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QuickBooks Email Setup with Webmail, Outlook, Gmail

QuickBooks Enterprise Email Setup

QuickBooks enables users to set up email service on QuickBooks Enterprise. If the QuickBooks Enterprise Email Setup service is already set up, it can be accessed to send invoices to your respective clients, send and get reports, and conduct other transactions too from your QuickBooks Desktop via webmail ID or Outlook. This extra feature makes the QuickBooks accounting software vital for small and mid-sized companies.

In case you have not used the QuickBooks feature or you are experiencing any problems in setting up email in QuickBooks Enterprise, then this article will guide you. In today’s article, we will enlighten you on how to set up email service in QuickBooks, and also resolve some common email service errors. Keep reading this article to learn how to set up QuickBooks enterprise email service.

What are the Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Email Setup Service?

QuickBooks is laced with features and these particular features make it suitable for businesses to conduct their everyday activities. Not to mention, the email service feature can be a huge help to the users. It can assist the users in the following ways.

Before that, here are the benefits of sending emails directly from QuickBooks:

  • A crucial plus point of this particular feature is that it enables the user to send payment notifications to clients by emailing the particular invoices
  • This particular feature serves as a tracking and storage device for the vendor’s and clients’ contact information. With the help of this particular feature, it is possible to make a list of the products and send them to the respective vendors in a more efficient way.
  • It is possible to email invoices whenever the client needs the software directly
  • It further assists in importing crucial data from spreadsheets
  • This feature, in totality, increases the efficiency and seamless functioning of the business

What is the Purpose of Setting up Email in QuickBooks?

If you want to set up Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, then you may need the following details:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Incoming email server address
  • Outgoing email server address
  • Incoming email server type

What are the Email Options Available in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks enables the use of restricted email services. There can be scenarios where you may not be able to find the options for a specific email at QuickBooks Enterprise for any reason. One of the key reasons can be a new version other than the ones shared below.

Here are the three common options available at present:

  • QuickBooks Email – This is one of the options of QuickBooks, however, it has not garnered popularity among the QuickBooks users.
  • Outlook – If you have Microsoft saved in your system, then just get Outlook support. Also, it is important to note that Outlook is a recommended email client and it provides a more effective hold seamlessly
  • Webmail – Another key option present is the Webmail feature. It was launched in 2011 to connect with Yahoo, Gmail, or any other email platform

How to set up Outlook for Email in QuickBooks?

A majority of enterprise users like to use Outlook due to its user-friendly approach and also due to the reason that it offers several business functions. It can be linked with QuickBooks for smooth communication, with the help of the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Open your Outlook on your system
  • Step 2: Keep ready all the needed information like Username and Password
  • Step 3: Along with this, also enter your incoming mail server address, outgoing mail server address, and incoming email server type. Once all the information is ready and set, implement the steps to set up Outlook in QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Step 4: Navigate to the QuickBooks Edit section. Now choose Preferences. Now select the tab, Send Forms
  • Step 5: Press on Outlook and click OK
  • Step 6: Add the details as required into the particular boxes

How to set up Webmail for Email in QuickBooks?

A secured webmail can be accessed for a safe and seamless user experience. But, only a specific number of providers can be integrated with Secure Webmail. However, you must have the current version of the tool.

How can you set up a Secure Webmail?

  • Step 1: Press Edit. Now select Preferences and choose Send Forms
  • Step 2: Select Webmail. Now choose it
  • Step 3: Select your provider in the particular list. Now enter your email
  • Step 4: Make sure you mark the Enhanced Security option
  • Step 5: Press OK

Note: Do not forget that you will be notified to set up a complicated password if you include Secure Webmail in QuickBooks.

How can you set up a Regular Webmail?

Your ISP sets the webmail servers and port settings. QuickBooks fills in the information automatically if you use well-known providers like Gmail, Hotmail/Live, and Yahoo. If you are going with a different supplier, make sure you obtain the port and server details and then proceed with the subsequent actions. It might be necessary to consult your Webmail service provider before configuring Webmail within QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Step 1: Press Edit. Now choose Preferences. Now select Send Forms
  • Step 2: Choose WebMail. Now select
  • Step 3: Type your email. Now press OK
  • Step 4: Press OK to save

How to Set up Gmail in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to set up Gmail in QuickBooks:

  • Step 1: In the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  • Step 2: Now choose Send Forms
  • Step 3: Then, under the tab, My Preferences, choose Web Mail. Now choose the Add option
  • Step 4: Now enter your Gmail address on the screen and select Gmail in the particular Email Provider dropdown.
  • Step 5: QuickBooks will create all the settings for the email provider automatically.
  • Step 6: Choose OK to include your address in the particular Email ID list
  • Step 7: Now choose OK to exit the Preferences screen

How to modify the Email Template or Message?

Here are the steps to edit the Email Message or Template:

  • Step 1: In the Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Step 2: Now select Send Forms
  • Step 3: Then click the Company Preferences tab
  • Step 4: Now choose Show in the given drop-down and select a form type
  • Step 5: Here you will get the options to Add a Template and Edit
  • Step 6: To alter the template, navigate to Edit
  • Step 7: At the bottom, select the button, Inset Filed to include fields.
  • Step 8: There can be:
    • Name-Last-First
    • Name-First
    • Company-Name
    • Due-Date
    • Transaction-Total
    • Name-First-Last
    • Name-Last
    • Company-Telephone
    • Transaction-Number, etc.
  • Step 9: After it is complete, choose Save
  • Sep 10: Get back to Preferences with the help of the Default button
  • Step 11: Select the template that you wish to be the default template. It can be the template that you changed or the specific one you included

How to Change Your E-mail Address in QuickBooks?

It is important to note that any additions to the company’s email address must be updated in the Company Information screen, to enable QuickBooks to use the right Form address when the forms are sent.

To do it:

  • Step 1: Go to the Company Menu
  • Step 2: Now choose My Company
  • Step 3: Now enter the changed email address in the given Email section and choose OK

Note: Prior to sending an email, you must first enter your email password. If your password is rejected, it indicates that you must complete the two-step verification process required by your providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Internet Service Provider and Port Details

Here we have given a table where all the different internet service providers and port details are given. The user can check out the table given below and locate the precise codes and information.

SP (Internet Service Provider)SMTP ServerSMTP Port
1AND1.comsmtp.1and1.com587 (SSL enabled, with password)
ADELPHIAmail.adelphia.net110 or 587 (see Note)  (SSL enabled for incoming and outgoing mail server)
BELL SOUTHmail.bellsouth.net110 or 587
COX Businesssmarthost.coxmail.com25
COX CENTRALsmtp.central.cox.net25
COX EASTsmtp.east.cox.net25
COX WESTsmtp.west.cox.net25
EARTHLINKsmtpauth.earthlink.net25 (with password)
GODADDYsmtpout.secureserver.net80, 25, or 3535
GODADDY with Office 365smtp.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 365outlook.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
NETSCAPEsmtp.isp.netscape.com25 (SSL enabled)
PRODIGYsmtp.prodigy.net25 (SSL enabled)
SPRINT PCSsmtp.sprintpcs.com25
Internet Service Provider

Get Assistance for QuickBooks Enterprise Email Setup Issues

For any further information/assistance on the topic, users can go through the FAQs or any specific topic related to QuickBooks Desktop. Users can also contact our QuickBooks pro-advisor. The QuickBooks Desktop experts Team is available 24/7 to answer any queries and troubleshoot any issues related to the topic.

No matter how complex your problem, they are available round the clock to help you and listen to your issues. Our QuickBooks technical support team may even be able to help you with related issues regarding other software programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to enter the email password whenever an email is sent via QuickBooks?

No, you won’t have to enter your password again every time you send an email if you’re using secure webmail integration and have connected your Intuit account with your webmail account. It simplifies the procedure for ease of use.

How can your clients be emailed via QuickBooks?

You can attach it to sales receipts, estimates, or invoices you send to customers, or all you need is a functional email address connected to your company file. From the main menu, create a new transaction or open an existing one (sales receipts, invoices, and estimates). From the three dots menu, choose Email.

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