Integrate Excel With Sage 50

Connect the Excel program with Sage 50 accounts to enhance the visualization of the reports. The Sage 50 Excel integration lets you have the ease of running the excel spreadsheets directly with the components of accounting software. It helps in organizing data, logical spreadsheets & charts. Before linking Excel with Sage 50, you need to set up the company data file to smoothly work with it. The team of AccountsPro compiled a guide related to Sage 50 Excel Integration moreover get in touch with Sage Support Number to learn which excel version you can use with Sage 50.

Sage 50 Excel Integration

AccountsPro complete details and step by step Sage 50 Office 365 Integration will help to use MS Office 365 with Sage 50 accounting.

How To Setup An Excel Integrated Reporting In Sage 50?

You can use the ODBC and Excel Integration Reporting to run Sage-related reports in the Excel Spreadsheet. Here are the steps for setting up EIR for Sage Accounts:

Find The Sage 50 Option In Microsoft Excel

Step 1-Check if the Sage options are available:

Microsoft Office 365 is not compatible with EIR therefore you should install 32-bit Desktop applications. Follow the instructions to run the standard reports:

  • Open your Excel to open the blank workbook
  • Verify the Sage option appears. If not found then give a click on the Next button
  • It will link the company data
  • Hit on the File button then choose Options
  • Select Add-Ins then choose the drop-down named Manage
  • Give click on the Excel Add.Ins
  • Hit Go button
  • Now choose the Sage Add-ins and then Hit the OK button
  • Select the drop-down which says Manage and then choose COM Add-ins
  • Hit Go

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Connect Sage 50 Company To Excel

Step 2-Connect to the Sage company data:

  • Go to the Sage tab and then hit on the drop-down named Sage Applications
  • Choose Sage 50 Accounts
  • Now hit the drop-down labeled Companies and then hit Add Company
  • Check the company is listed if not then choose it and then hit the OK button
  • If the company does not appear in the list then hit Browse to the noted company data directory and then choose Setup.dta
  • Hit Open button
  • Fill in the login credentials and then select the OK button

Run Report In Sage 50

Step 3-Running Report:

You can even use the login name to run the EIR. Follow the steps to run a report:

  • Hit the Sage button
  • Choose the drop-down named Sage reports
  • Select the report you need to run
  • Give click on the Insert button
  • This will add the selected report to the active cell of the opened sheet.

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How To Connect Excel To Sage 50 Using ODBC?

Use ODBC to connect Microsoft Excel and Sage 50 data:

Microsoft Excel lets you link it to the Sage 50 company data via ODBC. It helps in creating reports via company data directly from Microsoft excel. Here is the procedure to do the same:

  • Choose the Start button, click on Settings, choose Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and then Data Sources(ODBC)
  • It will prompt the ODBC Data Source Administrator window
  • Hit Add button
  • Choose the Pervasive ODBC Engine Interface
  • Select Finish tab
  • Fill in a Data source name
  • Click on the field named Database Name, discover, and choose Sage 50 Company database
  • Hit OK
  • In the software, you need to use, you’ll require to link it to the new ODBC database. In Microsoft Excel 2017 & advanced, here are the steps:
  • Open the Microsoft Excel
  • Click on the Data option
  • Now select a group named Get External Data
  • Hit the tab named From Other Sources
  • Choose From Data Connection Wizard
  • Click on the ODBC DSN on the Data connection Wizard window
  • Hit on ODBC DSN and then select the Next button
  • Search for the created database and then hit the Next tab
  • Fill in the User Name(ID) with Password to permit access to the Sage 50 company file externally
  • It will set up the Data Access report option in the Main user’s tab in Sage 50.
  • Make sure the User name(ID) sets to Peachtree
  • Hit on OK button
  • Choose the table you needed
  • After then hit the Next button
  • Choose Finish tab
  • It will display an import data window
  • Hit Ok button
  • It will display a dialog asking you to write a password so fill in the same password you entered previously
  • Choose OK

You can follow the steps to resolve the Sage 50 Error Connecting to Data Base issue while using ODBC to connect Sage accounting to excel.

Help Unable To Connect Sage 50 To Excel Program

Hopefully, the above article about excel Sage 50 integration is helpful! Don’t worry if you fail to perform any of the steps for the first time. Get connected with Sage 50 Support to connect with the consultant team. Use a Sage 50 Live Chat option to do chatting with an expert or send an email regarding queries to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Link Microsoft Excel If Having A Single Sage 50 Accounts Data Set?

✔ Click on the Search box
✔ Enter odbcab32
✔ Choose ODBC Data sources
✔ Hit System DSN then give a click on the 32-bit data source for the Sage 50 Accounts versions
✔ Choose the Data option and then hit the Get External Data option
✔ Select From other Sources tab then choose From Microsoft Query tab
✔ Click on the needed data source
✔ Hit OK
✔ Write the Sage 50 account name with the password
✔ Now follow the Query wizard to select the needed data for the query

How Would I Verify The Data Directory In Sage 50?

✔ Hit the Help option
✔ Choose the About tab
✔ Click on the Program details option to write the data directory

What If The Modify Or Refresh Options Are Greyed Out After Upgrading Excel Integrated Reporting?

✔ Check there should be compatible Microsoft Office and advanced versions of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts
✔ Verify you have logged into the Sage50 Cloud Accounts software for the needed company
✔ Check if you have needed Access Rights in the Sage 100 Cloud Accounts
✔ Make sure you are logged into Windows with administrator credentials
✔ Check the antivirus settings to prevent conflicts with Sage accounts
✔ Now check the Excel document is executing in the compatibility mode

How Do I Reinstall The EIR To Fix The Sage 50 Excel Integration Errors?

✔ Close all active programs
✔ Download the Sage Accounts version
✔ If prompted for saving the file then save the file with, ExcelIntReportingInstaller.msi and then hit the Save button
✔ The saved file gets automatically saved in the Downloads folder
✔ Open the file by double-clicking on it
✔ The installer begins the progressing bar
✔ Wait till the installation completes

Can I Add An Existing Report After Sage 50 Excel Integration?

You can add any report in Sage cloud Accounts and then use it in the EIR. Here are the steps:
✔ Open the Sage Accounts
✔ Browse to the reports and then give click on the report you need to save to the EIR
✔ Hit the Edit button
✔ Choose the Report Headings and then hit Delete
✔ Hit on the Edit button and then choose Select All
✔ It will display a Formatting toolbar
✔ Hit the Align left option then delete the selection
✔ Select the blank field
✔ To allot each column of the report then hit the column heading option
✔ Hit and hold the Shift button
✔ Select the other objects in the column
✔ Hit on the Format button on the menu bar and point to the Alignment button
✔ Select the Left option
✔ Set the additional columns and then repeat the above steps
✔ Open the Report Designer
✔ Click on the menu bar then hit on the Report button
✔ Choose Report Properties
✔ Write a new report name with a description
✔ Hit the OK button
✔ Go to the menu bar to hit on the File button
✔ Choose Save As an option
✔ Browse to the directory given below:
✔ ‘C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\[year]\Company.000\Reports\Excel’
✔ Give the report a new name and then hit the Save button
✔ Open the menu bar to hit the File tab and then Exit

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