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How to Fix Firewall Problem During Install, Update Sage 50

Issue Name : SAGE Firewall Block
Applicable for Product: Sage Line 50, SAGE,Sage 50 Canada,Sage 50 Accounts,Sage 50, SAGE ACT,Sage Taxation, SAGE 100, SAGE 300,Peachtree ,Sage 50 Premium ,Sage Contractor 100
Description : Due to firewall settings, user either unable to Install Sage accounting software or facing issue while open company file, connecting database or even running reports .
Errors Messages : Windows Firewall Detected Sage. Exe as suspicious script want to gain access of the system, hence blocked
Error: "Cannot open company, there is an error connecting to a database" when trying to open a data file.
Sage 50 detected a firewall which may be blocking files also required by Sage 50
A network error occurred while communicating with the Connection Manager. Please wait a moment and try again
Reports : Not Applicable

With Sage 50 accounting software, users have come across various effective tools and features that enable people to perform all accounting and payroll functions hassle-freely.
However, there are scenarios when the software operation gets interrupted because of certain technical errors. You might have heard many times that the software error arises when the firewall blocks it from performing. Sage 50 firewall error is the most common technical issue that you may come across.
AccountsPro team comprises of many expert individuals who acquire skills of handling Sage 50 errors. You can contact them anytime whenever you feel like getting assisted with the software-related issues.

Why Firewall Ports Block Sage Accounting Software ?

When it is about the firewall issues, the causes can be one of the following:

  • ❒ The update file for the software is unrecognized by the Windows Firewall installed in your system
  • ❒ New MySQL Connector ODBC version has been installed
  • ❒ The update did not get installed on Server
The error is encountered when you try to open your company file locally. The error message may show the error accompanied with the message stating “Sage 50 detected a firewall which may be blocking files also required by Sage 50...”

How to Fix Sage Firewall Problems ?

Method 1: Shift the company file to another location

  1. 1.Restore you company (SAJ or .SAI) file to some other location
  2. 2.Don’t opt for a temporary folder i.e. C:\Temp
  3. 3.Try and open the company file
  4. 4.If it opens, your problem is resolved
Method 2: Update Windows Firewall automatically
  1. 1.Uninstall the Sage 50 software
    • a.Go to Control Panel
    • b.Select Programs & Features
    • c.Search Sage 50 Accounting option
    • d.Right-click it
    • e.Click Uninstall
  2. 2.Install the software
    • a.Browse to C:\Sage\
    • b.Open the latest version of software
  3. 3.While installing the software, you will be asked to automatically update your firewall Click Yes

Sage 50 Firewall Ports To Allow on Windows OS

User need to allow following Ports in Firewall settings to work with Sage 50 Accounting software
Ports 3531, 13540-13545
Connection Manager: port 13531
MySQL: ports from 13540 to 13579
13531, 13540 – 13542
Process or Exe to Allow Sage 50 Canadian Edition Firewall Error Message Sage 50 Alchemex.NET.Installation.Advertise.exe

In case, you think you have a problem with following the steps, you can connect with our Sage 50 support team. The technical team of experts there will enable you to handle the issues well.

Help For Troubleshooting Windows Firewall Issue With Sage 50

There are instances where Windows Update error mistakenly appears as Sage 50 Firewall issue, the symptoms being the same. Thus, before you are assured of the issue being a firewall issue, you should examine the same against Windows update issue.
To do this, you must check if the Windows updates are still pending. If yes, complete the process and see if the company file opens.
Our AccountsPro team of technical experts will help you to know the process of identifying whether an error caused is due to the ending windows updates or because of the firewall blocking. To get in touch with our SAGE Accounting support , you can call on our help desk number +1-888-800-0165 .

Do You How Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Helps ?
Business owners always desire to keep a watch on the databases and check them against any kind of tampering. However, they are unable to be present within the premises all the time to make that sure. If you too are suffering from the same situation, you can connect with our AccountsPro Sage 50 experts. They will introduce you to Cloud Hosting for Sage 50 services. Using the feature will let you monitor your company files and databases from any corner of the world at any time of the day and through any device available to you.
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