Why My QuickBooks Turned Black and White ?

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the effective accounting solutions utilized by both small and medium-estimate businesses. While using this application for payments, payroll management operations, and other financial tasks, several issues may arise. Among all these errors, there is one display-based issue might user faces in which the screen appears black instead of white. QuickBooks users often found this error when their QuickBooks desktop has been used for several months. AccountsPro will discuss the solution of My QuickBooks Turned Black and white and other related tasks.

QB Screen Turned Black

QB Screen Turned Black

Reason Behind QB Desktop Screen Turns Black

Main indications behind the QuickBooks Desktop sudden screen go black:

Black boxes and horizontal lines display on the desktop due to the following cases:

  • Absence of some buttons
  • The sizing icons are missing at the right corner of the screen
  • A transaction form is not compatible on screen
  • The display appears distorted while minimizing and maximizing a window
  • The font size grows large
  • Labels of the field are hidden or sometimes they seem overwritten.

You can go through all the steps for resolving QuickBooks Windows File Exist Error otherwise your multiple attempt to open QB would be failed.

Fix QuickBooks Screen Black Or White Issue

How to rectify QuickBooks Desktop Screen transform Black and White error masterly?

Solution 1-Restart the software:

Try the basic troubleshooting step i.e. restart of QuickBooks desktop installed on your system. You need to verify whether the DBW32.exe file is switched off. Ensure that it is not executing in the background while performing this solution.

After checking follow the below-given steps:

  • Locate windows Start option, enter taskmgr and then hit on the Enter key
  • Now Windows Task Manager will appear on the screen
  • Navigate processes option to display the log of the entire background processes running in the background
  • If you are accessing QuickBooks desktop in Windows 10 and if these tabs are not visible you need to click on More Details located at the bottom of the window
  • Search for QuickBooks .exe file
  • When you discover the respective file then you need to end the process for that locates the End task.

Solution 2-Reboot QuickBooks Desktop:

  • For window XP, 7 & Vista users:
  • Navigate start button present on the taskbar
  • Hit on small arrow located next to the right of shutdown option
  • Click on Turn off button and choose Restart
  • For Windows 8 and beyond systems:
  • Locate start menu
  • Hit on tab power option
  • Select Restart

Solution 3-Switch windows theme to basic:

Here are the steps:

  • Discover personalize by right-clicking the desktop
  • Pick any basic windows theme
  • Now you need to restart the system and then open QuickBooks to know the issue is resolved. If not then go through the next step.

Solution 4-Update video card drivers to the advanced version:

To perform this you are required to open the run command. Follow the steps:

  • For this press windows button + R from a keyboard linked with your system
  • Enter dxdiag and then hit on the Enter key
  • Now navigate Display 1 to discover the model and manufacturing detail
  • Now you can download the required updates


  • Locate the start button and enter the control panel
  • Hit on Device manager
  • Search video card and perform a right-click on it
  • Choose Update Driver Software
  • Then click on search automatically
  • For manual driver updates, you need to enter the name of the video card by locating the device manager
  • Locate the manufacturer website and review the manufacturer tips that display on the screen
  • Browse for driver and download it
  • Execute the download from the preferred location and dedicatedly follow the required instructions
  • After that restart the system.

Solution 5-Choose the Quick fix my program application from QuickBooks tools hub:

  • Download and install the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • It is the most common tool used to fix the errors. Follow the steps to run this tool:
  • You need to close the QuickBooks software
  • Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub file and save it on the preferred location where you can easily discover it when required
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and also agree if there display any terms and conditions
  • After performing all required steps hit on the finish button
  • Double click on the software icon to open it.
  • In case you unable to locate icon then it is suggested to search it on windows and choose the specified program
  • Now the next step is to execute the downloaded program to quick fix error. To do this follow the steps:
  • Navigate QuickBooks tool hub and then locate program problems
  • Choose Quick Fix for my program.

Also get the details of other tool which help to Repair QuickBooks Corrupted File instantly as like QB Tool Hub tool do.
Solution 6-Edit the QBW.ini file:

  • Closing the QuickBooks is mandatory to do modifications in QBW.ini file
  • After this locate Windows option
  • Choose the file path according to the version and search it
  • You must need to copy the accurate file path and paste it on the respective search bar. You can take assistance from QuickBooks experts to explore more.
  • Save the QBW.ini file and then Run QuickBooks.

Technical Support QB Desktop B&W Screen Error

These aforementioned steps will help you to revise QuickBooks error display Turned Black and White. If still the issue isn’t resolved despite performing the instructions given in the above article or need further information on the same then reach QuickBooks Support team of AccountsPro. The professionals are available 24X7 to address all your problems and provide all assistance related to the QuickBooks application or other QuickBooks Function Errors. You can even chat with the experts or do send an email.