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Sage 50 Closes When Opening Invoice

Sage 50 Closes When Opening Invoice

Why Sage 50 Closed While Open Invoice

When entering or saving the transactions the Sage 50 Suddenly Crashes and interrupts the work. It usually happens if there is a corrupted company file or incomplete Windows update. However, there might be several other causes behind the program crashes when opening an invoice in Sage 50. The occurrence of this issue came up with the error message Sage 50 Cannot Be Started when trying to open a program or active windows crashes. With AccounsPro guide to troubleshooting the error Sage 50 Closed during open invoice .

Causes & Reason Sage 50 Closes Whenever Opening Invoices

What are the Primary Reasons Behind Sage 50 Closing When Opening the Invoice?

  • The corrupted company files
  • Incomplete Windows update
  • Corrupted Windows files
  • Damaged pervasive or DDF files
  • Windows 10 update creator might be the reason for an error
  • Corrupted reports files
  • Corrupted or damaged file named RPTDATAI.DAT
  • Windows profile error
  • Actian” database mismatch or failure to upgrade correctly
  • Corrupted reports files
  • Security software files locked
  • Corrupted data folder

How to Rectify “Sage 50 Closed Down After Opening Invoice”?

Here is the list of steps to fix Sage 50 closes when opening an invoice:

Method 1- Delete DDFs & Pervasive Reinstallation:

  • Search the company directory with the below steps:
  • Use the Registry editor to search the company files:
  • Hit the Windows key +R button on the keyboard
  • Enter Regedit
  • Hit OK
  • Open the left pane then search the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\Version.
  • Now expand the key for the Sage version:
  • o Version 2016: 23
  • o Version 2017: 24
  • o Version 2018: 25
  • o Version 2019: 26
  • o Version 2020: 27
  • o Version 2021: 28
  • Click the Open History tab and then choose the flavor folder below it
  • There will display a list of active opened company files with a directory in the column named Data on the right pane
  • Once you are done with this close the window named Registry Editor
  • Now close the Sage 50
  • Find the data path & program path
  • Choose the corrupted company directory and delete the file with a . DDF extension
  • Now completely delete the Pervasive
  • Next, reinstall the Pervasive
  • Check whether the error is fixed or not

You can get the solution of all issues either Sage 50 Shut Down issue or you are facing Sage 50 Won’t Open problem comes whatever the reason or issue.

Method 2- Set Windows 10 Compatibility To Windows 8:

  • Locate the Sage 50 icon and then give a right-click on it
  • Hit Properties tab
  • Choose the option named Compatibility
  • Unselect Run this program in compatibility
  • Click on the drop-down
  • Now choose Windows 8
  • Check program & company file display on the screen without errors
  • Method 3- Set Run as Administrator:
  • Give a click on the icon named Sage 50
  • Hit Properties button
  • Choose the tab named compatibility
  • Verify Run as Administrator
  • Check program & company can open & operations can be completed without errors

Learn what types of option you have whenever you are facing Sage 50 Stopped Working After Windows Update Install issue or problem.

Method 3- Corrupted RPTDATAI.DAT

  • Search the data path location
  • Discover the data path & program path
  • Now open the folder named Company
  • Choose RPTDATA.DAT
  • Next, rename it to RPTDATA.OLD
  • Hit Enter button
  • When you open the program you will get a message asking you to generate a brand new or empty file
  • Choose Yes button

Another method for fixing Sage 50 Data Corruption issue explained by the team of AccountsPro team.

Method 4- Fix Data Corruption

Generate a clean data folder or expendable file cleanup:

  • Find the clean data folder you generated
  • Now delete the corrupted files
  • Next, open the new company folder
  • Hit on Yes button on all prompts to generate new empty files

Assistance Sage 50 Failed To Open As Soon As Open Invoice

That’s all for today! Hopefully, now you easily tackle when your Sage 50 closes when opening an invoice. If the issue persists then get connected with a professional team. Use a live chat, Sage 50 Support Number , or email address to reach them.

FAQs : Closing Problem When Open Invoices Sage 50 On Windows 11,10,8 Or MAC

What If The Corrupted Report Folder Interrupts The Opening Of The Sage Invoice?

  • First of all close the Sage 50
  • Search for the data path
  • Now discover the data path & program path
  • Locate Reports and give a right-click on it
  • Choose Rename button
  • Now give the folder name to OLD reports
  • Next download a suitable replacement folder copy in the Attachments section
  • After this, insert it into the data path
  • If the program version does not appear in the Attachment section then run the Repair tool

How Would I Remove Actian To Fix The Sage 50 Close When Opening The Invoice?

  • Firstly close Sage 50 Accounting-U.S. Edition
  • Open the Run window
  • Enter Control Panel
  • Choose “OK”
  • Click Programs & Features button
  • Uninstall the listed version of Actian PSQL v13 Workgroup R2
  • Next, close the Control Panel
  • Enter Windows+R and then enter C:\
  • Hit OK
  • If there delete the pvsw & pvswarch folder
  • Now delete the PSQL_v[version number]_Install.log
  • Find the C:\Windows\Programdata
  • If there Actian software folder then gives the name to OldActian software
  • Close the system
  • Open Run window
  • Enter Regedit
  • Hit OK
  • Locate Computer, click Export and then save the registry backup
  • Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node
  • Close window “Registry Editor”

How Do I Create A Clean Data Folder & Expendable File Cleanup?

  • Ensure that the system is set to display file extensions & hidden files
  • Find the data directory name & location
  • Discover the program path & data path
  • Search the data path
  • Make a new folder inside the data path and right-click on it
  • Choose”” New”
  • Click Folder
  • Now give a new name to the folder
  • Open the actual company file and then copy the. DAT files, ATTACHMENTS and KMSKeys.xml
  • Use the new folder to open the company file

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