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1. Ctrl-Del Selected transaction line gets deleted.
2 Ctrl-I Adds/Inserts a blank detail line in the transaction.
3 Ctrl-N A new transaction is created.
4. Ctrl-D Current transaction is deleted. (It’s irreversible)
5. Ctrl-E Allows item editing in the item list.
6. Ctrl-O Use Ctrl-O to copy the check in the write checks window or check register.
7 F5 Refresh list while in multi-user mode.
8 Ctrl-W Opens write check window to write new check.
9 Ctrl-Q Opens Quick Report for a list item.
10 Ctrl-Y Opens the transaction journal while looking through transactions.
11 Esc Shuts down the current window.
12 F1 to open help window.
13 F2 Exhibits the product information window, helps to resolve the QB errors once diagnosed.
14 Ctrl-F locates the transaction data level
15 Ctrl-L Opens a list along with the drop down list
16 Ctrl-H Displays the entire history of the transaction.
17 Ctrl-A Displays chart of accounts.
18 Ctrl-R Opens the register for the transaction.
19 Ctrl-F Find window opens for the list.
20 Ctrl-F6 Shifts to the other open window.

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