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Sage 50 2023 Update Release 2023.0

Sage 50 2023 update release

Sage 50 2023 has come up with a brand-new logo. There is also a change in the logo and the color palette to highlight the vibrant shades of black, green, and white. Strengthening security is one of the major concerns of the software. Thus, security checks are done frequently to identify potential threats and are proven with every version. The Sage 50 US Edition is updated to the Actian Zen v15.1 database for smooth and efficient running. The earlier database was incompatible, which may lead to the introduction of new threats. The brand-new avatar of the software runs in a search-engine-friendly format.

System Requirements for Sage 50 2023.0

The earlier users, including the 2018 ones, can update their Sage 50 versions. They will also be able to transfer data to both Sage 50 Premium and Pro Accounting in 2023.

System Requirements for Sage 50 Premium and Pro

  • Hard disk space of 4 GB and 1 GB extra for installation.
  • CD ROM.
  • The 2.0 GHz processor is recommended for its use. 1.0 GHz processors or higher are also compatible.
  • Integration of Excel and Word in the Microsoft Office Versions of 2019, 2021, or 2016
  • 8 GB of RAM is ideal. However, the 4 GB of RAM device is also good to go.
  • An updated web browser like Chrome, Edge, etc.
  • High-speed internet connectivity for subscribing to online services like Remote Data Access.
  • 64-bit OS like Windows 11 or 10 with all the latest Microsoft updates
  • Email-supported form format requires an SMTP or MAPI-compliant client (email client) and an email service.
  • A dedicated server is required for Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2012, and 2012 R2. On the other hand, an optimized multi-user mode for Windows 11 and 10
  • Integration between Sage 50 and Microsoft 365 must meet the Microsoft 365 business-grade requirements.
  • To enjoy using the software, you must have access to a minimum internet speed of 10 Mbps and a maximum of 25 Mbps.
  • For terminal services on the dedicated server, 16 GB of RAM is necessary.
  • A monitor’s minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended.

Note: It is possible to convert data from the earlier versions of Sage 50 to the present Sage 50 2023 US Edition. Conversion from older versions is problematic. Thus, you must contact Sage 50 customer support.

Sage 50, US Edition, New Release 2023.0

With the recent release of Sage 50, you are allowed to add the product as per your choice. For instance, the new icon allows access to the 1096 or 1099 form. To know more about it, read the following sections:

  • A New Look at Field Help
    The field guide gives you detailed task guidance. To understand more of its functions, open any window and go to “Field Help” to get a detailed overview of each field.
  • Actian Zen v15.1 Database
    The database in Sage 50 has been updated. The earlier version of Actian Zen has been eliminated as it is outdated and does not support the latest version of Sage 50. The old version can be packed with risks and interfere with the running of the accounting software.
  • Compatibility with Windows 11
    If you want to update the earlier Sage 50 or install a new one, the version of Sage 50 2023 US Edition is the latest one. A secure function is a major focus. Moreover, it also works on reducing downtime.

In addition to these feature launches, there are some changes in payroll and e-filing. Let’s have a look:

  • E-filing with Aatrix
    You now have the opportunity to e-file within Sage 50 software via Aatrix. Besides, you can also e-file the tax forms 1099 and/or 1096 within the software itself.
  • 1096 Forms
    The software has always promised to offer the right solution on time. An active Sage 50 user can now access 1099/1096 forms to become aware of the new updates (via Aatrix).

For optimizing Sage 50, the following are discontinued:

  • Sage IRD: The Sage Intelligence Recording Desktop was supported only in the oldest version.
  • Internet Explorer: Now, there are no program dependencies, and the operational environment is more secure than before. Always use a compliant browser while working with sensitive information.

Some of the latest news regarding the upgraded version of Sage 50 is:

  • Upgradation is mandatory
    The support related to the older version, Sage 50 2022, has ended. Thus, you must update to Sage 50 2023 to keep up with the latest operating system and technology.
  • TLS Protocol
    The Transport Security Protocol is only applicable in the case of Sage 50 2020 or earlier. If you are now using any TLS from a third-party organization for the purpose of security, you cannot reactivate or install it any longer. Using the updated version will prevent disruptions in business.

1099 Printing Charges in Sage 50 2023

Sage 50 first introduced the integration of 1099 with Aatrix. This program was generally used for generating payroll tax forms. It also supported printing the form via the editable print format.

However, the option was only available to subscribers to the payroll. In Sage 50 version 2023.0, the same payroll is integrated with Aatrix and is accessible only to plan subscribers.

The beginner must follow the below steps for form printing:

  • Click on the “Reports & Forms” menu.
  • Select “Forms” and then “Tax Forms“.
  • From the “Form” menu, double-tap on “Payroll Tax Forms“.
  • The window for “Payroll Tax Selector” opens.
  • Select forms like 1099-K and 1099-NEC in addition to payroll tax forms.
  • Select the year from the bottom left section and hit “OK“.
  • The 1099 wizard is launched. Enter the necessary company information and credentials, and answer the questions carefully.
  • The 1099 launching window is now open. This spreadsheet pattern window records all the vendors that are compliant with the dollar threshold. The two significant facts about this window are:
    • The blue box located in the upper left corner offers detailed guidance with the help of verification.
    • If there are more than 1099 vendors on your list, thoroughly check the list. You may have to delete the ones that do not belong on the list. The removal process is the same as that of Excel.

If you want a hard copy of your forms, you must have the conventional 3-per-page red forms. The prayer part can be printed on blank paper, whereas the recipient part will be on blank 4-up forms.

Click on the highlighted links for more information on what’s new in the Sage 50 2023 Canadian Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Does Sage 50 2023 have a better security system?

The advanced version of Sage 50 has masked data for enhanced security. For example, The ID of the 1099 Vendor Taxpayer is concealed in the data entry task. In addition, the transition numbers used for routing are also concealed in ACH maintenance.

What are the hardware requirements for Sage 50?

The hardware requirements for Sage 50 are:
✅ 5 GB of free disk space
✅ 2 GB of RAM. 4 GB of RAM for a 64-bit OS
✅ A network speed of at least 100 Mbps.
✅ 2 GHz or higher processor.
✅ High-resolution or 4K monitors.
✅ A DPI setting of a maximum of 125%

What are the Office Versions that this software is compatible with?

The Office Versions that this software is compatible with are:
✅ Office 2019
✅ Office 2016
✅ Office 2013
✅ Microsoft 365

What are the Windows Operating Systems that Sage 50 supports?

The Windows Operating Systems that Sage 50 supports are:
✅ Windows 2019 except 2019 Essentials
✅ Windows 10
✅ Windows 2016 except 2016 Essentials
✅ Windows 11
✅ Windows 2012 except 2012 and 2012 R2 Essentials
✅ Windows 2022, except 2022 Essentials

Can I run Sage 50 on a remote desktop setup?

Sage 50 has not yet been tested in any virtual environment, like Hyper-V servers. Thus, there is no assurance that the accounting software can be launched and work smoothly in any virtual environment.

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