Setup QuickBooks On Server And Client Machine
Setup QuickBooks On Server And Client Machine

Setting Up QuickBooks On Workstation And Server

In QuickBooks, a client-server setup enables the relationship between components of an application. It helps to initiate service requests for servers. So, if you need to use multi-user networks to access QB company files, it is mandatory to set up a server. AccountsPro compiled with the insights related to QuickBooks server-client setup and workstation settings which included both QuickBooks Setup On Network and correct way for QuickBooks Setup On Workstation.
Multi-User Setup in QuickBooks:

Moreover by using QuickBooks Server Utility Manager you can easily do QB multi-user setup.
You need to apply settings in QuickBooks desktop, server, and Windows. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Install QB On Server Machine

Step1- QuickBooks Desktop Setup:

Multi-user Network permits one system to host the company files, known as a server computer. It links the other computers connected to the Network. The computer that is not hosting the company files is referred to as workstations.

  • Initially, you need to proceed with downloading and installing the QuickBooks desktop on the server system.
  • After this, choose “Custom and Network install option for the type called install.
  • Click on I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing…If you need the complete version of QuickBooks Desktop on the server system.
  • If you need the server system hosting the files, click on” I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer.”
  • Once done now, you need to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • It is a better decision if you keep the company files on the server system local hard drive; it would help in ease of sharing the file over the Network.
  • If you need to keep the files on a network drive, you need to perform mapping of the drive.

Folder Permission and Rights QB Client Machine

Step 2- Adjust folder permissions:

Check the setting of the folder permissions through the below steps:

  • Click on the Start menu of Windows
  • Now open File Explorer
  • Once prompt locate the Security option
  • Hit Advanced button
  • Choose QBDataServiceUserXX
  • Click Edit tab
  • Adjust the below settings to Allowed:
  • Traverse Folder/Execute File
  • Read Extended Attributes
  • List Folder/Read Data
  • Read Attributes
  • Create Folders/Append Data
  • Write Attributes
  • Write Extended Attributes
  • Create Files/Write Data
  • Read Permissions
  • If you are unable to set permission correctly, then follow the below steps:
  • Locate the company file folder
  • Give a right-click on it
  • Click Properties button
  • Hit Security and then select Edit
  • Click QBDataServiceUserXX
  • Hit Full control
  • Select Allow
  • Click Apply and then choose the OK button

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Installation

Step 3- Database Server Manager Installation:

The QuickBooks installation installs the Database Server Manager on the system. The tool permits sharing company files across the Network. Ensure that you have installed the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. You can get full details about QuickBooks Database Server Manager Installation and setup .

Step 4- Adjust Administrative rights:

Follow the steps:

Step 1- Create a Windows user:

  • Click on the start menu
  • Choose All Programs
  • Hit Windows Small Business Server
  • Click Windows SBS Console
  • Choose to Users and Groups option
  • Click tab named Add a new user account
  • Enter the user information the follow the instructions on the Add a new User Account Wizard
  • Click on the new user administrator rights
  • At last hit Finish

Step 2- Set admin access to programs of the QuickBooks:

After QuickBooks Database Server Manager Installation, it automatically makes a new Windows user. You require giving user admin rights to run across the Network. Here are the steps:

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the start button
  • Open Control Panel
  • Choose User Accounts
  • Discover QBDataServiceUserXX according to the version of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click Change the type named Account
  • Hit Administrator button
  • Choose to Change Account Type
  • Click Apply

Step 6- Run Database Server Manager:

Once you have done with database server Manager Installation, you require scanning the company files. It allows users to work together in QuickBooks from multiple systems. Start folder scanning, monitor drives, and Managing Server Manager.

Enable Hosting Mode QuickBooks For Multi User

Step 7- Enable Hosting:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Locate File menu
  • Hit Utilities
  • Choose Host Multi-user access
  • Click the Yes button to confirm

Connect QuickBooks Sever Machine To Client

Server Setup on a Remote system:

Before remote access of the QuickBooks Desktop, you need to map the server or host system as a network drive to the specific workstations. QuickBooks Database Manager is a program through which users do the configuration for multi-user access. Follow the below instructions:

  • Locate the server system
  • Start downloading and installation of QuickBooks Desktop in it
  • Click on the File menu
  • Choose Switch to Multi-user mode
  • It will display Multi-user hosting setup window
  • Click Yes option
  • The QuickBooks Desktop installs and begins QBDBMgrN.exe as a background service.
  • It will prompt Multi-user setup information Page
  • You need to give a click on the OK button
  • Go to the company tab to add the required users
  • Click Users and then hit Setup users and roles
  • After that, hit the New button

Do you want to manage one or more companies in one QB, check out complete details QuickBooks Enterprise For Multiple Company setup.

The process needs to be done while Workstation Setup remotely:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Select Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Change Advanced Sharing settings
  • Now you need to expand the type of profile you are using
  • Below Network Discovery, click on the Turn on network discovery button
  • Hit the Password Protected Sharing tab, choose the Turn off Password protected sharing button
  • Click on Save changes

Resolve Issues during QuickBooks Server setup

The reasons behind the errors mentioned above associated with Server setup is below:

  • Not enable multi-user mode.
  • Third-party application or Firewall blocks the server and workstation communication.
  • Network connection errors
  • Dynamic IP address
  • Incorrect configuration of Network & folder permission

You can go for QuickBooks Hosting solution if don’t have enough budget and staff to manage QB on Server .
Fix the QuickBooks client-server setup errors:

Method 1- Verify the Point of sale enabled multi-user mode:

  • In case multi-user is enabled, click Switch Company file to single-user mode
  • Choose File button
  • Refresh multi-user connectivity by Clicking on Switch Company file to Multi-user mode option

Method 2- Renaming saved MS Activity:

  • Open the folder with MSActivity
  • Give a right-click on it
  • Click Rename option
  • Rename the file to OLDWSActivity
  • Close the POS in all workstations

So this is the ending of the article! I hope the information is beneficial to set up the server in the workstation and host computer. In case of any issue, you can get connected with AccountsPro QuickBooks professional team over the QuickBooks Support or do a live chat.

FAQs: Issues , Error , Problem Connecting QuickBooks Server To Client

How do I fix the server issue by editing the Windows host file ?

  • Close your QuickBooks
  • Hit on the Start option in the server system
  • Click Computer
  • Select either
  • C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc
  • C:\Windows\System64\Drivers\Etc
  • Perform the host file and choose Notepad
  • Write the IP address followed by the system name
  • Click on the Tab button to enter space
  • The workstation should have server system IP & computer name
  • The server system must have the server computer’s IP and system name
  • Save the changes

Can the wrong firewall configuration be the reason behind Server errors ?

Yes, the Firewall blocks the connectivity between client and server workstations. Therefore require manual configuration to fix the issue.

How do I map a network drive in Windows 10 ?

  • Hit Window icon
  • Write PC in the search box
  • Select This PC
  • Below the computer button, choose Map a network drive option
  • Choose any unused drive letter
  • Click Browse
  • Locate the network location with the company file
  • Hit OK once completed

How can I set Windows access permissions to share company files ?

  • Firstly click on the start button
  • Open File Explorer window
  • Discover the folder with company files
  • Choose Properties, then hit sharing
  • Click Add button
  • Choose the QBDataServiceUserXX of the suitable version
  • Adjust the permission level of the users as Full control
  • Click Share button

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