How To Set Up QuickBooks On A Network

You have multi-user mode but don’t know how to share it with other users. Then, you here are at the right place. Below, you get to know how to set up QuickBooks on a network. By following this method, you are able to share your QuickBooks Desktop account with other members of the team. In this, one system that connects all the systems with your account is the host computer that manages all the things. The host system is your Server system to connect with. Also Setting Up QuickBooks Server And Client is very easy process but you have to learn it carefully.

QB Desktop Network Setup

QB Desktop Network Setup

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QuickBooks Installation , Multi-User & Permission Setup On Network

Way to set up the QuickBooks Desktop on a network

  1. First of all, set up the QuickBooks Desktop in your system
    1. For this, download the software and then install it properly on your host computer
    2. Now, you have to select the install type as the Custom and Network install
    3. Click on the option I will be using the QuickBooks Desktop…; but if you just want your server system to be the host then click on the I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop…..
    4. You have to follow the instructions displayed on your screen
    5. While following the instructions do save the company files on the local drive of your system to share it easily with others
    6. You can also store the files on the server to save them.
  2. Now set the permissions of the folder
    1. Go to the folder that has the company files and right-click on it
    2. From the further options click on the Properties
    3. In the Security tab, go and click on the button Advanced
    4. Now select the QBDataServiceUserXX file and then click on the Edit option
    5. Allow the follow settings if they are not set to allow:-
      1. Write Attributes
      2. List Folder/Read Data
  • Create Files/Write Data
  1. Read Attributes
  2. Create Append Data
  3. Read Extended Attributes
  • Write Extended Attributes
  • Read Permissions
  1. Traverse Execute File
  1. Install the Server Manager of Database

In the first step, when you install the QuickBooks Desktop the Database Server Manager is also installed in your system. It helps your server system to share the company files with other systems via a network. So do check and verify that it is installed . Also you can Download QuickBooks Server Utility Manager for further setup .

  1. After that, set up the Administrator rights
    1. Firstly, close all the programs in your system
    2. Open the Control Panel and then select the Users Accounts to open it
    3. Locate the QBDataServuceUserXX
    4. Now click on the option Change the account type
    5. Select the Administrator
    6. After that, click on the Change Account type
    7. Click on Apply button and save all these changes
  2. Use the Database Server Manager
    1. When you check that it is installed already, then start using it
    2. Follow the steps to use it. The steps are:-
      1. Scan the folders having all the files that you are sharing with other systems. After completion of the scan, it shows folders in QuickBooks company files found section
      2. After scanning the drives that hold folders are shown in the tab Monitored Drives. In this tab select the drive to monitor all the folders
  • Manage the Database Server Manager that includes all other folders that help in running all the things properly
  1. Turn on the Hosting
    1. As you see that all the things are done then you just need to turn on the Multi-User Access on this server system
    2. Make sure that this feature is only used by the server system that is also the host of other systems
    3. In QuickBooks, click on the File menu
    4. Then, select the Utilities option
    5. Now click on the Host Multi-User Access option
    6. For confirmation, click on the Yes button.

If you are using Enterprise edition of QB , you need to follow Setup QuickBooks Enterprise Network  instruction  .

Support For QuickBooks Desktop Network Setting Up Issues, Problem

AccountsPro team is available for QuickBooks 24/7 Technical Support .
Now as you see that the above solution is lengthy but it’s affected in how to setup QuickBooks on a network. For any queries or issues, you can connect with the AccountsPro team via telephone number 📞 1-800-474-0179, send the email at AccountsPro Support team, or do a live chat with professionals.