over server through cloud hosting is much more secure than storing it on your local hard disk. As the cloud is made up of millions and millions of servers if for some reason your local server goes down your data is still secured as it must be also saved in some other server.

Scalable: This feature of cloud refers to its ability to scale that helps in keeping stability even at a time of rise in demand. You can also refer scalability of cloud as cloud elasticity.

Affordable: Acquiring cloud hosting services might be a little expensive to begin with but with its impeccable services and features it becomes quite affordable in the end. Data security and easy accessibility makes every penny spent on the package worth it.

Open Cloud: Open source or independent community that is set on open and unrestricted standards that are hindered by restrictions of IP or patents. It helps to set up infrastructure as per your need and requirement along with offering easy and secured portability across the cloud.

On Demand: The user of cloud hosting has the advantage of accessing server time and network usage as per their requirement and needs. They do not need to ask for permission from your service provider or any manual input and human interaction.

Private Cloud: Private cloud is that type of cloud hosting wherein the server is used by one company only. In this type of cloud hosting, the user gets the advantage of more security, resources, space and better control over the servers.

Critical Cloud:

Reliable & Customizable: With cloud system you have the option of customizing resources as per your need and requirement. You can control and optimize resources and monitor as well as control without needing to contact the service provider. It is also more reliable than your local storage like hard disk.

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