Commercial Cloud Hosting

Commercial Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks & SAGE Commercial Cloud Server

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Commercial QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers

There are certain companies which are accorded the privilege to become Cloud Hosting services for QuickBooks and thus they enroll into Hosting program which are basically of two types –

☁ Commercial Hosting Program
☁ Standard Hosting Program

Commercial Hosting Program

Companies that function under Commercial Cloud Hosting providers are termed as hosts, who after getting authorization from Intuit act as data centers and remote hosting organizations in professional capacity. They are legally allowed to provide businesses with hosting services that are beneficial for QuickBooks end users like bookkeepers, accountants, start-up businesses along with small scale organizations who wish to connect with their registered QuickBooks desktop software through remote hosting.
SAGE and QuickBooks Commercial Cloud Hosting Provider USA The Commercial Hosting Providers of QuickBooks over cloud are authorized with complete host access of already existing copies of QuickBooks which are registered and licensed with Intuit. Furthermore, they can also provide subscription opportunities for new licenses of QuickBooks garnered from Intuit directly on the basis of monthly subscription plan. Like that SAGE Customer also opt for Commercial SAGE Cloud Hosting .

Standard Hosting Program

Standard Hosting Program and subsequently Standard QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers do not differ much in the sense of the work and services provided by them The only difference between both is that under Standard Hosting the providers do not have the authorization to offer subscription neither monthly nor otherwise, for new QuickBooks licenses.

Why go for SAGE and QuickBooks Commercial Cloud Hosting Providers?

Commercial Cloud Hosting of QuickBooks has become imperative in order to safeguard accounting details not only from data theft but also from IT failures which could result in huge amount of data loss if the local server crashes down. Many small businesses like law firms and financial businesses have more than one office wherein the problem arises when they are not able to access QuickBooks desktop software from the other office. Another scenario wherein the Cloud hosting of QuickBooks has helped is while transferring data from one office building to another. In case the company has stored their data locally in the company’s server there is a chance of losing it due to IT mishap. However, if all the data and the software itself are stored on cloud this worry will not be needed. Some of the main advantages offered with Commercial QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers are illustrated below:

◯ By hosting QuickBooks on Cloud under Commercial standards the end users takes privilege of scalability. The user can access their QuickBooks software through Desktop interface only but with added advantage of no IT cost.

◯ No IT cost is another benefit as all the IT infrastructure needed to host QuickBooks is provided by the Cloud Hosting service provider. Furthermore the regular upgrades needed by a system are also nullified as all is done automatically in cloud.

◯ The best part of Commercial Cloud Hosting of QuickBooks is that the data is stored as securely as in a tightly locked password secured vault.

◯ Automatic backup is another added advantage which ensures that the users can access their old data as and when is required without the added headache of initiating backup periodically.

◯ Lastly by opting for commercial SAGE cloud hosting providers, users can access new license for QuickBooks without needing to get in touch with Intuit.

Cloud Server for Enterprise / Corporate

For the corporate & Enterprise running a business over cloud is not the only intelligent decision, but also save time and money. Many companies managing ERP, CRM and business software which need to be hosted only secure server. On Accounts Pro cloud server, we protect data from malware, virus also offering you 24x7 Support for QuickBooks Enterprise.

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