Bookkeeping Job Process

Know how the client get benefit of AccountsPro Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Process for Small Business

Job Process Steps

• Client will provide us the access to the online software i.e. the user id and password so that we can access the software for bookkeeping. If the client is using the desktop version of the software, then there can be following two different option:

Bookkeeping Company Process1. Client will send us the backup file of the software and the backup file will be saved on our server. In this scenario client will not be having access to the accounting file.
2. We will host the desktop version of the file on our server so that we can access the software and client can also access the software. Hosting charges will be applicable in this scenario.
• Client will provide other information i.e. bank statement, invoices, vouchers etc. as per the agreed frequency by using any of the following method:

1. Email
2. Dropbox
3. Share file etc.

• We will provide a ‘Cost estimate’ to client explaining about the scope of services and the method of charging the professional fee i.e. fixed fee/ hourly fee etc.
• Once the cost estimate is accepted by client, we will start doing the bookkeeping.
• We will record the transactions on regular interval in the online software on the basis of information provided.
• We will send queries to client if we need any further information/ explanation on any transaction.
• Client needs to answer the queries and provide supporting documents, if required. After getting response on queries, processing will be completed.
• We will attend to client queries regarding any statement of account, ledger or transaction as and when they need the information.
• We will reconcile all accounts at regular interval and we will provide the management reports to client at the month end which will help them understand their business and make clear business decisions.

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