Unable To Locate Company File Error Sage 50

When performing the processes such as Data restoration, opening a data file installations and upgrades sometimes the process interrupts because of the unavailability of the company file or Sage 50 Failed To Open Company File issue. The Sage 50 failed to locate company file error mainly happens when there are missing files, corrupted data path in a file named configuration (INI) on a system, incorrect permissions, or data path error. There might be several other factors triggering the company file errors let’s learn them through the below troubleshooting guide.

Sage 50 Cannot Find Company File

Sage 50 Cannot Find Company File

Why Sage 50 Program Won’t Find Company File ?

What are the Primary Causes of the Sage 50 Won’t Find the Company Files Error?

  • Wrong data path in a file named configuration on a workstation
  • The company file has not been active in the new version</li>
  • Company file stored in a different location instead of the data path
  • The company file was mistakenly overwritten through a different company
  • Company file only used through Remote Desktop
  • Data loss after Windows 7 or XP upgrades
  • The workstation has been installed locally through a mapped drive
  • Switch from a single user license to multiple user license
  • Wrong permissions
  • Installing system to a new system using a new data path
  • Incorrect data path
  • Companies’ files browsing in Automatic Backup configuration restrict the program
  • Missing.SAJ or.SAI file
  • The data folder and icon file names are different
  • The company file has been migrated to another server or a shared folder
  • Company data has been shifted to a new system
  • Hidden files in the SAJ folder
  • Not created Multi-user
  • The Sage 50 Data Backup file has not been created properly
  • The data file is being shared on multiple systems & the data file is on a different release/version
  • The company file is stored in a SAJ Folder restricting Sage 50 while the backup restore
  • Lost system connection
  • Some files such as auto.cnf and syncstate files are missing in the SAJ folder
  • If the system found a pound sign (#) in the data file

While there are lots of causes behind Sage 50 Unable To Open Company File hence user have to closely inspect the warning message .

How To Resolve Sage 50 Finding Company File Failed Error ?

Here is the list of steps to rectify the failure to find the “company file” issue:
Method 1- Check the System Hosting Company data:

  • First of all, verify the computer that is hosting the company file-enabled connection manager or the correct connection manager.
  • Now install the Sage 50 connection manager in the system(Server) with the below steps:
    • Initially login to the location of the server
    • Next, download the Sage 50 version system using the official website
    • Now run file
    • Choose the language
    • Click OK
    • Choose Install tab
  • In case there enabled Windows Firewall then you will view a window asking the question If you need windows firewall automatically configured to operate with Sage 50
  • Click the Advanced tab if the server only contains the data file and none of them access the application on the server
  • Click the Next tab to begin
  • Choose the Server-only tab for the server components in Sage 50
  • Hit the Finish tab once completed
  • Open the company file using the system
  • Click the Help button on the Home page
  • Hit About Sage 50 tab
  • Enter the version & release option
  • Open the system that you are unable to launch the company
  • Click Start 50
  • Choose Open Sample Company using the welcome window

During Transfer Sage 50 To New Computer user firstly have to perform Copy Sage 50 Company File and then paste to another location.

Method 2- The Company File has Never Been Active in the new Version:

  • Choose File button
  • Click Open company file or if there appears the main window
  • Hit on the tab named Open an existing company
  • Choose Browse
  • Click on the company file in the list
  • Choose Ok to precede the conversion wizard
  • Check the company appears on the list after you close or reopen the Sage 50-US Edition

Method 3- Search the registry to find the previous version:

  • Hit Windows key & R simultaneously to display the run window
  • Click on the option which says Open
  • Enter Reg edit
  • Choose OK
  • It will display the company located in the previous version, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\Version\XX\Open History\XXXX.

Method 4- Check incorrect permissions or if it is locked:

  • Check the company folder is not right or locked
  • Check the inherited properties folder of the parent shared folder
  • Now should view and open the company file

Method 5-Check Mapped Drive is Disabled:
Map the drive on the system to the data location with the below steps:

  • Hit Windows+E button
  • Choose This PC tab
  • Select the Map Network Drive button along with the menu at the top
  • Click on the required drive letter
  • Hit Browse tab
  • Choose the system to map with the shared folder
  • Hit OK and then choose the Finish tab

Method 6-Verify the INI(Configuration) file on the system:

  • Firstly find the data path
  • Check the data path & program path
  • Search the INI file location
  • Open the suitable PeachtreeXXX.ini file according to the program version
  • Discover DATAPATH=.
  • Modify the content after the = to apply the right data path
  • Click on the File button
  • Choose Save
  • Now close the file named INI
  • Now close the file named INI
  • Re-open the Sage 50 program
  • Choose File button
  • Click the Open Company tab
  • Check the company file in the list

Method 7- Company File Backup Restore:

  • Open Sage 50
  • Choose the File option then click the Restore tab
  • Hit Browse tab
  • Choose the required backup
  • Select Open tab
  • Click Next button
  • Choose the required restore method from below:
    • Create a new company file with a New company
    • An existing company
    • Choose Next button
  • Click on the required restore options:
  • Web Transactions
  • Customized forms
  • Company Data
  • Intelligence reporting reports
  • Check the restore options
  • Choose Finish button

Find out about Sage 50 Backup Error users may face and types of Sage 50 Restore Error and their solution.

Assistance Sage 50 Unable To Search Company File

Hopefully, the guide helped you in getting rid of the error named Sage 50 cannot find company file. In case you facing any issues or need to ask other questions then get connected to the professional team of Sage Support. The experts are there to help in solving all your concerns. Use any of three mediums( Sage 50 Live Chat, phone number, or email) to reach the team member for exceptional assistance.

FAQs : Didn’t Find Company File Sage 50 Windows 11,10,8 Or MAC

How Would I Move The Company File To Another System When Fixing A Company File Error?

Discover the file and data folder with the below steps:

  • Open the Sage 50
  • Locate the File tab and then click Properties
  • Make sure you have chosen the name of the company file and location as well
  • Search for the company file with the given instructions:
  • Click on the File button
  • Hit the Properties tab to show the file name & location
  • Choose the hyperlink with blue color
  • Now you can easily view the direct file location on the page named Windows Explorer
  • Now copy the .sai file & .saj folder to an external device
  • Display the Sage 50 welcome page
  • Click on the option named Select an existing company
  • Now open the company file

What If Mistakenly Deleted The Company Data?

You can use the company data restore option to recover the deleted company file

How Do I Install Payroll Tax Updates & Services ?

  • Open Sage 50
  • Choose Services button
  • Click on Check for Updates tab
  • Hit the Check now button
  • Now start downloading the updates once you install the Sage 50

How Can I Delete An Expendable File In Sage 50 ?

  • Search for the clean data file
  • Now delete the below files:
  • Evntcls.dat
  • Jrnlcls.dat
  • All temporary files (search for *temp)
  • All "old" files (search for old* and *.old)
  • All .MKD files (search for *.MKD)
  • All .PTR files (search for *.PTR)
  • All .RPT files (search for *.RPT)

Now generate the new company folder
Hit yes button