Custom Reports QuickBooks Desktop
Custom Reports QuickBooks Desktop

Create Customize Reports QuickBooks

What Is Custom Reports in QuickBooks ?

The custom reports referred to a report that you make. You are authorized to decide how it ought to be shown. QuickBooks have numerous pre-generated reports through which users can perform modifications.

Significance of custom reports in QuickBooks:

Custom reports play a major role to monitor the financial conditions of the business. QuickBooks permits you to create a specific report of the finance domain to visualize the in-depth information of the business. The report customization lets the organization to monitor the performance. They can do a comparison between the past and present reports. It acts as an incredible time-saver element of QuickBooks to filter specific accounts and format them according to their convenience. AccountsPro also highlighted about Advanced Reporting QuickBooks Enterprise features .

Creating Custom Reports QuickBooks Desktop

How to do QuickBooks Custom Reports?

QuickBooks permits report customization through which one can modify the report as per their choice. It includes addition, deletion of rows & columns, adding information on the footer or header, adding style and font of the data, and more.

Below-described is the list of steps:

Step 1:

Execute a report:

  • Navigate the reports menu
  • Search for the preferred report and open it.
  • Now make use of general filters present at the upper side of the reports to perform various adjustments such as dates, time, etc.
  • Choose customization to display the customization window

Step 2:

Report customization:

Here you can easily apply several filters on reports. To set the specific filter on the report, you need to explore the following sections to discover what you can customize.

Below is the list of some sections:

  • Filter section:

Select accounts that you want to display on the report. Entire accounts are listed by default. This permits to add the restrictions and criteria to the report. It is used in the organization where there is a need to create a report for an isolated objective like troubleshooting

Below are the steps to apply the filter on the report

  • Locate filter list and select the filter that you wish to apply
  • Discover filter detail information, select extra information required by QuickBooks to perform filter accurately
  • Highlight the selected filter from the filter button column after that select Remove selected filter
  • Hit on Ok
  • General section:

Modify things such as report time, font & number format. You can even choose the date manually through the calendar icon.

  • Rows/Columns section:

Select which rows and columns that you want to display on the report. There are different categories present in this tab like display column by, sort by, add sub column, advanced and more. If you want to add a sub-column on the report prefer sub-column tab, there is an advance tab for the reports types including customer balance detail, Sales by item, sales by customers, and more.

  • Header/Footer section: 

This user can modify the report information located at the top and bottom sections. The header information represents the content that displays above the data whereas the footer is the information present on the below section of the report.

  • Font & number section

Choose the format and name of the report. You can modify the appearance like font style, size, and more.

  • Collapse Columns:

You can even collapse the report’s column depending upon the specific class or jobs. To collapse complete classes, you are required to choose the collapse columns present on the report menu bar and then select on +sign. For single class collapse hit on –located at the left corners of the particular column that you have selected to collapse

Step 3

Select Save customization

Check out How To Generate Consolidated Report QuickBooks , a step by step procedure & helpful resources by AccountsPro team .

Help QB Reports Customization

Hopefully, you have learned through the above-written steps for QuickBooks custom reports. So follow the guidance to create customize reports and save your time. In any case, you failed to understand the concepts related to the above-mentioned concepts or face any other QuickBooks error connect with QuickBooks Technical Support Number of AccountsPro ProAdvisor at toll free 📞 1-800-474-0179. There is another method present in case you fail to reach through a phone that is dropping an email or can do a live chat to receive an instant reply from the experts.

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