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Report Consolidation In QuickBooks Enterprise

Merge Two or More QuickBooks Company Files and Generate Combine Report

How to Generate Consolidated Report Multiple Company QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Enterprise software is the state of the art accounting software that has broken many barriers that were previously imposed upon them. It has brought in major changes by combining the basic accounting needs of a business with that of advanced level of business requirement in a seamless manner. QuickBooks Enterprise is a complete package structured to include all the features of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Accountant edition along with new and powerful tools applicable to this software only. The QuickBooks Enterprise support number handled by technical professionals of QuickBooks is another reason for its increasing popularity amongst the accounting professionals.

How To Consolidate Reports In QuickBooks Enterprise

One of the most useful features provided with only QuickBooks Enterprise is the integrated Consolidated Reports that allows user to connect two or more files together. These consolidated reports help to get complete view of financial aspect of business in one screen, which in turn will ensure easy overview of the business finances in current environment. QuickBooks Pro and Premier Users who are quite satisfied with the working of their software and do not wish to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise, but wish to use this feature will have to either follow the step number 1 or step 2 which is also applicable for Mac users of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Consolidated Financials Statements

Consolidations Reports QUICKBOOKS.

• First the reports needed have to be downloaded in Excel version and combined manually, which not only takes up a lot of time but also raises the scope of errors while matching up of Chart of Accounts as well as minute changes in the data, that can easily take up to 4 hours of labor time.
• Alternatively user can also employ popular third party apps and programs that are ingrained with super easy to use and follow report consolidation feature like Qvinci, QQube, Infor F9, Fathom HQ etc.
On the other hand, QuickBooks Enterprise users can easily go about consolidating the reports of their company with in-built Report Consolidation feature. However, before we proceed to steps on how to combine these files it is imperative to prepare for it by following points:
1. It will be easier to understand and read Chart of Accounts of various files if they match by heading and items as much as possible.
2. All the files are not case sensitive which is good as the combination process will only take place if the files are corresponding in terms of name, headings, type and follow hierarchical level for each and every single report.
3. The following accounts can’t be combined:
a. Having Name identical but the account number is different. The report name and number should clash in order for successful consolidation.
b. One report consists of Account number but the other doesn’t. Complete name along with account number should be exact.
c. Spelling difference in the Name of the Account like putting abbreviation in one and full form in another.
d. Hierarchy set up for one report is lower than with other by same name.
4. Reports are created in order of type. This type is further decided up on in the terms of tasks done under the selected company file. Consequently, the other reports are managed as and when they are encountered while working with other company files.
Once you have completed the necessary changes, you can proceed further with instructions stated below. However, if you are in a situation where the reports are still not set properly, user can call on QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number which will get you connected with appropriate technical support team. The instructions to consolidate reports under QuickBooks Enterprise are:
• Go to reports tab in the dashboard of your software, and then select option labeled Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.
• Now select Add Files option followed by browsing for the different company file and then click on Open. Repeat the process for other files.
• Under the menu of Select Reports for combining, highlight and select those reports that you wish to combine.
• Next step is to provide Date information by inputting details for both “From” and “To” section in order to set correct range of dates.
• Next step is to click on correct basis for the report.
• Lastly to complete the process select option Combine Reports in Excel, which will open up a new excel spreadsheet displaying relevant information as per the data set by the user.

Help for QuickBooks Report Consolidation

This process is quite easy to follow; however, at times user does end up in trouble by entering wrong criteria. To get out of these issues a prompt call to Intuit’s customer care support will be recommended. Although they are experts in resolving QuickBooks issues, due to long queue one does have problem getting connected with them. In such case user can alternatively connect with us through toll free QuickBooks support number Dial AccountsPro Toll Free Number +1-516-472-4307 or chat through our website –

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