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Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting is a part cloud hosting that is separate and much more secure than the public cloud hosting. In private cloud hosting only specific clients and businesses store their data in the cloud hosting area. This provides much more security and flexibility to the businesses as they can customize setting of the server as per their convenience and also have access to much more space. Different service providers offer different type of services because of which prices of all the service providers vary from each other.

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Public Cloud Hosting is much cheaper than private. However, many large organizations prefer private cloud hosting for following reasons:

• Higher level of Security & Privacy: Special features like restricted access from behind the businesses firewall, dedicated leased lines, internal hosting on the site etc accords much better security to the business as when compared to public cloud hosting. These add-ons also offers assurance that all the operational activities are safe and secure from unauthorized prying eyes.

• Better & Tighter Control: Although private cloud hosting is much more expensive than public cloud hosting, many companies still prefer to go for private as it provides a better option of control. In private cloud hosting only one business is occupying the space this helps to tailor and customize the settings as per the convenience and requirement of the business.

• Efficiency: By opting for private cloud hosting companies have the opportunity of dividing the space and resources. This helps in increasing the efficiency of department and individuals as they can directly respond to the demands and as per their convenience. This is one of the reasons why organizations opt for this type of cloud hosting despite of it being more expensive than the public cloud hosting. Another reason is that they minimize the need for investment in many resources and also decreases the businesses carbon footprint.

• Cloud Bursting: With changing times new and advanced features are also coming up that further eases the full burden of the business. Some private cloud hosting service providers also offer the option of cloud bursting. In this option users can turn some non confidential functions to public cloud hosting. This not only saves money and frees up space but also maximizes efficiency. This mixing of private and public cloud hosting can also by hybrid cloud hosting.

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