Error During Restoring Backup Sage Software
Error During Restoring Backup Sage Software

User Can’t Restore Sage 50 From Backup

Various software tools have been introduced nowadays to make accounting processes easier for business enterprises irrespective of their sizes. Out of them all, Sage 50 has become the most useful.
This is because of the efficient working and advanced accounting tools and features that it offers. In Sage 50, like other software products, there are possibilities of the emergence of technical issues from time to time. One of the common issues is Sage 50 restoring error or kind Errors During Sage 50 Backup.
To understand the error in detail and know the steps to resolve the same, you can consult AccountsPro to dial Sage Support Number at any time of the day.

Why Unable Restoring Sage From Back Up ?

The reasons that cause the restore error in Sage 50 are as follows:

  • Damaged or corrupt backup file
  • Backup used is of an older version
  • Backups are compressed i.e. present as zip file

Though the cause can be any of the above, it may lead to the loss of data from your Sage 50 software. Backup is created to make sure the data is safely stored and when needed, it could be restored.

Using cloud hosting for Sage 50

If you’re a business owner who wishes to keep a watch on the Sage 50 company file and restrict the entry of external elements into the official databases, you can opt for Sage 50 cloud hosting services.
This will let you access your files from anywhere at any time through any device. You can obtain more details on the benefits of the cloud hosting facilities by contacting Sage 50 tech support experts.

How to fix Restoring Backup Failed Sage 50

Method 1: Repair damaged backup files
The backup is damaged when you save files directly to a removable device. The steps to resolve the issues include:

  1. Save the backup to local drive
  2. Copy it
  3. Paste it to the removable media
  4. This will allow the Sage 50 files and folders to get restored successfully
  5. In case, the error still persists, you can rename the backup file and change the extension from .PTB to .ZIP
  6. If the error still persists, know that your backup is of no use now

Method 2: If the older version is the problem

  1. Install the latest version of the software or simply upgrade to it
  2. Make sure you don’t get the error notification anymore

Method 3: If the file is as .ZIP

  1. Make sure you extract the .ZIP file
  2. Then restore it

Method 4: Clean out the company folder

  1. Create a backup for your company file
  2. You can also copy the company file and then paste it in a duplicate folder
  3. Exit the company
  4. Clean the company folder by deleting some of the files, including .dat files, DDF files, LCK files, MCD files, PTR files, RPT files, etc. Make sure you don’t delete the PTB files
  5. Reopen the software
  6. Try and restore again

Method 5: Simply restore a backup

  1. Locate the backup of company file
  2. Restore the backup into new company

Technical Support Sage 50 Restore Not Working Issue

If you have any doubt relating to the steps to resolve the error, you can connect with our AccountsPro Sage 50 Chat support experts. It has a set of skilled individuals to deal with different kinds of Sage 50 issues. You just need to call on Sage 50 helpdesk number +1-800-474-0179 to get help.

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  • Backstreets of Hickory

    I am having the error opening company.asd for one of my clients

  • Alersy

    I have been having issues with the system generated logs being blank. I created another company and am in the process of restoring a back up from a couple of weeks ago to see if the logs are showing from that time. if that doesn’t work I need to know what to do next. I have already tried the changing of the dat file to old and creating a new dat file but that just wiped out all of my old logs from previous years and created a larger problem for me. it is taking considerable time to restore the back up and I can’t keep going back to previous ones to try and find one that has everything if this one doesn’t work . Need to know if I get them back how to keep it from happening again. using sage 50 quantum, 2021- multi user on a windows 10 system, yes but it is still trying to restore the last backup

  • Caro Bower

    help us retrieve overdrives files? needs to reinstall Sage again to get the screenshot the technician needs, we have uninstall Sage 50 and re install it back but we have over drive the back files is there any way we can rescue those files back , restoring those overdrive files can we get those back? how can I retrieve over drive files on Sage 50

  • John

    Restoring Backup for Sage 50 file and gives error SAGE_SA_EILVER.dll missing , Using 2021.1.1 , Just one company file, others are working fine

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