How To Setup QuickBooks Multi-User On Client Machines

How do I Set Up QuickBooks to Run on All my Computers in My Business?

QuickBooks Setup Multiple Computers

QuickBooks Setup Multiple Computers

By setting up a multi-user network, your computers can get access to different files of your company.

If that’s not all, by setting up a multi-user network QuickBooks, you can share business data from other computers with numerous team members and add to your overall work efficiency.

It is a given fact that almost all QuickBooks users wish to sync their account with other computers. The most basic reason for such synchronization is to boost business productivity level several notches up. Also user can get the right details about QuickBooks Server Client Setup with multi-user mode.

Add to it, users can leverage the flexibility and can make use of relevant business data on multiple networks.

Do You know QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is also new innovation in group accounting , many user can work together anytime anywhere .

Why Do You Need To Set Up QuickBooks On Multiple Computers?

With the growth of a business, the demand for updated and accurate financial data multiplies. When you have multiple employees in a business, dealing with income and expenditure becomes difficult.

Only by setting up QuickBooks on multiple computers and editing company file becomes easy and convenient.

When you enable multi-user to access and edit the same company file simultaneously, you save company resources, time, and boost business productivity.

This also steps up a collaborative working environment, especially when it comes to building an accounting report.

How To Set Up QuickBooks on Multiple Computers?

Setting up QuickBooks on multiple computers boost collaborative working approach.

However, the main issue is not knowing how to properly sync QuickBooks files to numerous computers, which, in turn, slows down work efficiency significantly.

Hence, to ensure that you progress in your work in the right manner, here are the steps:

Note:  One computer must work as a HOST in order to set up QuickBooks on multiple computers.

  • Step 1: In your QuickBooks account, from the File menu, choose Utilities
  • Step 2: Select Host Multi-User Access
  • Step 3: Select Yes on the displayed confirmation window
  • Step 4: Go to the server of the computer where your company file is being saved and stored.
  • Step 5: On the server computer, select the Start menu and choose Database.
  • Step 6: Select QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Step 7: In case any folder location is not displayed, select Browse and go to the folder where the company file is stored.
  • Step 8: Select OK. Select Start Scan

    (Scanning will fix the firewall permissions to enable QuickBooks to connect with your network and fix the error)

  • Step 9: When the Scan is completed, select Close and open QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Note: To sync files of two different computers, both of them must be connected to the same network, and must have the right installation on every computer. The best way to do such a thing is to uninstall QuickBooks and then reinstall with the right option. You can also check the complete process Turn Off SYNC Manager QuickBooks in easy way .

Error , Issue While Setting UP QB Desktop On Server and Office PC

Although this is no rocket science, some business owners still make a mistake while setting up QuickBooks on numerous computers and that’s why seek the services of a professional.
Below are some error code user may face

For any kind of technical assistance and help,QuickBooks Support Number .