Sage 50 Direct Deposit Setup
Sage 50 Direct Deposit Setup

Guide to Setting up Sage 50 Direct Deposit

The exact meaning of “Direct Deposit” is a method of paying your employees by depositing their paychecks directly into their bank accounts. By using the direct deposit feature you save the time and money spent in printing paper checks. It also curtails the time that the employees spend going to the bank to cash paychecks.
The Sage 50 direct deposit feature is very beneficial for the employer as it saves lot of quality time that can be used to plan new strategies for the business. If you want to set up the Sage 50 direct deposit feature and having some queries related to that you can contact Sage 50 Technical Support.

How do I get started with direct deposit in SAGE 50 ?

Step 1
Enable Sage 50 Direct Deposit Sign up for Sage 50 Direct Deposit by
▢ Call to Sage Help line number (toll free)
▢ Once you sign up you receive your authorization code
▢ Enter this code in Sage 50
▢ Go to the System navigation area
▢ Click Edit Company Information Now.
▢ Click the arrow for Direct Deposit.
▢ Enter your code and click OK
Step 2
Enter banking information in Sage 50
▯ Click the arrow for Direct Deposit
▯ Enter your company banking information (routing and account number).
▯ Choose your Cash Account and Fee Expense Account that you want your fees and transactions to post to
Step 3
Set up employee information
Go to Employees & Payroll -> Employees -> View and Edit Employees -> Click the employee’s name. Enter their banking information on the Direct Deposit tab.

User can also boost their direct deposit payments by using SAGE 50 Cloud Hosting, So company bookkeeper or your company accounts can work for employee salary calculation and tax deduction anytime. Explore more contact SAGE Support Now.

Step 4
Sync and approve pre-notes
▣ Sync all of your company and employee bank information (pre-notes) for approval
▣ Use the WebSync Wizard to you can ready to pay your employees
To sync pre-notes:
◉ Select Services -> WebSync Wizard.
◉ Enter your logon credentials for Sage 50 Direct Deposit (authorization code)
◉ Click Next through the wizard and click Finish.
Check for pre-note Approval
◉ Need to wait after syncing your pre-notes.
◉ Open the WebSync Wizard and proceed until you get to the Finish window.
◉ Go to Maintain Employees & Sales Reps -> Direct Deposit tab. The status in the Pre-Note column should show Approved. Also the Employee uses direct deposit check box is now enabled.
Step 5
Start paying your employees.
You can easily sync your first direct deposit payroll. The deposit date is determined by the check date. If you’re paying a single direct deposit employee:
⚪ Go to Tasks -> Payroll Entry
⚪ For paying multiple employees go to Tasks -> Select for Payroll Entry
⚪ Save and post the checks
⚪ Open the WebSync Wizard to process the direct deposit transactions.
⚪ Enter your logon credentials (enter your PIN) and click Finish.

Troubleshooting SAGE 50 Direct Deposit Errors & Problem

Accountspro is Sage Consulting agency that caters best support services and assistance for all the queries and errors Sage 50 software. Here you can grab the Sage Cloud Hosting benefits for the better performance of your business. Immediately report all the Sage related errors and get quick and responsive support.

Call Now ☎ +1-800-474-0179 to get help for SAGE 50 Direct Deposit related issues and problem fixing . Below are common issues and problems

  • SAGE 50 Direct Deposit Error code 26
  • Error: “This Sage 50 Accounting company is not associated with the Direct Deposit company you have selected.”
  • SAGE 50 Direct Deposit Synchronization Error
  • Sync failed During Direct Deposit SAGE 50
  • “The Syncing of your Direct deposit has failed”
  • Unable to generate EFT Direct file directly in Sage 50
  • Direct Deposit service Not Activated SAGE 50

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  • Karen Grant

    We currently use Sage 50 Pro Accounting in Canada. I would like to set up direct deposit for payroll. 2021.1.1,I looked into this last fall but wasn’t receiving enough information to move forward. I was told I need to register with Bambora., I am currently waiting for a meeting to start, so don’t have time to speak on the phone at the moment. I will have to call later. Can you provide me with a contact number?

  • Mesais Johnson

    How long does it take a direct deposit prenote to be approved? using Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021,I know the steps…I am just wondering how long it will take for approval.,.do I just continue to sync until it is approved, or do I need to restart my computer?

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