Sage 50 Canada AutoEntry Integration

The Auto-entry syn app is firstly integrated into Sage 50 Canada to extract the needed data before posting. It requires simple scanning, capturing images of the documents, or sending an email of the file you need to capture. In this, you can easily capture item details, and tax summaries including quantity, unit price, and description. It also syncs several invoices to match and open purchase orders. The below article is rounded up with the guide explaining the use of Sage 50 Canada Autoentry, its integration, and the sync process. Let’s delve into the below section to know in detail. Also, you can get tools and Sage 50 ADD ON which is very helpful for accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Sage 50 canada AutoEntry

AutoEntry With Sage 50

What Is AutoEntry APP?

Auto-entry is a cloud-based program used to automate data entry by accurately capturing documents into Sage 50. It eliminated the requirement for manual data entry. You can easily submit documents, do smart analysis, and auto-publish and extract data.  It allows the data extraction of the document and other files using the mobile app. This helps in quickly and correctly uploading data into the accounting platforms. Moreover, it provides collaborative options which let accounting partners, bookkeepers, and other stakeholders collaborate securely on scanned files.

Does AutoEntry Work With Sage 50?

The Sage and Auto Entry integration includes using the multi-user mode. It needs to use the AutoEntry Desktop sync to create an extra user. You can use the setup drop-down during Sage 50 Canada and click Setup users. The AutoEntry Desktop syncs App ensures the new user has enabled write/read access and full accounting rights.  Here is the list of steps to configure the Sage 50 Canada Autoentry integration:

  • Open Sage 50 CA’s setup
  • Click the menu named Setup users and Roles
  • Now create a user for Auto-Entry using read/write access & accounting rights
  • Download & install option with Auto-Entry Sync App
  • Launch the AutoEntry Sync App
  • Now log in with login details of the AutoEntry
  • Choose the Auto Entry Company you need to connect
  • Search the Sage 50 company location
  • Fill in the username & password

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AutoEntry Integration with Sage 50 Canada

The Auto-entry Sync App is used to link the Sage 50 Canada company file in the system for Auto-entry. This app is used to sync the data between the Sage 50 on the AutoEntry website and the desktop. Here laid down the steps for the integration process:

  • Firstly make sure you have enabled multi-user mode in Sage 50. It is recommended to create an additional user with password credentials within Sage to be used through AutoEntry Sync. In this case, use the drop-down Setup to set up users. If face any Sage 50 Error then use the SySadmin user. Once you assigned the password then there available the Add user option is. It is suggested to give a name auto entry to the new user to let you ease differentiating the user.
  • After setting up the user close the Sage 50 Company file to save applied changes
  • Next download the AutoEnty sync app
  • After the download process is complete run it
  • While executing open the Sync App
  • You will get a login page on the screen to enter the login details
  • Once you enter the login details then a window will appear on the screen
  • Choose the Company you need to integrate with Sage 50 Canada
  • Hit Connect button
  • You will display a new window to fill the folder path, username, and password to link a Sage 50 Canada company file.
  • Make sure that you have selected Accounting software as a drop-down menu of Sage Canada
  • You can discover the folder path using Sage 50
  • Hit File button
  • Choose Properties tab
  • Click on the path location on the pop-up page
  • Fill in the username & password with the new details you recently set up previously
  • Make sure the connection should not set up with the sysadmin information

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AutoEntry Synchronization Sage Canada

Sage 50 is a locally installed and hosted system on system. There is no direct method to integrate AutoEntry. Thus there developed a sync app named AutoEntry is downloaded and run on the computer. It lets the data transfer using Sage 50 to Auto-Entry & vice versa. Here are the steps to use the AutoEntry Sync installer:

  • Firstly use the Download button on the official website
  • Click on the Download tab to download the installer of AutoEntry Sync
  • Now run the Installer
  • Next the basic instructions
  • Check the requirements of .NET Framework 4.7 +
  • Once the installation completes then run the AutoEntry Sync app using the Start menu
  • Once opened the AutoEntry Sync is, writes the normal login details of the AutoEntry
  • Now start linking the company file to AutoEntry

To get the issue resolved instantly while using AutoEntry with Sage 50 just click the Sage 50 Chat button given below.

AutoEntry Error Issue Canadian Sage 50

Several issues are interrupting the AutoEntry Sync and Sage 50 integration. Here are the below issues:

Not running Sync App Desktop Service:

The most basic issue would be not running the sync app service. To verify if the sync app service is running or not you need to open the Integrate window in Auto-entry. It will show the desktop sync service status i.e. running or not running.

Find out what users can do When the Sage 50 Stop Responding issue comes after the integration of Sage 50 with AutoEntry.

AccountsPro experts are available for fixing Error Sage 50 Backup in case some warning message appears on the screen while taking Sage 50 Backup Process.

Fix AutoEntry Sync App Is Not Running Issue

  • If the sync app is executing however you failed to publish the invoices then check you have not selected the re-sync tab after clicking on the publish option on any invoices. Hit re-sync interrupts them from the option named publishing to Sage
  • Verify the integration status on the company list through AutoEnty Sync App or AutoEntry website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Features Do I Get With AutoEntry In Sage Canada?

1. Simplify bill allocation
2. Ease of capturing bank statements

Do I Get The Feature Of Integrating AutoEnty If Using Sage Business Care Plans?

Yes, if you enabled silver or a payroll plan you can easily integrate the AutoEntry option with Sage Canada. get more details to dial Sage Support Number now.

How Would I Fix the Unable To Connect To The Sage 50 Canada Company File?

Check the database connection manager service is executing. It is usually caused by an incorrect company file path. Here are the steps to resolve the issue:
1. Make sure that there is a correct username with the right company file path. For this verify the incorrect spelling or capitalization.
2. Check out if you have copied or pasted into the sync app the same as it displays on the Sage account.

Is There Any Protocol To Install/ Download AutoEntry Sync App?

1. Make sure you have installed the AutoEntry sync App on the same machine as the Sage company file.
2. The company files are usually stored locally on the Sage driver but backed up to the cloud service. You can link the Sync app to the locally stored files instead of the hosted versions.

What If I Need To Install The AutoEntry App On A Server?

You should install the AutoEntry sync app on the Server using network access. Use the shared folder and server configuration to do the same.

Is It Necessary To Provide Read/ Write Access To The User To Use The AutoEntry Sync App?

Yes, it is required to provide full accounting rights and read/write access to the user.

How would I restart a Console Application?

1. Open the PC with AutoEntry Sync App on it
2. Now launch the AutoEntry Sync Application
3. Hit re-start Desktop service
4. It will open a black window
5. Make sure you can see the company list on the sync App

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