Create Reports in QuickBooks
Create Reports in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Reports: The Complete Guide

QuickBooks Desktop offers numerous reports that match the needs of your company. A report is a set of instructions that are used by the software to display data from your company file. You can access all available reports via the QuickBooks Reports menu. AccountsPro team explained step by step How To Create Custom Reports in QuickBooks in easy way. Moreover, each business and company have different requirements, hence QB facilitating users to generate reports on demand or user can schedule reports to generate and send to emails.

Create Or Generate Reports in QuickBooks Desktop

How to generate QuickBooks reports

QuickBooks Desktop displays reports using a set of instructions commonly known as a Report Set. Through this instruction set, information is extracted from the data file and displayed as a set of lines of transaction. Report set sets out what transaction lines are included in the report and whether the report contains any Source or Goals or both. Also QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting system gives you more insights about business in and out . These reports set include:

  • The report’s hard-coded layout in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Default filters
  • The embedded filters which make up this structure
  • Settings on the display and filters tabs

QuickBooks looks at individual transaction lines when compiling a report. If a line matches the report set, the line is inserted into the report.

Note: The different reports interpret a transaction differently so that the two reports that you may think would be of the same amount might actually display different amounts. QuickBooks Consolidated Reports enable you to generate and club data of multiple companies .

Types Of Reports User Can Generate in QuickBooks

Available reports in QuickBooks Desktop

There are several different types of reports available in QuickBooks Desktop. Here are some of the basic report groups that are available in the various QuickBooks Desktop editions and versions:

S. No Report Groups Description & Sample reports
1 Company and financial You can easily find out the company financial reports such as profit and loss standard, balance sheet standard, profit and loss detail, balance sheet detail
2 Customers and receivables You can find out how much customers owe and its due date and these sample includes A/R Aging summary, open invoices, A/R Aging Detail
3 Sales reports This report helps in finding the information related to customers, sales receipts, items, pending sales, and sales orders. The sample reports such as customers sales summary, customers sales detail
4 Jobs, Mileage, and Time With the help of this report, you can find out about estimating jobs, the time spent on every single job as well as the mileage expenses. The sample includes a summary of job profitability, detail of job profitability, job estimates
5 Vendors and Payables The reports tell you about the company owed as well as the overdue payment. The sample includes A/P Aging Summary, Vendor Balance Summary, A/P Aging Detail, Vendor Balance Detail, and Unpaid Bills Detail
6 Purchase Reports Here you can find purchase and open purchase orders such as vendor purchases summary, vendor purchases detail, open purchase orders
7 Inventory Reports This report tells you about inventory value, stock status, and pending builds, including a worksheet for checking your physical inventory. The sample such as Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Valuation Detail
8 Employees and Payroll Information related to employees, payroll, and payroll expenses find here. The sample reports include Payroll Item Detail, Payroll Summary, and Workers Comp Summary
9 Banking Reports This report helps you in finding the information related to banking transactions such as Deposit detail, missing checks, Check Detail, Reconciliation Discrepancy, and Previous Reconciliation
10 Accountant and Taxes Here, you can find accounting activities information as well as income tax preparation such as trial balance, Audit trail report, trial balance
11 List It includes the information of your company such as Account Listing, Customer Phone List, Terms Listing, Price Listing, and Vendor Phone List
12 Contractor Edition reports You can do this report in an enterprise version with advanced job costing that helps you to analyze data of the job which makes more money. The sample reports include: Cost to Complete by Job Summary, Job Cost by Vendor Summary, Unpaid Bills by Job
13 Manufacturing and wholesale edition reports Customized software designed to streamline production and control finances more efficiently for producers and wholesalers
14 Non-profit edition reports Customized tools to help you in handling Nonprofits finances of their company more effectively, efficiently, and easily
15 Professional services edition reports Great for consultants, developers, architects, attorneys, designers, and ad agencies
16 Retail edition reports Built specifically to help retailers handle sales, inventory, and knowledge about their customers

Steps to see the graphical presentation of your running business

The very first, go to the Company menu and then select the Home Page and look for the Insights menu. Now, you can find the varieties of reports such as previous year income comparison, profit & loss, top sales customers, etc and you can choose from.

Things you can also do with QuickBooks reports

QuickBooks allow you to set preferences from the QuickBooks Edit menu and accordingly you can create, access, and modify memorized reports. You can Set up and modify scheduled QuickBooks reports as per the requirements. This feature is available in the 2017 to later versions that allows you to recur schedule time and send reports on a regular basis. You can also customize and combine reports from multiple company file in QuickBooks.

Help For Creating Reports in QB Pro,Premier, Enterprise

AccountsPro team is always available to assist you on QuickBooks Support Phone Number , even for QB reports setup and settings . Hopefully, you find this blog more useful as it provides you the complete guide of QuickBooks reports including how to generate reports, the available reports as well as you can see the graphical presentation. To explore more, you can easily connect with 📞 1-800-474-0179 toll Free of AccountsPro, drop an email at AccountsPro QB Support, or do a live chat with dedicated professionals.

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