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Usually small business owners choose to employ accounting software in their business that assists them with maintaining their financial records. The main purpose of the computerized software is automates many calculations and increases the quality and accuracy. SAGE software is one of the popular choices among the business owners that have enhanced the business with significant growth and profits. The strong features incorporated in the software have result in the wide acceptance of the software across the globe.

Major Features of SAGE Accounting Software

SAGE Software FeaturesAudit Trail Support: The accounting software involves the audit trial it creates for each transaction. Each and every transaction entered creates a record of the entry. The recording of each transaction creates an audit trial. The audit trail permits the business owner to review past transactions to see the activity that occurred in a particular account. The audit trail support feature helps the business owners when reviewing customer transactions or preparing for income tax filing.

Simple and Easy to Use: Another important feature is user friendliness of the software. There are many business owners who lack technical expertise. A software that is simple to handle and easy to use motivates business owners to use it. The entire process of entering transaction is easy like a child’s play. The simplicity of the software initiates the business owners to continue using the program and gain the full benefit of the software. Compare Sage 50 with QuickBooks Enterprise to know real difference.

Credit Card Processing: Sage products allow users to process credit card and debit charges directly through the product. An account is required and once confirmed you can process credit card and debt transactions directly through the SAGE accounting software.

Estimates and Invoices:
There is no one-size-fits-all invoice or estimate for every type of business. SAGE software has customizable forms that help you to add your logo, select between service or product invoice types and customize the columns and fields you want to appear on your invoice and estimates. Invoices and estimates can be customized with fields for special messages to customers such as disclaimers or expiration dates on estimates.

Customer Service
SAGE accounting software comes with prompt and responsive customer service support through email, online chat and over the toll free telephone number. Small businesses can sign up for auto-renewal services so that their software is automatically updated and their licenses are renewed without any hiccups in the process. This makes business run smoothly.
SAGE software is created for both personal and business accounting purposes. The small business owners need to purchase the different versions of accounting program according to their requirements. They differ in cost and features as well. They also vary in the number of users that can use the software. The accounting tool you use for your business can affect the overall performance and financial accuracy.

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