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Error Code -6000, – 77 While Opening QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is one of the common errors a user triggers while accessing the QB company file for performing backup restore or other tasks. The main cause of this QuickBooks Error is the system’s inability to find the company file. It might be located on other external storage devices, the folder does not have such permissions, or when the company files are in use with a reference via a mapped drive. AcountsPro provides troubleshooting resolutions to fix the error 6000-77 in QuickBooks to Repair QuickBooks Data File.

QuickBooks Error 6000-77 Troubleshooting

QuickBooks Error 6000-77 Troubleshooting
Error Code -6000, -77 QuickBooks

What Is QuickBooks Error 6000 77 Mean?

This error often happens when the file is in the incorrect folder. This error also happens if the folder has enough permission to provide QuickBooks file access. Users needed to fix the error as soon as possible. Let’s delve into the below sections to know the causes and resolutions of the QuickBooks error 6000 77.

Causes Of QuickBooks Desktop Error 6000 77

  • If you have no sufficient permissions to access the server system
  • Corrupted or damaged company file
  • Outdated QuickBooks release
  • Missing or damaged company file
  • Outdated QuickBooks desktop version
  • If the company file is in external storage instead of a network or local drive

Steps To Fix Error Message 6000 77 QuickBooks

A quick fix to rectify QuickBooks error 6000 77:

There might be different scenarios when the QuickBooks error 6000 77 takes place.

When QB Company File In Local System

Condition no 1-When the QuickBooks file opens locally:

When opening/accessing the QuickBooks company file is on the same system with installed QuickBooks. Here is the list of resolutions to resolve the QuickBooks error 6000 77:

Rename .TLD & .ND File

Method 1- Rename the.TLD and.ND files:

The.TLD &.ND contains the files or installed QuickBooks files connected to the multi-user environment or network. It helps in fixing software glitches. If the QuickBooks files get damaged and open the QuickBooks files with no errors then re-scan the QuickBooks with files. Also, you can get detailed information from QuickBooks Open .ND File extension. Follow the below steps:

  • Initially open the folder with the company file
  • Next, search for the files with the same name as the company files and extensions with.TLG &.ND:
  • qbw.nd
  • qbw.tlg
  • Now give right-click on each file and then choose Rename button
  • Enter OLD at the filename end
  • At last, launch the QuickBooks
  • Next try login to the company file

Also for running QB in multi-user mode user need to go to Setup QuickBooks On Network .

Open QuickBooks With QB Sample Company File

Method 2- Access “sample company file”:

Open the sample company’s file for the testing

In case the issue persists with the company file then fix the damaged QuickBooks installation. In case you failed to fix the damaged QuickBooks installation then here are the instructions:

  • First, launch the window named No company open
  • Choose the icon named “Open a sample file”
  • Select sample company file list

Copy QB Desktop File

Method 3- Copy the QuickBooks desktop file

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

  • Open the folder with the company file
  • Discover the file with the .QBW extension
  • Give a right-click on the file and icon named copy
  • Again perform a right-click anywhere on the desktop
  • Click Paste button
  • Open the window named no company
  • Choose the icon labeled Open with the existing company

Apply QB Backup and Restore Method

Method 4-Backup restore:

If the company file failed to open then restore a company file backup to verify the issue is with the active company file. Here are the steps below:

  • Make sure the system is not hosting
  • Next open company file
  • Search the file with the option named Menu
  • Click the tab named “Utilities”
  • If there is listed Stop hosting Multi-user access
  • Choose the tab named Stop hosting multi-user access.
  • Click on the Yes button if there display stops hosting multi-user access windows
  • Check the company file path. It must be not more than 210 characters in length
  • Locate the company file location
  • Click on the top of the window to copy the address bar path
  • Next, paste into the text editor named notepad & count the characters with spaces
  • Retry the company file restore

Check If QB Company File Already In Use Or Not

Method 5- Check the file is in use over the network:

If this error happens on a server that means the company file is on the server or another system. In this case, verify the hosting is enabled on all the workstations. Here are the steps:

  • Initially Hit the F2 Button to display the window named product information
  • Search the local server information

Shut Down All QB Processes

Method 6- Close all QB processes:

  • Firstly login to the server system with Admin credentials
  • Hit the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to display the Task Manager window
  • Click the Users button to see the processes
  • Outline each process of the QuickBooks (qbupdate.exe, QBW32.EXE, and QBDBMgr.exe)
  • Choose the tab named End Task
  • Now open the company file with multi-user mode

Launch QB Company File Locally

Method 7- Launch the company file locally:

  • The first step is to open the folder with the company file
  • Find the QuickBooks file with .QBW
  • Now give right-click on the file and then hit the icon which says Copy
  • Next click on the Paste icon
  • Open the window named No company open
  • Click on the option named Open or restore an existing company
  • Now move the mouse to the desktop to search the copied QuickBooks company file

Help Unable To Fix 6000 77 Error QuickBooks

We hope the information helped you in getting rid of the critical QuickBooks error 6000 77. If you are unable to resolve this error then it can create serious damage to the company file data. Therefore taking the expert’s assistance is the best solution! You can reach them through a live chat, phone number, or email to resolve any type of error. The QuickBooks Technical Support team members will help you with all your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Would I Verify The Folder Permission Manually To Fix The Error 6000-77?

Yes, check the folder permissions. If you can view the folder with the file it signifies it does not set the permissions.

Can The Wrong Firewall Configuration Cause The QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

Checking and re-configuring the Antivirus system or firewall ports is the best method to fix the QuickBooks error. There may be a chance that a firewall is blocking particular programs. So, start configuring the firewall ports and set up an exception to the antivirus system exception.

Can I Use The ADR Tool To Restore The Backup?

Yes, if there is a damaged company file then it is the best recommendation to use the Auto data recovery tool.

What If I Need To Use The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool To Troubleshoot The Qb Error 6000 77?

1. Firstly download the QB file doctor utility from a trustable website to fix the damaged data automatically
2. Next, install the QB file doctor tool correctly
3. Now run it
4. Choose the file button
5. Fill the username with a password, if required
6. Reboot the computer

Also, learn about QuickBooks File Doctor Tool download and install.

How Can I Recreate The Corrupted Folder In QuickBooks?

1. Open the Windows Explorer page
2. Make a new folder and then give the name QBtest123
3. Next, open the folder with the company file
4. Now give right-click on the file named .qbw
5. Select copy using the list named drop-down
6. Next, paste the file into the new files
7. Give windows access permission for company file share
8. Open the file with a new location

How Would I Clean The Blank Spaces After The Company File While Fixing The Error?

1. Firstly you have to logout from the QB desktop system
2. Next move to the company file and then open it
3. Right-click on the QB company file
4. Select the option named “rename”
5. Choose the company file name
6. Press Enter key
7. Verify there is no space in the company file
8. Now clear out any spaces between the company name and file extension
9. Launch the QB company file

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