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Sage 50 Integration With Office 365 And Outlook

Sage 50 integration

Integrate Office 365 and Outlook With Sage 50

The Sage 50 contains Sage Contact Add-in to integrate with Office 365. This integration of Sage 50 with Office 365 lets you showcase the information of the Sage 50 Cloud Accounts contacts in Outlook 365. It, in turn, results in ease of sending emails to the client. AccountsPro will guide you on Sage 50 integration with Microsoft Office 365 you can also check out the full details of Sage 50 Microsoft Office Click To Run features and advantages.

What are the Benefits of Sage 50 and Outlook Integration?

This seamless integration allows users to work anywhere or anytime and to automate operations and communications. Here is the list of perks of the Sage 50 and Office 365 integration:

  • Every day’s Task automation: Office 365 and Sage50 integration eliminates the requirement of toggling between Office 365 and Sage 50 or manual process interruption.
  • Automatic Cloud Backup: You can enable the cloud Backup feature, schedule backup, and run an automatic backup to back up the company file to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Sage contacts availability:
    Easily get the important information related to the Vendor or customer saved in Sage to send emails faster.

Integration of Microsoft Office 365 To Sage 50 Software

How to connect the Sage 50 Company file to Microsoft Office 365?

To connect and use Cloud Backup, make sure you set Global admin privileges in Microsoft Office 365, Setup Sage 50, and Activated Account:

Firstly Setup Sage 50:

  • Sage 50 cloud accounts must use the benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 integration, including the latest software updates and Sage 50 cloud license activation.
  • Advanced version of Sage 50 installation:
  • In case you install the Sage 50 accounts, then verify the current version number. Here are the steps:
  • Open your Sage 50 accounts
  • Locate Menu bar
  • Hit Help button
  • Click on the About button
  • Below are the Program Details, verify the Version number.
  • If you have not installed updated Sage 50 Accounts, then install the advanced version

If you don’t have Sage Cloud account its better to switch to Sage 50 Cloud Hosting where you can click to integrate featured to add Office tools, reporting tools and more.

Activate the Sage 50 Cloud Account

  • Open your Sage 50 Accounts
  • Locate Tools button
  • Hit Activation
  • If available, hit Refresh License
  • If it does not appear no Refresh license option, then hit the Upgrade program.
  • Choose the checkbox named Enter a new license.
  • Write the serial number, and account reference with the activation key
  • After this, hit the OK button
  • Once you discover the information from the confirmation email
  • It will display the License Confirmation window
  • Hit OK; it prompts you to close the Sage 50 accounts
  • Choose OK button

Moreover click to Sage 50 Live Chat link below to connect with experts to find out the easiest way to connect Outlook with Sage 50 accounting.

Outlook Integration To Sage 50 Accounting

Outlook Integration:

The Office 365 integration features need to upload your data to Microsoft Office 365. The upload procedure copies some of the data to the cloud to sync with Office 365. All users can see the data in the company Office 365 group, including nominal and transactional information.

Accounts data uploads to Office 365:

  • Make sure you have an administrator credential to log in to Office 365 to upload data. Here are the steps:
  • Make sure you installed the updated updates
  • Now open Sage 50 cloud Accounts
  • Select the company you need to upload and log in as a manager
  • Go to the Menu bar
  • Hit Settings option
  • Select Company preferences
  • Write the password and then hit OK
  • Choose “Sage 50c Microsoft Office 365.”
  • Hit Let’s get started
  • Fill Office 365 email address
  • Select Next
  • Write the password and then click on Sign-in
  • It will appear permissions request
  • Choose the checkbox which says Consent on behalf of your organization
  • Hit Accept button
  • Select the Upload Now button once completed
  • After this hit OK

How To Use Sage Contact Add-in Feature Microsoft Office 365?

Once you setup and integrated Microsoft Office 365 with Sage 50, follow the steps:

  • Open your Sage Contact in Outlook App
  • Use the Microsoft Office ID to sign In that is connected to Sage 50 cloud accounts.
  • Below the email body, hit the icon named Sage contact add-in
  • Now you can send or receive an email
  • If you open the add-in of Sage contact, select the email address against all Supplier and customer record contacts.

What To Do If The Email Does Not Found After Microsoft Office And Sage 50 Integration?

There are two options:

If there is an existing record, then here are the steps:

  • Hit Link Contact
  • Write the below details:
  • Company
  • Account Reference
  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Contact type
  • Email address
  • Choose” Link contact.”

Another Method:

  • Firstly make a new contact
  • Now write the below details :
  • Account reference
  • Email address
  • Contact name
  • Contact type
  • Company
  • Account Reference
  • Hit Create.

Office 365 Integration:

Sage 50 has introduced an enhanced feature known as Sage Contact. It integrates with Office 365 and permits users to see detailed information regarding vendors and customers of Sage 50 while sending emails in both Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. It also permits users to add and modify customer details in Outlook. The updated details will automatically sync with the customer list in Sage 50. There is a need for an Office 365 Business Premium account.

Explain the Office 365 Backup process in Sage 50.

Sage made enhancements to the Office 365 Cloud Backup option. An automatic cloud backup feature in Office 365 is available. It offers a secure and straightforward method to configure an automatic backup of the company data to a secured location in the cloud. There is an updated interface with advanced Email Notifications to notify about the backup. This option needs an Office 365 Business Premium account.

Sage 50 Integration With WooCommerce process explained by AccountsPro experts which helps you to track all e-commerce transactions with Sage 50 accounting.


That’s all for today! Hopefully, the information is enough to integrate Sage with Microsoft Outlook. To explore more, you can talk to the professionals on Sage Support Number.

FAQs: Integrate Sage 50 With Outlook, MS Office 365

How can I send contacts to Outlook to fix the error?

✅ Locate the File option
✅ Click on Microsoft Integration
✅ Select Microsoft Outlook Import/Export Wizard.
✅ Click on Export Contacts to Outlook option
✅ Hit the Next button
✅ Choose the contacts you need to send
✅ Verify the folder
✅ After this, click on Finish and then hit OK

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What information copies can you send to Outlook?

✅ Address
✅ Fax
✅ Email
✅ Website
✅ Contact Name
✅ Telephone

What versions of Microsoft Office are compatible with Sage 50?

Sage 50 is compatible with several versions of Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32-bit), Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 365 (Desktop-based), Microsoft Outlook 2016 (32-bit), and Microsoft Outlook 2013 (32-bit). Users can leverage Sage 50’s integration capabilities regardless of their Office version, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

What is the Office 365 integration in Sage 50?

Utilizing the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Sage 50 empowers users by liberating crucial data, providing easy access through cloud technology and a variety of interconnected applications. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 Business Standard and the comprehensive Microsoft Small Business Productivity Suite, Sage 50 not only saves time and reduces expenses but also enhances productivity levels.

How do I Connect my Sage 50 to Outlook?

To configure email settings in Sage 50cloud Accounts, follow these steps:
✅ Open Sage 50cloud Accounts and click on “Settings.”
✅ Select “Email Defaults” from the menu.
✅ In the “Email Program” drop-down menu, choose “Microsoft Office Outlook.”

Does Sage work with Office 365?

Maximize the potential of your business software by leveraging the seamless integration between Sage 50 and Microsoft 365. This powerful combination allows you to unlock additional benefits and enhance your overall business operations.

How do I configure email settings in Sage 50 to use Microsoft Outlook?

Configuring email settings in Sage 50 to use Microsoft Outlook is a straightforward process. Simply open Sage 50cloud Accounts, navigate to the “Settings” menu, and select “Email Defaults.” From there, choose “Microsoft Office Outlook” as the preferred email program. This configuration ensures that Sage 50 seamlessly integrates with Outlook, allowing for efficient communication and workflow management.

What data can I send to Outlook after integrating Sage 50 with Office 365?

After integrating Sage 50 with Office 365, you can send various types of data to Outlook, including addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, websites, contact names, and telephone numbers. This integration enhances communication by ensuring that all relevant contact information is readily available within your email platform.

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