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Tips and Tricks for Authentic and Concise QuickBooks Reporting

Reporting of all tasks done in the day, week, month and year is one of the most imperative tasks that most employees have to comply with. When these reports affects and showcases the business’ standing in the market, its importance increases tenfold. Thus having the right report with detailed or concise information as requested by the superior is of high importance. Keeping this in mind QuickBooks Enterprise’s advanced reporting tool has just solved all the issues by integrating Advanced Reporting tool. In case you have any issue with the software you can get in touch with professional experts by calling on QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number.

Tips for Custom Reports Building in QuickBooks

In order to aid users in preparing reports we have listed few tips which will easily allow them to create new group report without any fuss.

1. Developing, Customizing and Printing a group of reports: In order to facilitate proper streamlined and systematic manner of reporting, employees need to provide numerous reports in a group to make the whole process effective. However, the issue comes when the reports are generated and printed one at a time. To develop group of reports in one go and print them follow the instructions noted below carefully:

  • ➖➤ Open QuickBooks Software
  • ➖➤ Select Reports tab and then further click on Process Multiple Reports.
  • ➖➤ Now in the new window click on the group of reports you wish to print.
  • ➖➤ Click on Print tab followed by selecting the print option.

[Note: Following tips will help to process this step in a more systematic manner.]

2. Structuring Diverse Report Groups: In accordance with choosing option “Process Multiple Reports” mentioned in the point above, the user will have to first set up different types of group reports which can be specifically named after weekdays like ‘Friday Reports’ or ‘Month-end Reports’. Another way of naming is by function or the name of the employee like ‘Robert’s Reports’ or ‘Accounting Reports’. Follow the instructions listed below to create new report groups:

  • ➖➤ Open QuickBooks software
  • ➖➤ Go to Reports section and then click on Memorized Reports
  • ➖➤ Now select option Memorized Report List which will open pop menu having option named New Group. Click on it.
  • ➖➤ In the field against Name type-in the name of your choice and then further click on OK.
  • ➖➤ After the creation of the group, add in all the reports you wish to save in this group, customize the report as per your need (as in add or delete columns and rows).
  • ➖➤ Then save changes by clicking on the Memorize tab located in the top of the window, save the report by name of your choice in the name field and then select the new group from the drop down list of Memorize Report Group
  • ➖➤ Click on Ok.

3. For Multiple Copies in Memorize Reports: At times one report needs to get distributed to more than one person and thus multiple copies of the same needs to get saved under one memorized report group. To do so all one needs to do is customize the name of the report as per the requirement of the user. Suppose one Accounts reports needs to be sent to CEO, CFO and Finance Manager, then user can rename the report as ‘Accounting Report for CEO’, ‘Accounting Report for CFO’ and ‘Accounting Report for Finance Manager’. This way the report gets saved three times and at the same time report also mentions who the recipient of the report is. To do so systematically, follow instructions below:

  • ➖➤ Go to QuickBooks Software and open the report to make any changes needed like adding or removing columns, changing dates.
  • ➖➤ Now press Ctrl with M button of the keyboard which will automatically open the dialog box for Memorize Report.
  • ➖➤ Tick mark the check box against Save in Memorized Report Group option.
  • ➖➤ Click on the group of your choice and then on OK tab.

4. Sort through the Group Report: Lastly in the process of creating a new report group is to collate through reports needed to be added in the group, for which steps are listed below:

  • ➖➤ Open QuickBooks and then go to Reports section.
  • ➖➤ Click on Memorized Reports followed by Memorized Report List and then using drag and drop option rearrange the reports in order of the recipient name mentioned in the name of file. This helps to print and send reports in a smooth and systematic manner without leading to any complexities.

5. Send Grouped Reports Electronically: in this age of digitalization most of the organizations prefer to send group of reports electronically rather than manually for which following steps can be beneficial:

  • ➖➤ Open QuickBooks Software
  • ➖➤ Select Reports tab and then further click on Process Multiple Reports.
  • ➖➤ Now in the new window click on the group of reports you wish to print.
  • ➖➤ Click on Print tab followed by selecting either Microsoft XPS or Adobe PDF option available in the dialog box shown on the screen.
  • ➖➤ Now click on the destination of your choice followed by typing in the name of all the files as and when you are prompted and then select OK.

This will easily create either XPS version or PDF of the reports user wishes to send to electronically in the location of their choice.

6. Keep Your Reports Protected with Passwords: The software allows user to directly mail reports from the report screen, however, they are not encrypted. Thus it is highly dissuaded as the security risk of information getting hacked is quite likely until and unless the email portal employed by the user is outfitted with encryption tool of email. In order to safeguard the information and data provided within the reports, encryption software should be used that can password lock the reports.

These tips will easily help you to create report and report groups with which you can send multiple reports in one go at the discretion of the user without much hassle. In case you are unable to get connected with Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors through QuickBooks Enterprise support Phone number, you can connect with us through email id, live chat option on our website www.accountspro.co or call on toll free number - ���� +1-800-474-0179.

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