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Sage 50 Crashes

Troubleshooting Sage 50 Crashing Problem While Working

How to Fix SAGE 50 Accounting Crashing Issues

Sage 50 Crash On Start

Issue Name : SAGE 50 Crashing
Applicable for Product: Sage 50,Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Premium,Sage 50 Canada,Peachtree ,Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Quantum, Sage 50 US Edition
Description : User getting Sage 50 Keeps crashing while opening Software, Sening Email, Opening reports, Paying bills, checking records, Startup or Just after a Windows 10 Update
Errors Messages : “Sage 50 has stopped working”
“Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working”

Sage 50 has been the most trusted software for many decades. The software, in itself, has all advanced security features but due to certain mishandling and mismanagement with the operating system or windows registry, you may face various issues/errors with your Sage. Your software may crash or lead to various known and unknown errors. Your software may crash and you need to call SAGE Support team to fix it .
Let’s take a look at certain reasons and causes due to which your sage 50 may crash.
The thumb rule says that if you want to continue working on your Sage 50, update/upgrade it to the version that matches your computer’s operating system.

Major Reasons of Occurrence of Sage 50 Keeps Crashing

Operating System

The first and the foremost step is to recognize what operating system you have been using. If you modify windows registry, your operating system may affect severely. Sage can’t be held responsible for such operation errors/issues.
We always recommend you to take back-up of all company/data file before proceeding further steps.
By calling SAGE 50 Support Number user can get root causes behind this issue which help the user for fixing What are the causes?

These are certain specifying reasons that we are highlighting. There can be various known and unknown reasons due to which your software may crash or face some minor or major difficulties.

  • ❏ Windows 10 installation update
  • ❏ Corrupt or Damaged windows installation
  • ❏ Installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators.

Common Crashes Issue With Sage 50

Situation When Sage 50 CrashReason Behind
Sage 50 Crashing Windows 10A user might have issues with Windows 10 OS, Due to compatibility issues or some services are not running might big cause Sage 50 crashing while working. Also a number of user face issues while the major Windows update brings by Microsoft. A user might face crashing not working problem, just installing latest Windows Update. Check the community talks over Sage 50 Crashing After Windows 10 Update
Sage 50 2019 Keeps CrashingWell, there is no direct reason, but user might experiencing Sage 50 freezing problem while doing or saving transaction, In some cases its take much time to respond. After July 2018 Major Windows update a number of user complaints that Sage 50 freezes while saving transactions.
Sage 50 Crashes When Opening ReportsWhen user tries to open, edit, view or modify Sage reports they might get crashing or not responding issue. Custom reports also badly effetced and takes too much time to open.
Sage 50 Crashes On StartupWhen user tries to open Sage 50 either by clicking or desktop shortcut or by CMD command, Sage will not open and error warning will display on the screen Sage has stopped working.
Sage 50 Accounting Has Stopped Working 2018A number of user face freezing or not responding error with Sage 50 when Microsoft launch Major update in July 2019. Also, there are some other situations like user not applied the latest update of Sage 50 2018 edition or installation not completed behind this issue.
Sage 50 Has Stopped Working Windows 10Microsoft brings a number of Windows service update on a regular basis, In many cases, users unable to stop such update or they don’t know how to stop the automatic Windows update. Also, it has been noticed that if user not applying the regular Windows update OS might work abnormally and Sage 50 users will receive crashing problem
Sage 50 Crashes When Entering BillsUser unable to make payments, saving transactions or while entering the payment details Sage 50 accounting keep crash and took a long time. Also user not able create a NEW inventory item just after Windows 10 V1709 (KB4041994) upgrade.
Sage 50 Crashes When PrintingWhile printing invoices, reports user might stick because Sage takes much time to respond and user face freezing, crashing or stopped working problem.In case when user trying to print on the network connectivity issue is big causes. Also the normal reason behind the sage printing problem are E-mail Writer damages, Network connectivity, printer problem or a driver not updated. Also in many cases user face Sage Printer Not Activated Error
Sage 50 Crashes After LoginAfter entering user name and password Sage 50 closed automatically or user might get Sage 50 Company file Won’t open error message on their screen.
Sage 50 Crashes When Paying BillsDuring Enter or Save Transactions in Sage 50 accounting, user will receive caching problem.
Sage 50 Crashes When Opening ReportsWhile creating reports or pulling old report user might face Sage Software not responding problem & Sage takes much time.
Sage 50 Crashes When EmailingWhen user tries to send Customer Invoices using Sage 50 either one or more customer or even batch processing or Email, nothing happed and Sage 50 Crash abnormally.
Sage 50 Payments CrashPayments lock up the entire Sage 50 program whenever user trying to enter payments detail or trying to make payments the main causes behind this issue DDF files damaged, User preferences file corrupted, Tablet PC / Touch Keyboard or Handwriting panel service enabled, Positions key damaged or data might corrupt in some cases User Account Control is enabled user might face freezing or not responding problem with Sage 50 while making bill payments.
Sage 50 Email CrashSBDDesktop.exe stopped working or user unable to send Email because the Outlook program not reposing or there was an issue with Email setup, find out all root caused Why Sage 50 Can’t Send Email
Sage 50 Receive Money CrashAfter selecting Customer ID when user going towards the receiving money window, Sage 50 Crash suddenly and Sage won’t create the receipt for the customer payments. While there is not specific reason, but according to experts, there are some compatibility issue just after Sage Upgrade.
Sage 50 Accounts Bank Reconciliation CrashSage 50 Banking reconciles crash and user locks up While open programs for bank reconciliation, user might caught in a crash problem in different situations like opening account reconciliation screen, opening account reconciliation window or for old reconciliation. Causes behind this issue are Damaged Userpref.dat or Bankrec.dat files. Also know Sage 50 Bank Reconciliation Discrepancy issue with solutions.
Sage 50 Payroll Email Payslips CrashSage 50 Payroll user when trying to Send employee payslips by email, Crashing issue might comes.
Sage 50 Crashing When Opening InvoiceWhenever Sage 50 wants to see, open, download or Email customer invoices using Sage, the program suddenly stopped and Sage Won’t work.
Sage 50 Payroll CrashingThere are numerous situations when Sage Payroll user face crashing problem like during opening Sage Payroll, sending salary slips or opening reports.

How to Fix Sage Crash While Working Problem

Resolution Method

Possible resolution methods can bring your software bank in working condition once again. In case, you don’t get the error resolved from your software, we recommend you contact our Technical Support Team.

  • ❐ For windows 8, set Sage 50 in compatibility mode. Follow the instruction to put this in compatibility mode.
  • ❐ Right-click on the Sage software and then click on properties.
  • ❐ Now, select the Compatibility tab.
  • ❐ Click on the box that is in the section of Compatibility mode. From the drop-down menu, click on Windows 8.
  • ❐ Select OK and then open Sage 50.
  • ❐ Now, make sure that Sage 50 does not show any error while opening.
  • ❐ Now, run the program as an administrator
  • ❐ Check Scales of High DPI override.
  • ❐ You need to make these adjustments in all the machines which have Windows 10 and even with the server software.

Note: Right click on sage software icon, if it is on Quick Launch Tool Bar. Unpin it from the taskbar. Once you change the desktop icon with the help of above steps, re-pin the icon by dragging it from Quick Launch Tool Bar.

Technical Help For Fixing Crashing Problems With Sage 50 Accounting

There are a number of cases where a user may face crashing or stopped working problem, For the instant help they can either reach the technical expert team on Sage 50 Chat or via dialing toll free number @ ☎+1-516-472-4307 and garner immediate support.Similar Issues

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