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QuickBooks Com Error

quickbooks com error

Com Error in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise, Payroll, Nonprofit

What Is QuickBooks COM Error?

Here we will discuss the most effective methods to resolve QuickBooks Crash COM error. But before reaching a solution, let’s take a look at the error and what are the reasons behind it.

QuickBooks Crash Com error is a harmless error that can prevent you from sending statements, invoices, emails, receipts, and any documents. This may also destroy your unsaved data. This error is usually caused by an issue with the QuickBooks software or your PC’s operating system.

If you experience the QuickBooks Crash Com error, you may lose unsaved information or company data. In some cases, your company file may be damaged by this error.

Multiple users have reported dreaded COM error which has been plaguing various QuickBooks Desktop products like Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. When this type of error pops up, QuickBooks crashes down without saving the work that has been performed. The QuickBooks COM error usually happens when the user is trying to go into transactions (PO, SO, Vendor Invoice, sending forms, trying to print reports, after Windows update ) or when the user is using the email systems of QuickBooks inside it. This type of issue happens when Outlook on the user’s PC is a “Click-to-Run” version which can be checked with Outlook.

Causes of QuickBooks Crash Com Error

QuickBooks crashing is a common issue that can be caused by numerous factors. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Synchronization issues with Windows or other components: This can happen if there are problems with the way QuickBooks interacts with other programs or Windows itself.
  • Damaged or missing Windows and MS Office components: This can happen if your operating system or Office suite is not up to date, or if there are corrupted files.
  • Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks: This can happen if QuickBooks is not installed accurately or if files are missing or corrupt.
  • Deleting important QB-related files accidentally: This can happen if you delete a file that QuickBooks needs to function properly.
  • Firewall or antivirus interfering with QuickBooks: Some firewalls and antivirus programs can interfere with the way QuickBooks communicates with other programs.
  • Virus or malware infection: A virus or malware infection can damage QuickBooks files or prevent QuickBooks from running properly.
  • Damaged Windows: A damaged Windows installation can also cause QuickBooks to crash.
  • Missing QuickBooks or Windows components: This can happen if there are missing or corrupt files that QuickBooks needs to function properly.
  • QuickBooks failing to connect to email service or client: This can happen if the email settings in QuickBooks are incorrect or if the email server is not available.

If you are experiencing QuickBooks crashing errors, the first step is to try to identify the cause. You can do this by reviewing the error message that occurs when QuickBooks crashes, or by looking at Windows Event Viewer. Once you specify the reason, you can take action to resolve it.

If you are unable to fix the QuickBooks crashing errors yourself, you can contact QuickBooks proadvisor support for help.

When Does the QuickBooks Crash Com Error Occur?

The QuickBooks crash com error is not limited to any one situation; So we have listed all the possible instances during which the QuickBooks Enterprise Crashes COM error may occur:

  • When opening or emailing invoices
  • When trying to attach a file
  • When saving a document
  • When opening the check register
  • When opening a report

Steps to fix Crash: Com error in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

When opening, working with, or sending forms in QuickBooks, you might encounter the following error message: “Crash: Com Error.” There’s no need to panic, as we’re here to assist you. Please attempt these solutions sequentially. If the error persists, proceed to the next one.

Step 1: Update Microsoft Outlook

To update Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click the File tab.
  • In the left pane, select Office Account.
  • Under Product Information, click Update Options.
  • Select Update Now.

Outlook will check for updates and install the latest updates.

Below are some more things to keep in mind:

  • In case you don’t catch the Update Now option, you may be required to enable automatic updates. To do this, follow the below steps:
    • Tap on the File Tab
    • In the left pane, select Account.
    • Under Account Settings, select Automatic Updates.
    • Choose Yes, and stay updated with the QuickBooks latest updates.
  • If you’re using a work or school account, you may be required to contact your IT administrator to get the latest updates for Outlook.

Step 2: Configure Microsoft Outlook as your primary email application

  • Navigate to the Control Panel and access the Programs section.
  • Choose Default Programs.
  • Opt for “Set your default programs,” and then click on Mail.
  • From the list of options, select Outlook.

Step 3: Add an email account to Microsoft Outlook

Here’s how to add an email account to Microsoft Outlook:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and access the “File” tab.
  • Click “Info“, then choose “Add Account” to begin the setup process.
  • Fill the email address you want to add, and then click “Next.”
  • Allow Microsoft Outlook a moment to automatically identify the server, and then click “Connect.”
  • Fill in the password linked with the email address and press the “Enter button“.
  • To finalize the setup, click “OK.”

If QuickBooks cannot detect Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps to check if it’s among the available email options:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Navigate to the “Edit” menu, and then choose “Preferences.”
  • Select “Send Forms.”
  • Click on “My Preferences.”

Note: If you don’t look at Microsoft Outlook as an option, you may be required to restart your system and repair QuickBooks. Additionally, creating a new Windows user profile may be necessary.

Step 4: Toggle mail settings

Adjust email settings as follows:

  • Open the Control Panel, then navigate to User Accounts.
  • Click on “Mail,” and choose “Microsoft Outlook.”
  • Under the “Profile” section, click “Show Profile.”
  • Select “Outlook.”
  • If “Always use this profile” is already chosen, switch to “Prompt for a profile to be used,” then click “Apply.”
  • Now, select “Always use this profile.”
  • Click “Apply,” and then confirm with “OK.”

Step 5: Create a new Microsoft Outlook email profile

To establish a fresh Microsoft Outlook email profile, adhere to these steps:

  • Close Microsoft Outlook.
  • Access the Control Panel and proceed to User Accounts.
  • Click on “Mail.”
  • Within the Mail Setup window, choose “Show Profiles,” then click “Add.”
  • In the “Profile Name” field, input the desired name.
  • Click “OK.”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to add your email account.
  • Select “Apply,” and confirm with “OK.”

Note: This process does not remove the existing Outlook Profile.

Step 6: Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode

Enable compatibility mode for QuickBooks by following the below steps:

  • Right-click the QuickBooks icon on your computer desktop screen and choose “Properties.”
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Check the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode.”
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Windows 10.”
  • Also, Mark the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox.
  • Click “Apply,” and then confirm with “OK.”

Step 7: Create a Windows Admin User

  • Generate a Windows user account with administrative rights.
  • Sign in to Windows using the newly created user credentials.
  • Open QuickBooks again.

How to Resolve/FIX QuickBooks COM Error?

Various solutions to get rid of such QuickBooks Com Error crashes are as follows:

Method # 1:

This problem can be fixed by running “Windows Repair” to fix the QuickBooks com error or updating QuickBooks to the most recent maintenance release for solutions.

  • Windows removal of the QuickBooks application
  • Download the QuickBooks “ Clean Install” utility
  • Run the “ Clean Install Utility” followed by selecting the pro/premier or enterprise solutions with versions of QuickBooks Desktop
  • A complete reinstallation of QuickBooks to resolve COM errors.

Creating a new Windows user on the computer experiencing the COM Error within QuickBooks is the best solution for this type of method. COM errors are often linked with some form of corruption that’s created within the “Windows User” account, regardless of the type/level of Windows users. However, if you still need support regarding any issues, our QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support team will help you.

Method # 2:

This type of method is used for fixing QuickBooks COM errors for Windows 7, and QuickBooks 2016 versions where users need to set up Outlook as the default mail app.

  • First, go to the control panel and select the option mail.
  • Then select the option Microsoft Outlook.
  • In the Mail Setup window select the option “Show Profile”
  • If the radio button is already selected on the option “Always use this profile”, choose “ Prompt for a Profile” to be used as default and then click on the Apply button.
  • Toggle the selection back to “ Always use this profile” click on Apply and then click on the OK button.

Method # 3:

In this method of fixing the QuickBooks Com Error, the user needs to Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode.

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your PC and then select Run QuickBooks in “Compatibility mode”.
  • Select Compatibility and from this section check the box “ Run this program in compatibility mode” for (type of windows).
  • From the drop-down options, select the option “ Windows 7”.
  • Go to the Privilege level section, and put a check on “Run this program as an administrator”.
  • Go to option “ Apply” and then click on “OK”

In case of any further assistance on the issue, kindly take the help of our QuickBooks Support Number for step-wise directions.

Com Crash Troubleshooting in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Com Error crashes usually create a lot of problems for the users; especially in QuickBooks as it is a specialized accounting software and it contains important financial data such as invoices and account statements on which the business of any organization runs. We have so far mentioned a few QuickBooks COM error crashes and various solutions to get rid of such crashes which will be quite helpful to QuickBooks users. Most Common Situation When Crash/Com Error Occurs in Intuit QB.

  • Sending E-Mail
  • Creating Invoices
  • Entering Bills
  • Paying Bills
  • Running Payroll
  • Sending Forms

These are some common errors of QuickBooks Enterprise and their solutions, If you are still facing any problems or unable to understand the process and need any further information related to QuickBooks products and services, please contact our QuickBooks Technical support experts for instant support from Anywhere and Any time on the toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the COM error in QuickBooks desktop?

To fix COM errors in QuickBooks Desktop: Restart QB, run as admin, update QB, repair installation, recreate TLG/ND files, check system requirements, reinstall QB if needed, or contact support.

What does QuickBooks COM error mean?

QuickBooks COM error stands for Component Object Model error. It indicates a problem with communication between software components. It often occurs due to issues with permissions, corrupted files, or conflicts between programs.

What causes QuickBooks to crash?

QuickBooks can crash due to various reasons like software glitches, corrupted company files, insufficient system resources, conflicting programs, or outdated software versions. Regular updates, system maintenance, and troubleshooting can help prevent crashes.

How to Fix Crash COM Error in QuickBooks for Windows?

To fix a COM error causing QuickBooks to crash on Windows, try restarting QB, running as admin, updating QB, repairing the installation, recreating TLG/ND files, checking system requirements, reinstalling QB if needed, or contacting support for further assistance.

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