How To Take Backup Sage 50 Payroll Data

The backup and recovery option in Sage 50 payroll is used to create and store the data to prevent data loss. The data might be corrupted or damaged in such a case the Sage 50 payroll backup and restore is helpful. If they discovered the corrupted company file then the best decision is to restore the files from the previous data backup also helps when Sage 50 Won’t Find Company File. The below article presents the relevant procedure for taking backup and data restore in Sage 50.

Sage 50 Payroll Backup

Sage 50 Payroll Backup

Sage 50 Cloud Payroll Backup Process

Taking regular data backup is used to recover the corrupted data or even help to fix Sage 50 Corrupted Data. In case any error triggers on the system or mistakenly the important files get deleted then you can use the data restore option. Data backup is used to maintain data security.

Here are the steps for Sage 50 payroll Backup:

  • Open the menu bar then select File
  • Hit Backup option
  • Give click on the Next tab then select the files you need to include in the backup
  • Choose the Next button then select the Browse tab
  • Find the location you need to save the file
  • Give a name to the default file name to assist in the identification
  • Hit Save button
  • Choose Next tab
  • Select Finish option
  • Hit OK

There are mainly two ways for Sage 50 CA Backup, users can choose any one according to suitability and uses of Sage 50 accounting software.

Restore the Sage 50 Cloud Payroll Backup

There are several times when you require transferring the data of the payroll to a new system.
In this process you can restore Sage 50:, If you follow the instruction given below you will never receive any Sage 50 Error Restoring From Backup.

Before you proceed with a backup restore, you should print the reports for the re-process. If you require posting a nominal link reverse to the Sage Accounts system then you should print the report named Nominal Link Transaction. In case you check the location to store the backup then use the report named backup & restore log. This report contains the time, data, and backup location. Here are the steps to accessing the report:

  • Hit File button
  • Choose the Backup & Restore log tab
  • Steps to restore a backup:
  • Hit File button
  • Choose Restore tab
  • Select Next option
  • Select the files you need to restore then hit the Next button
  • Hit the Browse tab to find and then double-click on the backup file you need to restore
  • Choose Next then click Finish tabs
  • Fill in the user name, password & processing date then hit OK
  • No, you are all set to restore the payroll data to the backup point

AccountsPro experts are available for fixing Error Sage 50 Backup in case some warning message appears on the screen while taking Sage FAS Backup Process.

Fix the Sage 50 Output Error While Data Restore

The restore failure errors might happen because of several reasons including corrupted files, incomplete damaged installation, corrupted components labeled Windows management instrumentation (WMI), interrupted Restore process, and data path containing outdated data files. Here is the list of resolutions you need to follow to fix the restore data error in Sage 50:

Method 1-Use the Restored Data to Create a New Company File:

  • Open the Sage 50 with no open company page
  • Choose File
  • Click on the Restore button
  • Hit on the Browse tab and locate the backup location
  • Give click on Backup
  • Choose Open
  • Hit Next button
  • Click on the required files
  • Hit Next button
  • Choose Finish tab

AccountsPrp professional Sage 50 Data Recovery Service will help out in case backup data corrupted or you have no data backup for restoring.

Method 2- Fix the corrupted Windows components:

  • Open the Run window
  • Enter MSINFO32
  • Press OK
  • Check the correct registry key
  • Open run prompt
  • Enter REGEDIT
  • Hit OK
  • Locate the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C}
  • Now give a right-click on {D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C}
  • Choose Rename
  • Now give a new name to the key to old{D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C}
  • Launch Sage 50
  • Check the product displays and activated them as designed

Find out How To Recover Sage 50 Deleted Company File in simple steps there is no need to go to consult with any data expert team.

Method 3- Modify ptb to zip:

  • First of all, take a copy of the backup and paste it onto the desktop
  • Now give a name to .ptb to .zip
  • Locate the newly named file and give right-click on it
  • Choose “Extract All”
  • Now move the unzipped folder to the data path

Method 4- Run repair to fix data backup error:

  • Hit on the Windows start button
  • It will appear in the search field
  • Enter appwiz.cpl
  • Hit Enter key
  • Choose Programs & Features option
  • Now give right-click on the tab named Sage 50 Accounting
  • Choose Change button
  • Give click on the Repair option
  • Choose Next button
  • It will run the repair process
  • At last hit the Finish button

Method 5-Check the data path outdated files:

Here are the steps to use the database repair utility:

  • Once the tool started then there might be necessary all the files extract function
  • Now read the Agreement named End-user license
  • Hit Agree if you confirm all terms & conditions to launch using the tool
  • There appear available options in the tool:
  • Remove pervasive
  • Install Pervasive
  • Create a new local data path

Unable To Backup Payroll Data Sage 50 Accounting

Hopefully, the article helped you to take Sage 50 payroll backup and process backup restore. In case you face any difficulty while implementing a data backup process or if you need to explore more then reach the professional team or connect with the Sage 50 Payroll Chat team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What If I am unable to restore a backup?

Check there might be multiple company files in the data path. You can delete the unused copies of the company file.

How would I open the backup file of Sage 50?

1. First of all close the Sage 50cloud payroll
2. Locate the icon named Sage 50 cloud payroll and give right-click on it
3. Choose the Properties tab
4. Hit the compatibility option
5. Choose the checkbox named run this program as an administrator
6. Give click on the Ok button
7. Now launch the Sage 50 cloud payroll

How can I fix the backup error in Sage 50?

1. Open the main menu bar
2. Hit Help then choose About
3. Below are program details then note down the data directory with Company_XXX
4. Launch the Windows Explorer
5. Find the data directory
6. Open the desired folder which says Company_XXX then launch the submissions folder
7. Now locate the deleterequest.xml and give right-click on it
8. Choose Rename button
9. Write a new extension
10. Now open the Sage50 cloud payroll.

Why am I unable to give a new name to the deleterequest.xml file while troubleshooting a backup error?

This issue happens when the users have insufficient access. In this case, there requires a login to the system with a user having administrative rights.

Can I back up the data in multiple locations?

Yes, you can take Sage data backup to more than one location.

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