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Accounts Receivable (AR)

What is accounts receivables? What is Accounts Receivable Process?

Accounts Receivable Definition

Accounts Receivable or AR, for short, is an authentic claim of future payment drawn in favor of a business against a client or customer after delivering the good ordered by the customer. The customer is in debt of the business and has to cough up the payment after a decided time frame to avoid any legal ramifications. The claim is drawn generally in the form of invoice designed by business and is provided to the customer to remind him of the payment. It is shown as a part of assets to the company in reports like balance sheet. It is quite different from ‘Note Receivable’ which is actually generated from legal tools like promissory notes.

Accounts Receivable Management

We at, Accountspro, are quite proud of seamless Accounts Receivable Outsourcing services provided to our clients, as they have yet to find any mistake in our work. We ensure that our clients are able to manage their key tasks, especially those which influence the movement of cash to and from their company, without any hassle. With our careful and regular advice, our customers are able to garner complete control over the activities happening related to their accounts and also keep an eye on the outstanding payments. Outsource your Accounts Receivable services with us for stress free account management.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Offered Accounts Receivable Services

Our dedicated bookkeepers offer full support for clients across the globe, especially in countries like USA, Australia and Canada. Our all in one plans offer complete solution to our clients inclusive of the following:

  • • Preparation of bills and mailing them to the customers (only after expressive approval from the client).

  • • Careful recording and accounting of revenues. Furthermore, proper entering of receivable transactions into the accounting software.

  • • Generation of periodic statements like AR aging summary.

  • • Performing issuing tasks of credit memos and refund checks that have undergone the approval of the client.

  • • Proper maintenance of subsidiary receivable ledger.

  • • Regular posting of cash received to customer account to keep the payments updated along with resolving short pays issue.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounting Software We Use

One of the key points to keep in mind, while working on bookkeeping tasks, is the accounting software that is being used to perform all the activities. Accountspro ensures that deal in only the best of accounting software that provide powerful features along with being user-friendly. We also employ only those experts who are proficient in using the software with at least 5 years of experience in using it.

The software we employ is as follows with having Intuit certified employees having quite an experience in dealing with them:

  • • QuickBooks

  • • Sage

  • Why should you Outsource Accounts Receivable Services to Accountspro?

    Our clients are accorded with following benefits that makes our outsourced services unmatched from any other companies:

  • • Our plans for customers outsourcing services are totally customizable. They are designed only after understanding the needs of the clients and their expectations from our team. Both inbound and outbound packages are created keeping the customer relation strategy in mind.

  • • The representatives of our company who are handling the customer service are trained in handling and settling customer grievances and problems effectively and efficiently while being totally courteous to the customers.

  • • For continuous improvement and raising the bar of the knowledge of our teams we keep on having training sessions like TQM.

  • • Our main focus is always on complete security and accuracy of the data provided by the clients.

  • We offer wide range of services related to account receivable that helps our all our clients across the globe with easy management. You can opt to either outsource part of account receivable services or whole lot of services to us. Outsource your accounts receivable needs with Accountspro to get benefit of top notch quality service at a very nominal cost. We assure you of smooth and efficient management of the payments due while saving both time and money.

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