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QuickBooks Enterprise Tips and Tricks

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5 Tips to Enhance QuickBooks Enterprise Experience

QuickBooks Enterprise is one such software that can easily keep your business accounting tasks in order and streamline all the required processes in a systematic position for easy tracking and maintenance of company’s financial standing. The software is integrated with powerful tools that can swiftly handle all your company’s requirements in just few steps. Apart from the intuitive dashboard integrated with powerful features, the software also got popular due to prompt customer support handled by company executives on QuickBooks Enterprise support phone number.

QuickBooks Tips for Beginners

The QuickBooks software has also won hearts and mind of many users because of easy understanding of software. User does not have to be tech savvy to understand the logic and methodology of QuickBooks Enterprise. However, at the same time to garner more value out of QuickBooks, user needs a little more thorough knowledge regarding the software. Once the working of the software is on tips of the user, he or she can easily complete many tasks of their business with just a click of the mouse. To enhance this experience of QuickBooks Enterprise software, users needs to be aware of following tips:

Job Costing: Job costing feature allows user to create committed costs as per the job needed to be done. It is a great support for situations wherein the Purchase Order has been noted down with no bill to back it up or a time sheet has been created with no paycheck in sight. In short it helps to control the user to go over budget on any one singly project. To create Committed Costs follow the instructions illustrated below:
      o In the dashboard click on Select Reports tab.
      o Select the option – Jobs, Time & Mileage.
      o Now click Committed Costs by Job option from the new menu.

Maintain Multiple Company Files Simultaneously: QuickBooks Enterprise software allows its esteemed users to open and work on two different company files at the same time. Although there are certain restrictions on the second company file like no linking of payroll software with the file, the rest of the imperative features work just fine in both the QuickBooks Company file. If you face any untoward issue with this feature you should call on QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number and get feasible solution from QuickBooks experts. You can set up both the company files by following instructions:
      o In the dashboard select File menu, followed by Open Second Company option.
      o Once you have highlighted and clicked on the company file you wish to use it will be linked in the bottom part of the dashboard.
      o From the bottom bar, user can switch between the two files as per their wish.

Track Expenses by integrating Sales Reps with Expense Transactions: QuickBooks Enterprise accords users with option to add sales representatives within Expense Transaction. Although it is common to attack Sales representative list with that of sales transactions, same list of representative can be attached with expense transactions as well. This benefits the user by providing a complete picture of the company’s profit and loss in accordance with the representative report. To set this up just right click on the bottom part of the bill, check transaction or credit card and then further click on Customize Columns. Learn more QuickBooks Enterprise Consolidated Reports

QuickBooks Enterprise’s Customized and Private Access to List for Specific Employees: The software ensures tight security of data by allowing user flexibility to set permissions and restrictions for different set of jobs, list and data for different employees. This helps in narrowing down access of company file amongst employees which in turn ensures that proper security is maintained. There are more than 100 activities and jobs that are already present with the software and further more can be set by the user with different permission like viewing, deleting, creating, editing and printing for different employees. The admin can either use the standard activities or create their own set. Separate settings for separate employees helps as the user does not have to set only one set of settings. As the business grows so does the influx of employees, it thus becomes imperative to set tight security in order to avoid corruption or theft of data.

Track Stock with Inventory Management: QuickBooks Enterprise allows user to automate their stock which helps to manage the time when more stock should be ordered and how much should be as well. To perform this task user needs to take into account two fields for restocking of inventory-

o Reorder Point (Minimum Level)
o Maximum Level
Once these fields are set for each and every item, user can further enhance the performance by employing different set of tools that would help to establish the preferred level of stock. For tracking stocks in terms of reordering, item list, vendor etc. Stock Status Report can be used. Also read QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory to find out full options.

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These five tips will ensure that any user will get much more value in terms of performance than what they pay for the software. Once you have set the QuickBooks Enterprise software as per your needs and requirements, you can easily blend all the activities of the business with that of the software. In case you are unable to get in touch with the proper technical experts in case of any error resolution, another alternative is www.accountspro.co for live chat or Toll Free QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number - ���� +1-800-474-0179

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