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Sage 50 Error 43 when opening a Remote Data Access Company

Sage 50 error 43

Not like other accounting software, Sage enables users to work on business data simultaneously by storing the data file in the cloud. Because the data is accessible from anywhere, this feature increases organizational productivity and offers flexibility in how company data is worked on. Furthermore, we cannot deny that Sage is an application and that mistakes will always occur. This post will address one such mistake, which shows up as Sage 50 error 43 and occurs when users try to access the data file in Sage. Continue reading the article through to the end for more specific instructions on how to resolve the Sage 50 error 43.

Why did you get Error Code 43 in Sage?

Sage 50 error code 43 is a single problem that arises when Sage 50 is unable to access a data file that is saved on cloud storage, thus there aren’t many possible causes for it. The list of all potential causes of Sage data access error 43 is provided below.

  • Sage 50 won’t be open or able to connect to the online server and view the data file if there is a problem with internet connectivity.
  • A few important application files, such as DDF or SyncState files, are corrupt.

By carrying out the necessary troubleshooting, the issue can be easily resolved once the causes are identified. For simple troubleshooting steps, go to the next section.

The Best Ways to Fix Sage Error Code 43 File System Error 43 in [File]

Solution 1: Verify the State of Internet Connection

It is advised to use a hard-wired internet connection on the machine where the problem is occurring due to the unreliability of the Wi-Fi connection. To make sure you are correctly connected to the internet, try to browse any secure website, such as, after you are online. You must first fix any internet connectivity problems if you receive an error when attempting to access the internet. Try restarting your router, or ask your IT administrator for assistance.

Solution 2: Rebase the Company from the System from where you can Still Access it

  • You have to open Sage and then you have to click on the Help tab.
  • Click on Rebase Remote Data Access Company after selecting Utilities.
  • Click the Close option as soon as you see the message “Successfully Uploaded to Remote Data Access.”
  • Check to see if the issue has been fixed by trying to access the company once more.

Solution 3: Re-download the company

Remember to only do this on the computer that is experiencing the error. The one person who can access the company will need to do a rebase if all other users are experiencing the problem. The RDA business will then need to be downloaded again by the other users.

  • You have to close the Sage 50 and then browse to the data path, on the computer with the issue.
  • Select Cut after doing a right-click on the disputed company directory.
  • Use the right-click menu to select Paste from the desktop.
  • Choose File, and Connect to a Shared Company when Sage 50 opens.
  • Use your Sage 50 account email to log in.
  • To re-download the company, select and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Verify to make sure the business opens error-free.


All the important information of the Sage 50 Error 43 when opening a Remote Data Access Company has been mentioned above. In case you still face any issue related to this blog then you can call the help desk team. The help desk team is available 24*7 for their users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sage 50 Error 43?

Sage 50 Error 43 is an error that occurs when attempting to open a company file through Remote Data Access (RDA). It typically indicates an issue with connectivity or access permissions.

What causes Sage 50 Error 43?

There are several potential causes for Error 43:
✅ Network connectivity issues between the workstation and the server hosting the company data.
✅ Insufficient permissions to access the company file.
✅ Corrupted company data file.
Firewall or antivirus software blocking Sage 50 connections.

How do I fix Sage 50 Error 43?

Depending on the root cause, the following solutions may help resolve Error 43:
✅ Restart both the workstation and the server.
✅ Ensure that all users accessing Sage 50 have the appropriate permissions set in the software.
✅ If the company file is corrupted, restore it from a backup or contact Sage support for assistance in repairing the file.
✅ If a firewall or antivirus software is causing the issue, configure them to allow Sage 50 connections or add Sage 50 as an exception.
✅ If the problem persists, contact Sage support for further assistance.

Can I prevent Sage 50 Error 43 in the future?

You can take several steps to minimize the occurrence of Error 43:
✅ Regularly back up your company data to prevent loss in case of corruption or other issues.
✅ Ensure that all users have the necessary permissions and access rights configured in Sage 50.
✅ Keep your network infrastructure updated and well-maintained to prevent connectivity issues.
✅ Regularly update Sage 50 and any related software to the latest versions to access bug fixes and improvements.

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