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Running a business is not an easy task. Managing the accounts of the company is always a major concern for the owners and the subordinates. QuickBooks is a solution to keep your journal up to date with user friendly, easy to understand and wise interface software.
QuickBooks is accounting software wherein you can manage your day to day business transactions and keep a record of your sales and expenses. For a better understanding, the definition of accounts is something what QuickBooks does.

QuickBooks main aim is to make the accounting work easy for the Small Business Enterprises. This is done through the software which gives the business’s an easy mode for recording, managing, organizing, summarizing and analyzing their accounts. QuickBooks is available effortlessly over the internet and also provides you with a 30 day free subscription for a better perceptive without being charged. Today over 80% of the small scale enterprises are using QuickBooks as their accounting software. There are no spreadsheets or formulas which have to be applied on QuickBooks. This is how QuickBooks’s interface and the home page looks like;
QuickBooks Desktop

Features of QuickBooks for SME’s

Customize and send Invoices
For providing any product or service the foremost requirement of the business and the consumer is the invoice. QuickBooks allows an easy preparation of invoices which can be customized, printed and also can be sent over an email to the respective address. Customizing includes changes in design, content, payment and emails. Apart from the standard template a whole new template can be prepared or else the standard template can be modified.

Track Income and Expenses
All the transactions during the day which includes both sales and expenses are recorded in the prearranged tab on the QuickBooks software. The Sales details include the customer’s details, invoice and the product or service provided while for the expenses you can fill in the vendor details along with the expense details. All these records are then saved on your software and can be easily fetched.
 Create and Manage Estimates
In some businesses estimates are provided to the customers before performing the work. Through QuickBooks you can create and even manage the estimates by your own. You can edit the invoice which is generated and you can specify what sections have to be included. It is important to keep a track of the estimates you’ve sent to customers, because they are in effect a promise you’ve made – and good businesses always make good on their promises!
Sync bank Accounts
QuickBooks also gives you the option to sync your bank accounts. All the payments credited and debited into the account can be maintained through QuickBooks. You can always add more accounts for any new transaction by dropping your new bank account details. The software wholesomely manages the bank accounts as well.
Manage and Pay Bills
If the bills are maintained correctly then paying your vendors is just a matter of seconds. Choose your vendors and submit the pay bills option. You can change the date according to what it should appear on the checks. Also, you can set a cutoff for what date bills should be displayed and which all need not. Identify which all bills have to be paid and go on submitting the bills together. If any bill has to be paid with the partial amount you can always amend the pay figure.
Instant Sales and Profit Reports
All the data which has been collected by QuickBooks can now be extracted in different formats. A consolidated report of the sales and profits is available on the software. You can fetch the reports on daily, weekly or by custom dates. The reports for sales, expenses, profits and revenues are available readily.
Track Inventory
One of the foremost features of QuickBooks is managing the inventory of the organization. By keeping a record of the inventory in the software you can check the inventory in and out. From the date of purchase of the inventory to how much inventory is left everything can be managed. The most and the least sold products can be recognized which would help document the pros and cons of the organization.
QuickBooks is healthy accounting software. You can also trace your taxes easily, pay salaries to the employees, remotely access the whole software and also import excel sheets. A multi tasking software is was this is. Log in and start your free trial.
Happy Money Revolving!

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