Comparison Sage 50 & QuickBooks Enterprise

Sage 50 Quantum VS QuickBooks Enterprise

Compare Sage 50 Quantum and Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition


Let's Compare Sage 50 Quantum Accounting With QuickBooks Enterprise

SAGE 50 VS QB Enterprise With so many software solutions in the market, it becomes difficult to decide which one is better. Sage 50 Quantum and Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise are the two software solutions that are ruling the market at the moment. If you’re thinking of buying an appropriate one for your business, you must know the features exhibited by both of them. This will help you make better comparisons and choose a better one for yourself.

Comparison - Sage 50 Quantum and Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition

To make an apt choice, you must be aware of the basic features along with user reviews, vendor reputation, pros, and cons. Both the accounting software applications have been compared below:


Accounting is one of the most important functions of any organization. Sage 50 Quantum and QuickBooks Enterprise are the two options that make managing accounts and payroll easier for you. Here is a list of features they offer.

Sage 50 Quantum

  • ❏ Desktop Version with a one-time cost
  • ❏ Basic payroll
  • ❏ Single currency supported
  • ❏ Multiple companies supported
  • ❏ Check Printing
  • ❏ Check vouchers, payment receipt, and other documents can be printed

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QuickBooks Enterprise

  • ❐ Desktop Version and a one-time cost
  • ❐ No voucher management or check printing allowed
  • ❐ Multiple currencies supported
  • ❐ Multiple companies supported
  • ❐ User rights in detail
  • ❐ 15 additional fields, including vendors, customers, and items
  • ❐ Recommended for class-wise or department-wise report generation

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The Vendors


The Sage Group plc offers the different versions of Sage 50 Quantum accounting software. It is known for developing technical solutions for small and medium-sized companies making sure they are free to succeed. The company came into existence in 1981 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and entered the FTSE 100 in 1999. It holds a huge customer base with around 14,000 employees across 24 countries.


Intuit Inc. is an American company that gains expertise in the financial and tax preparation software development. It is the company that introduced QuickBooks Enterprise version. It was founded in 1983. Like Sage, it also holds a huge customer base all across the globe. It has 8,300 employees from all over the world. It operates in 24 locations in 11 countries.


For both the software options, you get several packaged depending on the features you would like to enjoy. However, whichever package you choose, it will surely be worth your investment.
No matter which of the two software products you choose, both are developed based on the best U.S. standards. They ensure customers get best possible benefits depending on the benefits they expect them to fulfill.

Technical Support & Help

If you still have a conceptual or technical query relating to the QuickBooks Enterprise or Sage 50 Quantum, you can contact us. Our representatives will not only give you an idea about our Enterprise version but they will make you understand the effectiveness of both the software options.
Technical Support for SAGE 50
Technical Support for QuickBooks Enterprise
Our executives will try to resolve your queries and doubts at the earliest.

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